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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-05-23 20:23
    Hiroi Sekai
    Update: Just got back from Vancouver and realized that "Book-Off" is the coolest store ever. Spent $126 and got 24 mangas in pristine condition.
  2. judasmartel
    2011-05-23 00:21
    Chapter 1 of Junior High Ace is out!

    Although I think "Knowledge" is better than that. I think I should look for more references to enhance my storytelling.
  3. Hooves
    2011-05-21 01:21
    Well if you are not a fan, then you might not like it unless you like magical girl genres. Also it seems people are just unsastisfied with this season's current anime. There used to be 200 people online during the finale episode of their most favorite anime. So maybe all these ecchi/moe/no storyline animes just killed it for them.

    If you make any new drawings, I would love to see them
  4. Hooves
    2011-05-21 00:44
    Well, my father believe that I should learn as much as possible before I turn 18 or even close to it. So I'm taking 4 more classes then everyone else, but nothing better then learning as much as possible

    Well it really isn't a competition of who watches the most anime Nichijou is quite funny, especially as a sit-com. A-Channel reminds me all too much of K-On with the 4 female cast setting and their regular life. I might even have an anime recommendation for you if you haven't already watched it (it was a pretty big hit when it was still airing, so you might have heard and watched it) but Gen Urobuchi has done it again with making an visual novel/anime that's worth remembering! Madoka Magica. (as they say, GEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!)

    I remember most of your pictures (The Shana one made me feint remember ) but the Nichijou one is quite new, nicely drawn there.
  5. Hooves
    2011-05-21 00:13
    I'm gonna give it my best next month

    Well I take 12 separate classes (8 at school, and 4 at home-school) so maybe because of the extra home-classes, I'm able to adapt to lessons in a snap maybe?

    10 animes may probably be an understatement.... Check the spoiler tag below if you dare. I'm still missing about 5-6 other animes from my list though...
    Spoiler for Oh my...:

    Now that I look at the list again... That's a very big understatement... I believe this is the month when everyone is finishing up with school and making a clean finish like I am, so just give it a few months. I'm sure things will be back to normal

    Makes me interested in your drawings now o.o
  6. Hooves
    2011-05-20 23:45
    Well Summer Break is on the horizen for me (Yataa!) so I can catch up on everything that I've been behind with. I've also been practicing on signature making so I can participate on the next SOTM, and will (defiantly! ) join the next EMDAS depending on the theme

    Also making sure that my school year is a clean finish which means all the finals next week, as well as the Driver's Ed project and exam. Then there's the Western Civ final as well as the spelling test for Comm Arts. Even that test for French class () But school is never been a problem for me, and I'll breeze through those tests

    Either then that, I've been through my usual routine and blitzing through 10 separate animes and reading 4 different mangas! As well as all those visual novels and sound novels I haven't played yet. I even need to make up for all my time missed posting on this forums

    How about you?
  7. Hooves
    2011-05-20 23:27
    I can understand eventually I will be in the same situation as you when I grow up. It seems it's happening to everyone else as well, since the EMDAS thread is very short on replies o.o
    Let's say yes it has
  8. Hooves
    2011-05-20 23:09
    It certainly has been quite awhile since you last responded to me papermario
    I still do play Black Ops, but sadly I use a PS3 since my Xbox 360 got the red virus of doom and my brother made a rational decision of throwing it away.
  9. Lost Cause
    2011-05-20 21:39
    Lost Cause
    You must tell me all about Vancouver then! The furthest north I've been is Virginia.
    Well not a huge family reunion (those DO get out of hand!), just Mom, Daddy, and maybe my oldest brother Dwayne. It will be nice to see them though, especially after the terrible get together between my parents and Rons a few weeks back!
    Oh believe me kids WILL teach you a thing or two! And if your not careful you'll find they are the most cunning opponent you'll ever deal with! And you want too spend every moment you can with them! You'll find out one day. Linda
  10. Lost Cause
    2011-05-19 18:58
    Lost Cause
    Parenting is VERY rewarding and TIREING!! You never know what they're going to do next, get into, bring home, what's bothering them when they're down, or where they hid the "hyper active candy"! So you try to stay one step ahead of them and maybe a little psychic. The best part though is when they teach you something though! Yoda said it best "Truly wonderous is the mind if a child."^-^!
    Uh don't think so. The East coast is pretty much safe from the flood (I'm in Virginia you know?) but my parents are headed my way@.@! So it's going to be an interesting summer.-_-
    Travelling?!O.O! Oh please tell where you've been! I adore listening to people talk about there journeys!! And don't spare the details either!!! Linda

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