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cho~ kakkoii

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  1. usspaul
    2014-09-26 08:40
    hey monir how about them giants in how they put the hurt on the red skins. go big blue
  2. milan kyuubi
    2014-08-12 07:07
    milan kyuubi
    Hey monir

    So sad about this!
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  3. Rurik
    2014-03-23 08:32
    Work Work Work, But Im pulling to become a regular once again.
  4. Flower
    2014-03-23 02:31
    Mekaku City Actor is on my "Curious to try" list. After going thru a fair number of upcoming series I came up with the a list here:

    And yeah, I enjoyed Ghost Hound and also agree it was a little dragged out for my tastes. But still liked it.

    I guess at least for the moment the series I am most curious about that I know very little about would be Escha and Logy no Atelier....

    So much mecha next season though - that genre rarely does much for me. Well, we will see. ^^
  5. Rurik
    2014-03-22 11:27
    Haaaaaaa At last! I was lost, but I found my way!
  6. Flower
    2014-03-19 23:43
    Hello there! ^^

    Does seem like it has been a while - but no worries. Even I can see that the story for Barristers is kinda silly, but I am enjoying it even so. I was just playfully giving you a hard time is all. ^^

    Interesting about you valuing good animation above all, though. I value it, but I guess the thing I value above all is the "immersive effect effictiveness"... if that makes sense? Animation can contribute to it, but sound is equally powerful for me, and when you get a super effective combo of the two (Kyoani excels at that) then the chances of me following the series increase a lot. But still, if the story and narrative are immersive I will have a fairly easy time looking over visual or audial elements. Another big plus if I like the characters.

    All this is in general and are contextualized by my druthers and what not, but its a good rule of thumb, I think.

    So sad Inari Konkon ended but glad that it stayed so true to itself. It was an adorable little series that charmed me on almost every level and honestly one of my two fave new series of the season - the other (Mikakunin) still has two eps to go. Only other A rank series for me atm is the carryover Asakura, which is like Inari in the sense that it just plain works for me on so many levels. Whereas Inari's charas were more endearing Asakura's narrative is more immersive (no pun intended) of the two. But Mikakunin beats both in chara love and story immersion for me. ^^

    That being said, I am hyped for a few series next season - three pretty surefire series are Mushishi 2, Isshukan Friends and Gochuumon usagi desu ka. There are a few others I will give a try that look either promising or that I am plain puzzled and curious about, though.

    And you?
  7. raikage
    2014-03-18 13:32
    I got a CBR250 -- the new cheap(er) thumper, not the old 90s rev to 20k one. I kept hearing it's better to start with a small bike and move up, plus I'm mostly using it for in-city commuting (and light highway work) so I didn't need to spend money on anything too crazy.

    Are you on the Facebooks, by the way?
  8. Flower
    2014-03-17 03:12
    So mean to poor Cecilchii....
  9. articuzwolf
    2014-03-15 22:13
    thanks .
  10. articuzwolf
    2014-03-15 22:00
    mod could you revive the Durarara SF

    it's getting new anime

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