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  1. Kanon
    2022-06-05 09:06
    Finished watching Odd Taxi. Took me a while to get into it (episode 4), but it ended up being an amazing ride. I love stories like these where everything ends up connected. And that ending! Cruel to end the series on that cliffhanger.
  2. stray
    2022-06-04 18:04
    I'd definitely like to visit Aus but I'm a dual citizen in US and EU (Spain, theoretically Ireland too) which makes things easier in those places as far as living is concerned. The US is kind of a joke as far as healthcare though, which became painfully apparent over pandemic, and the gun thing is just depressing. I can't help but get antsy sometimes in crowded, enclosed spaces, especially after the month we've had.

    I thought France was more or less okay after Le Pen lost (again) though I guess Macron isn't perfect. He definitely lived the dream of hooking up with his teacher though. Hungary on the other hand was just hosting a bunch of American RWNJ for a CPAC conference there, so its a country by country thing. I'm vaguely hoping for Scottish and/or Northern Ireland independence but we'll see. I'm not sure what's going to happen with Ukraine though... if Putin snaps I guess everyone is on his shitlist.

    I could never get into Catherine honestly, part of it was the gameplay and part of it was that the story felt kind of... juvenile. I actually took a break from anything anime after being disappointed by it and a couple of other things around the time it came out. A few years later some of the dumb ecchi games (like Senran Kagura) that were on Vita as well as series like Kill la Kill really rekindled my interest. It helped that so much more was getting translated that I could ignore anything remotely shounen and genres that just don't resonate with me. Atlus even made it off my shitlist eventually, and I got around to playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE when I got a Switch. Awful story (made worse by the unnecessary censorship) but fun gameplay.

    Speaking of manga that's vaguely 18+ (though it is compartmentalized) did you ever read Domestic X Kanojo? It gets a lot of crap for the ending but overall it was a fun ride. I do tend to like things a little spicier but there's a lot of mindless stuff out there though I guess that's true of every genre. And a lot of manga don't know how to end, which is why I often prefer charage/eroge. Though I suppose disappointing endings can find you anywhere.

    Celtics look like they have a chance in the NBA Finals... especially considering defense was never GSW's strength. Still only one game down so it could go either way though. I don't really have a horse in the race so I'm just hoping for an entertaining series.
  3. Kanon
    2022-05-31 12:06
    Catherine was a fun game, but finishing the optional dungeon is almost impossible. It's random too so you can't just learn from your mistakes.
  4. Nachtwandler
    2022-05-30 11:54
    I settled in Spain for now (got temporary citizenship for a year). Will stay here untill the end of August. A bit rough, but at least next month I'll had a normal appartment (will be renting it with a friend). Got a bit sick of hotels. If nothing stabilizes by September in my homeland, I will be thinking what do do next. Thankfully, my relatives are also here, so all things are fine.
  5. stray
    2022-05-29 17:05
    My dad always wanted to visit Aus but never quite made it... conversely I've met a ton of you guys in places like NYC and California. And I have heard a bit about Morrison here and there but one thing we always do hear about Australia is that you guys managed to get guns off the streets which... will probably never happen in the US. I should move to Europe... someday soon maybe.

    I'm sure I've had negative IRL experiences affect my tastes but I typically tend to end up hate watching/reading those things... that's probably why I still read Rental Girlfriend against my better judgement -- the fandom is pretty hilarious as well. I can deal with anger issues but not so much people who are fake and opportunistic so what usually gets me is someone who is completely toxic but presented as a cinnamon bun. I tend to really dislike the childhood friend and I'm not really fond of modern tsunderes though I do really like the classic tsundere archetype, and yandere is my jam. Himedere is underrated, the "villainess" archetype more or less.

    If you want an eroge that's a bit more grown up check out Making * Lovers its one of my recent favorites and has one of my all time favorite tsunderes. I can't think of much that's particularly memorable with older women/younger men though, and most of it is student/teacher. Ane Naru Mono is kind of fun, particularly the 18+. I can generally get into whatever if its well executed. I do tend to really enjoy darker storylines, with and without 18+. Aku no Hana was a good time (not the "anime" though), Happy Sugar Life, Nozoki Ana, etc. and like I said School Days is among my favorite VN along with stuff like Subarashiki Hibi.

    Anyway I'm barely paying attention to NHL but the NBA finals will be set pretty soon. I'm not the biggest Warriors fan but I guess its nice to see the dynasty back to an extent.
  6. Kanon
    2022-05-26 12:14
    I don't remember much about it (I watched it as it aired), but I do remember liking it a lot. Definitely part of the underrated anime crowd.
  7. Kanon
    2022-05-25 17:39
    I wouldn't advise doing that, the show has a lot of major twists and you're likely to stumble on the biggest of them. Just try watching the first episode.
  8. Kanon
    2022-05-25 16:54
    Why do you say Mr. Robot isn't something you'd watch? Just curious.
  9. Kanon
    2022-05-24 12:27
    The secret bosses in Persona are pretty brutal unless you've managed to fuse a persona immune to most damage. Yoshitsune is always a prime candidate for that.

    I finished watching Mr. Robot. This is the fastest I've watched a show in a very long time. Simply put, it's a masterpiece. The cinematography, acting, and writing were all top notch. The kind of show that only comes once in a decade.
  10. stray
    2022-05-23 13:18
    I started the KareKano anime but it was too... Gainax, so I ended up switching to the manga but it just didn't really click for me. Maybe I'll give it another shot someday, still have manga scans on my PC I think. I don't really remember much about Spice and Wolf other than the economics stuff being more rudimentary than I expected. I couldn't get into Horimiya but I enjoyed Toradora for what it was -- I really loved Golden Time (same author) though. Citrus is one of my favorites though I'm behind on Citrus + and while I enjoyed Bloom Into You I didn't really like how the manga ended. Can't Defy The Lonely Girl is another cute yuri series I'm following... oh if you can handle middle school romance The Dangers in my Heart is fucking amazing.

    As far as VN and VNRPG I tend to stick to moege more than melodrama though I do enjoy darker things -- my avatar is from Dohna Dohna and I absolutely fucking loved School Days HQ. I've really struggled to get into western original stuff though. Just recently I tried a yuri VNRPG called After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long! but stalled out pretty quickly. Oh and the Flowers final episode comes out June 18 in English.

    I spent a decent amount of time in Toronto and kind of understand Leafs fans struggles but in the grand scheme don't really care. If I had to pick a Canadian team it would probably be the Ottawa Senators. I barely even realized that Seattle had a team now but they had a year more typical of expansion teams. Vegas was really an outlier.

    I saw some articles about the Aus elections but can't claim to know too much about it. Hopefully the incoming government is... less shitty.

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