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  1. risingstar3110
    2015-01-12 10:58
    You level them by feed them monster cards (in third tab in team organisation). Same colour monster to the girl give bonus exp.

    Spank and etc is like modernisation, where you give them extra stats, using the points you got from running expedition. I don't know what happen if we select to spank them again through (cost 500 points). Maybe i will try it once.

    Basically it's opposite to Kancolle. You can level up a girl to lvl 50 without even take her to the dungeon once, just keep feeding her monster cards. But you will need to take her to dungeon, if you want to "modernise" her (spank, etc) as you only get points to modernise by defeating monsters
  2. risingstar3110
    2015-01-12 10:26
    Yeah. Don't worry it does happen...

    Play around with the crafting/ summon system, and apparently still couldn't get past orange rarity so far (probably white <orange <blue, check the background in the album).

    Already tried all 100, all 200, two 200 and two 400. Haven't got much results so far
  3. kenjiharima
    2015-01-11 14:10
    Wow so many lets see if I can watch them all today
  4. Kakurin
    2015-01-10 20:34
    Haha, yeah, if you do it long enough you acquire a sizeable stock of it. I've only gotten enough for three up till now, one to Unryū, one to Tone and now one to Chikuma.

    Sub grinding is also on the table now for me. That and PVP. Will do some calculation tomorrow on what it takes to get me to my desired resource level while still allowing for leveling some ships (specifically getting DDs higher and perhaps a couple of CAs). Thinking something like 80.000 as target.

    In the meantime I need to get some rest. Watched the Patriots play the Ravens just now, it was quite draining watching that drama there. But survived (both me and the team), on to the AFC Championship Game next week.
  5. Iron Maw
    2015-01-10 17:59
    Iron Maw
    It's cold hell out here in Boston, that's what's up.

    BTW, I cleared out my inbox just recently incase you wanna send more vids and pics.
  6. Kakurin
    2015-01-10 16:02
    Haha, congrats on getting Bismarck. Now it's a lot of work getting her to Drei. That she needs two blueprints for that is a bit of an overkill though, eight medals. Duh. Since I've now finished my leveling program with getting Chikuma to Kai Ni I'm taking a couple of days rest, using this opportunity to get to expedition 31 (haven't done any of the sub expeditions till now) and get Z1.
  7. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 11:07
    Nah 5-5 is too intense for me , and it's not like we really that many blueprint .

    Not much to do in Kancolle recently, so i only come in for daily Pvp mostly. The game need a big update with more endgame stuffs i suppose
  8. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 10:37
    Yeah the game supposed to be fairly new. But yeah roughly 50-60 entries in the list. But it seemed there are remodel as well so the actual number maybe less.
  9. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 10:28
    Btw, the "monster" drop seemed to use to level up your girl, the one with same colour to your girl give 20% bonus, but i recommend to use them to level the girl ratehr than saving up, will make running dungeon much easier
  10. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 10:17
    Yeah the girl design is not bad, and they do wear casual~ish clothes so it's niceish in some way(strip pattern aside).

    The only girl with 2 CG i got so far is the one from tutorial. So i suppect that only that girl was "rare", the rest seemed to be common =/

    They use of crafting like in Kancolle, but development material has been really rare. Only found from quest. 100-120 resources each seemed not working so far. Girl drop also very rare

    Note; try to do all the quest. Just activate them and hope you can clear it somehow when running expedition

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