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  1. HereticMagus
    2015-07-06 11:32
    Since YP is licensing Oregairu, pleaasee tell me you won't discontinue the translations?
  2. HereticMagus
    2015-02-20 21:33
    Hmm problem is, we don't have japanese as part of our standard curriculum here. I'll likely take the classes after graduating from high-school next year.

    So you translate because of your liking for the series? I can relate to that to some extend. I remember writing fanfics even though I had absolutely no interest in creative writing just to stay acquainted with Legend of Legendary heroes(its a pity, the sequel never came)
  3. HereticMagus
    2015-02-20 13:50
    This is kind of random. Its something that has bothered me for some time, but if you don't mind me asking, after being exposed to all the shit you have to wade through in 4ch, your blog and god knows where else, exactly what is your motivation to keep translating, and so diligently at that? I mean, I suppose there is the benefit of improving your understanding of the language, but that can't be all, right? I've wondered before, but after seeing the whole fiasco with konokon, I'm really curious...

    Edit: Btw, I didn't go through with self learning afterall. It was too time consuming and arduous, maybe I'll find myself a teacher and give the language another try in another year or two. School is a bitch.

    Edit1: If its too prying, feel free to say so
  4. Sohemo
    2014-11-23 17:57
    Quite a personal question here, yet what was your discipline in college?
  5. HereticMagus
    2014-11-20 08:17
    Hey there. I know you're busy with the volume 10 and stuff, so feel free to ignore the message for now.

    Anyway, I just checked your bakatsuki profile and saw that you started japanese 4 years ago. so i was wondering if it'd be practical of me to try and learn the language with a casual 5-6 hour input bimonthly via some online courses? How much time would you assume it'd take to reach a level where I'd be able to read some LNs?
  6. konokon
    2014-08-21 04:17
    yes i saw it at baka tsuki . ahh i will change many things from now . Ohh i thought my questions were quite straight from DATE which isn't technically and logically a date to acquaintance question and last set of regarding Hachiman study . well i will try to sum up them into few things as much as possible .
  7. konokon
    2014-08-19 02:09
    hey spyro san . i have put a query in oregairu thread for you . isn't 7.5 translated long ago ?
    also i really wish to know your views regarding various issues and events of story. so please pay a visit there and help us all get a better understanding of various events and happenings that moved the story to present
  8. Bombo
    2014-04-06 00:12
    Maxewell !
  9. Libros
    2013-12-28 11:54
    Excuse me but who are the girls in your sig and what anime(s) are they from?
  10. s07195
    2013-02-05 09:01
    What's tanu's artbook like? Kini narimasu! I started liking his artwork after seeing it in Akiba's Trip, and was really happy when I found out he did the character designs for Tari tari.

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