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  1. DragonOsman
    2018-04-30 13:56
    Here's the Japanese raw text for what Ajuka said:
    『変異の駒』8個をフルに活用するのなら、オーフィス の力とグレートレッドの力、その両方を解放すれば、『龍神化』を無理なく扱うこともで きるだろうし、さらなる力——AXA。
    Would you please give me the proper translation for this if that's okay? Since the translation we have in Volume 23 is different from what your original spoiler had said. Thanks in advance.
  2. ChrisB1979
    2018-04-26 18:21
    Hello I'm new here. Usually I get my Dxd books from Bakatsuki, however #24 isn't available nor can I find it in English anywhere. By chance do you know where I can find it. I've been chasing threads looking for it and can't find it.
  3. DragonOsman
    2018-04-24 09:50
    If it's not too much trouble, would you please look at the Japanese raws of Volume 23 (hopefully you have a copy of the actual book) to check if this translation is accurate?

    Originally Posted by Volume 23 Life.3
    “Former Governor Azazel-dono previously mentioned your power — BxB, CxC, DxD, perhaps the various changes after this have modified your abilities. If you could use the eight [Mutation Pieces] to unleash the power of Ophis and Great Red, then it is possible for you to fully master [Dragon Deification] and attain an even more powerful form — AxA could be used. I think that this is the final answer that you will arrive at as the product of the [Ouroboros Dragon] and [True Red Dragon God Emperor].”
    In your spoiler, I remember you saying he can unleash the true potential of his Evil Pieces by awakening the powers of both Great Red and Ophis. So is the translation we have now a bit off due to being a translation of a Chinese raw, or is it the correct translation? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bennia Lover
    2018-03-06 11:29
    Bennia Lover
    Hey so I want to check this nickname with you for Vasco (I'm confident about his 4 others but I'll post my translations incase they need correcting):

    教会の暴力装置 - So I believe this mean "Installed Violence of the Church" but not entirely sure about the installed part.

    My translation of his other 4 nicknames:
    天界の暴挙 - Violence of Heaven
    ヴァチカンのイーヴィルキラー Evil Killer of the Vatican
    ミスター・デュランダル - Mister Durandal
    本当の悪魔 - Satan of Truth
  5. DragonOsman
    2018-02-12 07:07
    I just want to know if Ddraig really said that.

    And I also can't fully trust the Chinese translation either.
  6. DragonOsman
    2018-02-11 20:36

    I need to ask your help on confirming something if you don't mind. Would you please look at Japanese RAWs of Volume 24? I need confirmation on the accuracy of the summary we got of the Ise vs. Thanatos fight. Mainly at the part where Ddraig apparently said that Ophis might be trying to turn Ise into a Dragon God and that she might be trying to make both of the current generation Two Heavenly Dragons into Dragon God-level beings. I need to know the exact wording and proper translation, and whether or not the summaries we got had any mistake in them.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. B214
    2018-02-08 00:10
    Okay. Thanks for the confirmation. The thread has been going about how there's other joker and a 3rd one call extra joker.
  8. B214
    2018-02-07 19:35
    N0m just want some confirmation. Was it mention that there is two more jokers aside from Dulio. One is other joker another is extra joker.
  9. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-25 20:55
    Bennia Lover
    So his full name isn't Cao Cao is what I'm understanding. Thank you.
  10. Bennia Lover
    2018-01-25 20:10
    Bennia Lover
    Hey so I wanted to ask you to clear up some confusion about Cao Cao. Is his first name not his real name so Cao is his surname but not his forename as well, or is his full name 'Cao Cao' not his real name? It'd be much appreciated.

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