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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-09 20:32
    Natsuki Hyuga
    But our opponents are the ebil tl;dr-er Swampeh (As ebil as he is, he is still loved though~ ) and the notorious yaoi fangirl (as well as your sistah-in-crime )... I see blood!! MainxRise, while cute, doesn't strike me as unique... (Prolly they like her because she acted so flirty to MC only in the game... Sheryl Alert!! )

    Eeeeh... I have been trying to use some... Improvement on this cute fanart for sometime After a looooooong time deciding this and that... Well, I just pretty much paint the background with the same color scheme as AS' interface to make it seems transparent And I'm pretty much catching up with Haruka 3, so...

    *Tapes her mouth and try not to say anything about cheesie being so like Anise, with her fangirling and errr... "Greedy" and (Phailing) commanding Attitude * Good idea, although in my case she probably want to lecture me the way of tl;dr-ers... Which of course is no good idea for me since I'm the cheering type of person

    You marathoned for 2 months without getting bored! I myself have to stop for a while to do replaying for SH (1-3! Le Gasp!) and TOA since my cousin says she is stuck in somewhere around mid-game... And I didn't remember the part where she was stuck :x But have no worry, for my Harutoki and Corda and Angelique (HOT BOYZ!!!!) a.k.a Neoroma series, I'll do ANYTHING!!! 8D (Although I'm pretty attracted to Alice in Wonderland satire one made by Quin Rose... But it's so goddamn heavy texted )

    LEGENDIA IS BAD! EBIL!!! NO GOOD FOR HEALTH!!! >:| I really don't suggest playing Legendia-the battle is SO. SLOW. And the story really pulls wtf strings in negative ways... Phantasia is pretty much my most liked Tales Series out of all the installment :> Although I really like TOA and its battle system, TOP wins in term of storyline So just fanboy over ArchexChester and ClessxMint with me later ;D lol, playing Symphonia really needs patience, I know that... Especially if you want to get all endings :> (Kratos=DADDYYYYYYYYY!!!! D: ) Symphonia 2 is better than 1... If only Kratos didn't die in the canon storyline ;_; That and they don't really have to add the previous casts to the party members addition (I still hate 2 though... Just love the characters better ._.)

    Buuu~~ You need to play Otome Games with fanboy thinking : "I am the God who decides the fate of the character... Now I want to become cupid for *enter Heroine's name* and that guy(s) over there! 8DDD THEY ARE CUTE AS PAIRING DAMNIT!" No good new series to watch nowadays-Toradora fails me at many attempts and just lazy (like Nagi lol) to watch Kannagi... Kuroshitsuji and Maria+Holic is pretty fun though
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-09 02:40
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I just realized that cheesie is like anise for some reason so... JadexAnise canon in RL? 8DDDD

    Haha, but my otome games have lots, and by lots I mean LOTS of beautiful fanarts dangling around~ And lo, the non-18 ones are better in story if I'm searching for new OTPs (or OT3 or HAREM!!!) You all of male species don't understand the joy of seeing the beauty of otome games ;D (At least how the heck I shipped different types of pairings in each Harutoki series do leave myself in wonder )

    Anise English VA is reeeally bad, compared to her Japanese ones-completely high-pitched to me :/ And don't worry, I think AschxNatalia scenes are sufficient enough for people to fangirl/boy over them To be honest, none of Tales games are really outstanding in terms of story-either it is too fantasy-ish or really lack of something. Maybe the reason you feel Abyss is jumbled or in parts is because you did too many quests in there I find that the quests in Abyss takes a long time to finish and there are too many of them >_> Symphonia 2 is EBIL. 'Nuff said. I don't really like the game, even though I like Richter, Ratastok and Emil better than previous casts

    I know! it has been a long time since we get new news for Macross F. That hory froating head really needs to be smashed by bats or get his Minmei dakimakura (YES, I SUSPECT HE HAS ONE MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR HIM IN HIS HOME) ripped :E

    It seems as you are turning into Persona fanboy, I have been steering my heels to Otome games Too bad that I have already fangirled over P4 since 6 months ago, so I guess I'm waiting for a new installment without fangirling too much :3

    Good luck on looking for your new job anyway!

    stray, since Swampeh and cheesie are on MCxRise side, are we gonna wage a war against them as KanjixRise fans?
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-07 06:37
    Natsuki Hyuga
    True stray, Swampeh is like Jade... Well less sadistic and less sarcastic (by a bit) version of Jade :/
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-03 03:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    It's a beauty, rite? Yo-chan is genuinely pretty in crossdressing!

    Change my avvy for a new OTP btw. *Is still in mourning mode for her OTP's canon confession scene is really bittersweet TT_TT* Now, please excuse me since I need to steal certain friend Haruka 4 game... ;D (Still, no video for Haruka 4 endings in youtube/nico-nico??? D: )

    *Goes off to search info about Haruka 3... The one deemed as the best otome game ^^*
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-31 02:58
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Swampeh as harem lead is... Uhhhhhh..... *Brain shuts down* I wonder what will Tenchi Muyo would be if the lead has Swampeh's personality... *thinks of one episode ending the series * B-but.... That was because I was playing the Japanese Version--You don't know how hard it is to fight that true last boss while keeping an eye to the story while having a sleepiness after playing 23 hours non-stop Takky was stray because he turned off his PS2 just because And you, stray, is ahem, stray <3

    I beg to differ, but... MY OT3 SHIP SHOULD BE SAILING SMOOTHLY TOO *Nat-chan is delusional at this point* Seems like OT3 in Persona series is a must for me... :x Too bad that LJ doesn't think the same as me and Japanese fans... I mean, KanjixFortune is way cute... B-But... (You-chan)xMCxFortune shook my heart-strings!1!! :x

    LO doesn't live up to the expectation, kinda like DMC2 :/ Mistwalker messed up somehow with too prolonged scene and bo-ri-ng opening of the game. Sure, Graphic wise it is superb, but! It's like Xenosaga 2 to me all over again :| You... You haven't finished playing TOA??? STRAY! :E Luke is certainly huggable in latter part of the game, so be patient! The anime adaptation is good, but realy lacks something for me to follow it regularly :/ I'll say to wait until it ends first :x

    Vesperia is LOVE. A TALES FAG LIKE ME MISSING THIS ONE? NAY. Although my cousin was screaming 10 languages because I stole his lovely XBox360 Rita is surely a love... B-but... *Is thinking of shipping RitaxEstelle and YurixFlynn* :x Story-wise, I would have to say after seeing my friend playing the NA version, it's mediocre. Gameplay-wise though... I.Adore.Yuri. New sets of skills for him are deadly. That and I like to play a deadly speedy character Have I ever said that I use either Suzu or Cless in TOP, Judas in TOD2, Guy in TOA and Spada in TOI?? (Lack of good speedy character in TOE makes me sad, unless you count Farah. Don't play TOD1 'cuz it's not really tugging me :|)

    Fragile's characters looks so... CUTE! <3 Thanks for telling me that one :3 Wii is really in need of good RPG game... Although I'm still playing HM:ToT and aiming to get a certain character

    HAppy New Year to you too stray-kun! <3<3<3
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-30 04:45
    Natsuki Hyuga
    BUT NO DATE? ;_____; But then again, Mana Khemia 2 is a bit... Spiffy. :x I saw the demo (JPN version LOL), and it's not really bad... Except it's way more confusing than the 1st one @_@ Gonna have a rough time adapting to the new gameplay system especially the mana synthesize one :/

    A-At least it's because my head was already sleepy (Marathoning 24 hours for the true ending )! So I didn't realize Fortune was saying that ()! I do feel that something is strange with the blushing and the "!" but... :x *Nat is so full of stray* >_<

    None of them are in the highest res possible at this time. If I'm correct though someone in Nico-nico ripped higher res than the ones in Youtube, but I forgot to save the link :| I blame the not 24' inch TV Youtube P4 Video uploader use for recording P4 endings :E

    EDIT: Hmmm... I thought Last Remnant 360's Version is pretty decent except for the problem you say to Westlo back there. And I agree on LO being WAY too... BORING even though they were made by, what, Squeenix's ex-maestros :/

    A-And... I feel like re-playing my Aigis' Storyline (Also an independent game for Aigis were announced way before, too bad it's only for JPN version ;_; ), Odin Sphere, and ummm.. Shadow Hearts all 3 of them >_<
  7. Westlo
    2008-12-29 05:26
    Tales of Vesperia doesn't come out in PAL regions until Feb, I don't mind LO so far, seems pretty much like a psx FF though, only played a few hours, my little bros up to disc 3 already and he only started playing it on Sat.

    Just bought Infinite Undiscovery, really looking forward to Star Ocean 4 now, Tri-Ace are my fav rpg makers.
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-28 09:12
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Gotta go fast, but since you need a screencap for the photo, either this or this wold do? I saw some of them lying around in youtube with hi-quality

    And... WTF? Fortune said that???? I was always under the impression she said something else in the true ending (sort of like, "for my sake you..." )... But then again, I missed out what she said on the shot/event just before the animated "goodbye" scene >_< Maybe you were referring to that... *Really want to bring her PS2 on holiday and to SIngapore, but couldn't ;_; Gotta wait till February...* >_<

    And it's not Mana Khemia 2, it's the PSP's Mana Khemia one Still waiting for Mana Khemia 2 info for NA version... :x Ar Tonelico is uhhh.... Ahem, I'll give you the details later. tho I'm waiting the NA version here~
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-26 12:14
    Natsuki Hyuga
    You know, I would actually wish to force you to buy the Trading Card and manipulate the seller into shipping that card into my house after you make your payment. But that trading card is quite exquite.

    Though all the 22 Major Arcanas makes me a happy fangirl. And I heard that there was a premium version for the complete P3's Arcana set. But the price...:x
  10. cheesie
    2008-12-26 04:31
    HAI DARLING. 8D Lol, yeah the PS2 follows me wherever I go, though geh, I haven't gone as far in P4 as I would've liked. (And I see that the gang has fallen into the P4 rage. ) You have made an excellent suggestion as Cheese = Empress, although I should beechslap you all for the epic phailure of a suggestion that Tak could be the Emperor. *eyes at all*

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