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  1. Flower
    2016-04-10 12:33
    I can relate to that in a small way although I do not watch the JoJo series ... I was directed to the ED from the Egypt arc of "Walk Like an Egyptian", a song which is from 1981 or so, also the time when I was a teen, and I was really surprised to hear it with those visuals and in that context. A difference might be that I was not really a fan of the Bangles back then, but I did enjoy the silliness of the song. ^^
  2. Flower
    2016-04-10 03:14
    No worries ... I did not get the impression at all that you disliked it, but rather felt that it was not your sort of thing.

    And speaking of things that were well done but of which you are not sure why you like them ... for me it seems it was Kiznaiver. I really liked it, but am not quite sure why. XD
  3. Flower
    2016-04-10 02:38
    Interesting ... too light eh?

    Well, if thats how things are for you thats how they are, eh?

    For me to be honest it was the strongest premier of the season ... I read (and love) the source material, and the adaptation was incredibly faithful and very well done to the spirit and a good bit of the actual narrative of the source. So for me it was a delight.

    In contrast Sakamoto-san humor is kinda hit and miss for me (it was the same with the source manga for me though, so no surprise), and Iron Fortress, while top notch in sooooo many ways simply is not my cup of tea story wise. I can tell it is a brilliant work though, fwtiw.)
  4. Flower
    2016-04-09 11:34
    Today we have tanaka-kun, kiznaiver, hai furi and especially the flying witch airing. All could be quite interesting series, but as you may know the last one is my most hyped for the season
  5. Kanon
    2016-04-09 10:50
    No arguments there. They both lived up to the hype.

    I believe the only one on my list that's left to air is Flying Witch. Hope it'll be good as well.
  6. Flower
    2016-04-08 02:20
    As odd as it might sound, I don't think the Spring season is weak in and of itself, but I do think it is much more focused on certain genres that are not my cup of tea - in other words, I think it is as weak season for me personally. It seems that there are some excellent series, though.

    Of course the upcoming three to four days have several of the series I was curious about (including my most anticipated title for Spring - Flying Witch) so we will see how things fare.

    And hey, if it does turn out to be a weak season for me I can catch up on older titles I have wanted to watch, right?
  7. Flower
    2016-04-08 00:40
    Just you wait ... as you know Amanchu is coming ... that could be an extremely good adaptation.
  8. Kanon
    2016-04-06 16:02
    Yeah. It has all the makings of a good series on paper, but the first episode just wasn't very convincing.
  9. Kanon
    2016-04-05 09:03
    I could hardly stand Menma too. Dumb character that did nothing but cry rivers. She was meant to be included in the "overblown drama" part.

    If you've never liked a single one of her works though, I doubt you'll like this movie so I'm not going to try to convince you.
  10. Akito Kinomoto
    2016-04-04 22:53
    Akito Kinomoto
    A few things

    1. IC ladder match had a refreshing result but the work itself was basically throwing as many superstars as possible to ringside to avoid any work. Also suspect Kevin Owens took a spill for real (the leg is not supposed to bend like that...) and Zack Ryder was the next in line in case something happened

    2. Even if weapons were involved, they had Ambrose give as much of a fight to Lesnar as they possibly could. Limited as Lesnar's moves are, that's also why you don't pit him against Goldberg or Reigns. I agree though that the career killing is something WWE needs to figure out how to get rid of fast (weapons could be the first step in slowly killing Lesnar's momentum, btw, followed by Last Man Standing or Ladder Matches or whatever)

    3. Shane v Taker has the problem of Shane being as under as Lesnar is over. The cleanness and technicality should've given way to something dirtier like say, Hogan v Vince else I'm left wondering how Taker even gets chopped down. Yes, the leap was epic, but Taker getting the win after Shane practically killed himself feels like The Dead Man's power level just dropped considerably and I'm wondering if he's holding on for too long or whether he has to hold on...

    4. Wut? Everyone loves Roman Reigns because the WWE said so! That said, Taker v Ambrose might be a good way to put the latter over. Hopefully

    (back when I could still watch RAW on TV, I distinctly remember Dolph Ziggler having shades of Chris Jericho and now I'm happened?)

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