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  1. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-07 02:06
    In a sense, their blood is very similar: it's too powerful for most beings to handle. Even those tank-like Gergoths couldn't withstand it for long, I'm amazed those humans didn't spontaneously combust from being possessed by Gabriel. Though Moka's is worse in a sense; it possesses Alucard's corrupt blood, which can do far worse than just kill someone as Gabriel's dies. Still, interesting observation, I admit. Neat.
  2. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-05 03:52
    Personally I thought that was a bit... much. I was okay with Omote being an artifact spirit made in Akasha's image, but having her be Akasha was too unbelievable for me. Even worse, Tsukune regarded her as "Moka-san" and not Ura-chan, talk about a slap in the face. All that talk about how he loved both Mokas equally, only to prove otherwise in the last chapter. Remember, Tsukune, actions speak louder than words. Akihisa really dropped the ball with that ending, and it'll haunt him for years to come. How are people supposed to take him seriously after how he ended his greatest story to date? A real shame, really is.
  3. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-03 02:50
    Exactly, I wonder if they were rushed for time, and thus had to take out any character development the last two acolytes, as well as Victor, would've had otherwise. I really hate rushed plots, and it definitely seems like they rushed the story in those instances. Just like the rushed ending of RV, it ruined an otherwise wonderful story. And that's a real shame.
  4. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-02 18:59
    I share your sentiments about Victor; the last Belmont, the leader of the Brotherhood, and he gets thrown under the bus barely an hour after we first see him? Criminal indeed!

    Then again, the last two acolytes were the same way: no background, character development, or build-up; they just appear and die soon afterwards. Kinda a waste if you ask me.
  5. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-02 00:43
    Saw it on youtube, I'm amazed Zobek never found out his Leftnenant got replaced. And he's supposed to be a superhuman genius. ^^;; How they slipped that by him I'll never know.

    Anyway, the main game looks unreal, Zobek finally gets his just desserts, and Satan is permanently erased from the world. Though does Gabriel end his life after the credits roll, as he promised to do throughout the game? And what happens to Alucard after all this? A pity LoS has to end like this, I'd definitely play a third installment of it. Ah well, at least it was a great series. Hopefully, we see another Castlevania in the future, regardless of what form it's in. Until then...
  6. Alhazad2003
    2014-03-09 05:22
    Glad you're enjoying it. I have to wait to get another laptop, so I can get the game through Steam. Or maybe get an HDTV, a used XBox360 for $120, and the game, along with the LoS Special Collection which has Reverie, Resurrection, and the LoS2 Demo.

    So Walter gave him an evil alter ego, lovely. Walter just loves causing trouble for people, regardless of what dimension he's in. A pity he doesn't get thrashed by one of the heroes in the LoS series, but oh well. He's gone, and none shall mourn his passing.
  7. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-09 14:14
    Yeah, I remember that from Mirror of Fate. But I wonder how, and if, Walter's curse on him was broken? Hopefully it's explained in LoS2, I hate it when plot points aren't explained.

    Cool, I'd love to see him to put Zobek and Satan on ice, among others. The latter clearly didn't get enough, while the former has escaped retribution for too long. Time to pay for your sins, Zobek!

    Well, in a fic I'm currently doing, Gabriel doesn't know Akasha per se, but he does know Nene from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka fame. You can find it in the Castlevania/RV crossover section on, titled Castlevania: Minuet of the Velvet Moon, a joint effort between Dimensional Records and myself. Last chapter came out three days ago, if you'd like to read it. Anyway, take care, and have a wonderful day.
  8. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-06 14:30
    That's a real sucky way to live: having no say in your own life? Still, I can see some of them using the "fate" excuse as a means to avoid being held liable for their actions. Plan to have a few characters in my latest work doing just that.

    Hrm, did she get corrupted by the castle's blood before that happened, just like Toy Maker does in the LoS2 clip I saw. He's first revived by Gabriel, and looks... human. Then gets consumed by the castle's blood and becomes the more sinister Toy Maker we all know. Though after he's defeated, he vomits out the bad blood and returns to his former self.

    Oh yeah, I remember that. I wonder if that still applies, hrm, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-02 05:29
    Crap... ola...

    Oh yeah, Gabriel's got more than his share of conundrums. But I'll say, if Gabriel finally kills Zobek, I'll be elated. I was royally peeved that Zobek got away, hopefully that gets rectified in LoS2.

    And Carmilla betrays him? Jeez, you just can't trust the Brotherhood for beans, can you?

    And a buff Satan? No surprise there, he clearly doesn't intend to lose to a "mere mortal" again. Definitely looking forward to it come the 27th.
  10. Alhazad2003
    2013-03-21 23:35
    Not much, saw videos of Mirror of Fate. Yeah, must buy, must buy 3DS for Mirror of Fate, classic LoS sound effects, SWEET! I'll get it over the spring or so, can't wait to actually play it.

    Also been working on Rosario of Sorrow: Special Edition, based on Rosario of Sorrow by Anime and Games. It's coming along very well, and I'm not planning to biff this one like What Comes Around. A lot of people seem to like it too, more than Death of a Dream, the irony of it all. ^^;; You can find it here: Read if you'd like, review if you feel so inclined, but above all, enjoy. Talk to you later.

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