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The Dreamer

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  1. DXMichael
    2012-11-04 22:21
    Not yet i'm afraid. Between all the new anime as well as work, i'm not getting as much time as I use too
  2. xSNOWx
    2012-11-02 23:22
    have you seen any of Ookami-san yet?
  3. mystogan
    2012-10-27 14:15
    oh, it will the will just keep getting bigger and bigger
  4. mystogan
    2012-10-27 12:24
    oh i'll suggest you watch it right away, it's too good, it's comedy and there is also love in it, certainly one of the best romances i have seen
  5. mystogan
    2012-10-27 02:30
    ya , i have heard that line before,
    so anyway i guess by now you might have seen most of the supernatural romance like
    rosario x vampire, ah! my goddess, ....etc etc etc
  6. mystogan
    2012-10-26 13:58
    obviously it won't be like that with every shounen romance, but shoujo type ain't that bad either
  7. mystogan
    2012-10-26 00:58
    relating yourself to the MC well it does happen, but the good thing about shoujo is that it is a realistic than the MC guy type anime, you will hardly find any guy with 3 or 4 girls on him, but you will definatley find a girl with two guys after her,
    and if you have seen enough shoujo you find that the relation and romance in shoujo is more teen like or mature than the relation and romance between shounen romance which is bit childish
  8. mystogan
    2012-10-19 22:19
    actually a lot reveals up by the end, if you want the girl to be vampire you might even get that,but if you wanted the guy to be human, then how would he participate in action.
    Anyway give it a try when you feel like it

    oh, and also ,while replying to someone's visitor message ,you have post your the message in their profile, so that they will know of your reply
  9. Siphine
    2012-10-17 00:12
    i watched the 1st episode, i really don't know why but i just can't watch shojo, great story and plot, i could tell it could be good if I liked shojo, if the roles were reversed and the main character was a guy and the two vampires were girls it would be awesome! but sadly it isn't.
  10. Siphine
    2012-10-11 07:44
    not yet, on my list though

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    Last Exile
    Kaze no Stigma Great action
    never finished :(

    #2 1/4 Vandread SO GOOD

    #1Highschool DXD OPAE! XD (i think thats how you spell it funny and action

    #2 1/2 To-love Ru Good still going :)

    #1 3/4 Girls Bravo believe it or not i actually cried at the end because i felt so happy for the MC and because it ended

    My Bride is a Mermaid BEST AND HAPPIEST ENDING EVER (besides Angel Beats and Girls Bravo)

    #1 1/2 Highschool of the Dead SO BADASS

    #2Rosario+Vampire Wouldv'e been better if they actually finished it

    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica EXTREMELY Funny and ecchi

    Koneko DX never finished :(

    Angel Beats, Most Emotional

    #1/2 Sora no Otoshimono both action, humor and ecchi, whats not to love?

    Zero no Tsukaima another ffunny yet cool anime

    Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai Lol funny

    Most romantic Story #1 1/6 A Bridge Under the Starry Sky
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