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  1. Sephi
    2009-04-04 15:38
    Yea, i could sell dragon's eye. But i usually spend the marks on recipes. I'll see if i can find a good balance between it. The dragon eye's cost 100-120G on my server.

    Most of the blue gems still has some value, though i think it will drop once the server gets more player, if that will ever happen...
    Took care of a stupid oracle egg for 7 days and all it gave me was some stupid food >.<
  2. RWBladewing
    2009-04-04 11:30
    You've got some nice images in there, one or two I actually used to have as wallpapers myself. However, images of characters other than Nagisa really don't excite me much anymore. is the link to mine. It's not an anime album but a small collection of some of the most random images and in-jokes ever. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have if you do decide to look at it, lol. As a warning though, there's one particular image on the front page that I know you will be disgusted by but just try to ignore that one, heh.

    I'll make a more elaborate reply regarding those reviews when I have a chance to read them. Oh, and "Bamboo Dong"? REALLY?
  3. RWBladewing
    2009-04-03 10:51
    That dwarf is a spy and he's working to disable the sanctums which will allow the Scourge and crazed mana creatures to wipe out everyone in the area. And personally I find the entire concept of paladins unbelievably lame and the way the BE gained those powers is what made them almost cool for me. Almost cool, as I do agree with them being portrayed rather "flamingly" and pretty much all the worst players pick them. They basically ruined what the Horde used to be about, a bunch of brutal warriors played by people who didn't care about looking pretty.

    I was talking about elder Saurfang, the one at the Wrathgate is his son. He's Thrall's right-hand man and probably one of the most powerful characters in-game. He's the one people make those stupid jokes about, who has the ability to instantly 1-shot anyone who crits him. He's also the brother of Broxigar (I don't read the books but I know he was a big deal). Has a big conversation with Garrosh about the merits of not running around trying to kill everyone.

    I like gnomes. They make an extremely funny sound when they die, both sexes but males especially. No matter how bad of a mood I am in I will start lol'ing uncontrollably when I hear it. During achievement runs for example, starting to get frustrated after multiple wipes, then bam, Thaddius 1-shots the gnome rogue, I am suddenly extremely happy again. Could care less about the lore, that death sound is EPIC.

    I have watched all 3 of the Nanoha series and enjoyed them all. I liked the 3rd series best because all of the characters were adults but I still liked the other 2 just fine. It doesn't make you a lolicon just thinking kid Nanoha is cute. The people who hate series 3 because 19-year old Nanoha is "an old hag", yeah, that might be pushing it, but I enjoyed all of them and you already know my opinions on lolis. I have no idea who that guy is that you're talking about. I don't read random people's opinions of anime because quite frankly I don't care. And pardon my French, but fuck "professional" critics. They always have to try to make themselves look superior. Making sweeping generalizations about an entire fanbase of a show or genre, calling something completely unoriginal because it has one aspect that was once present in another show, conversely calling a total piece of crap a masterpiece just because it has a different drawing style, even though said style is something I could draw on MS paint, or just constantly looking for something negative to nitpick about because pointing out all the bad aspects of a show apparently makes you look much more intelligent than saying you liked it.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-04-03 06:47
    The BE in the Draenei zones are allied with Kael'thas, they are hostile to Horde also. Horde PCs are also technically allied with Thrall/Saurfang, not Garrosh/Putress/other jerks. There's a bunch of quests where you work for them behind the backs of Garrosh and his leaders, even one to kill the warmongering leader in Grizzly Hills, and of course the Battle for Undercity as well.

    Whatever though, it's up to you, I think you're missing out but I won't try to convince you to do something you clearly don't want to.

    (Oh and I hate Night Elves heh, so much so that I rolled my dwarf hunter to replace my already lv 70 NE hunter.)
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-04-02 19:59
    Yeah, that's 1am. I'm typically awake at that time on weekends but I don't exactly function correctly. Sorry though, this alt is definitely gonna be Horde. Honestly despite my current main being Alliance I actually identify more with the Horde, not the whole undead killing farmers etc. but fighting for survival against the self-righteous racists of the Alliance. Horde aren't always the aggressors either, Alliance are killing innocent people in the BE starting zone and have quests to kill Horde peons (yeah they're chopping down the forests but aren't technically combatants). I guess I don't really try to identify with my characters at all so I can do quests that involve things I'd never consider in real life. I do find it hard to play evil characters in games like Fallout with actual spoken dialog though.
  6. RWBladewing
    2009-04-02 09:25
    I rolled a horde on Ner'zhul if you wanted to level as a group and not zerg level, though considering how many alts you have already it could be pretty pointless for you, heh. I'm typically free from 4:30pm to midnight Eastern US time, not entirely sure what time that is for you but from talking to Mr. H&C I'm pretty sure it's fairly early. I ran a few things with him back in the day but he's also completely insane and plays way too much (j/k of course).
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-03-30 11:19
    Grats. I, on the other hand, have not logged in for more than 2 minutes since last Wednesday.
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-03-27 11:41
    Nice, I decided I probably won't try to get the Chef title, feels pretty pointless for me to display anything other than Immortal atm. I tried a couple times for the Baron mount myself pre-wotlk but decided I didn't really want it and stopped. I knew a guy who actually put in over 1000 runs without getting it before the droprate was increased. I don't think he was very happy to see so many people suddenly able to get it after he'd gone through all that, heh.

    I'm not really even leveling my DK at the moment, mostly just playing Star Ocean and Street Fighter 4. He's halfway through 77 now and I think he has full rested. It's really funny and also sad how easy it is to solo stuff, I solo'd every group quest up through Grizzly Hills with the exception of a 5-man frostwyrm quest, the horde-only ring of blood, and General Abbendis (I have to go back and finish that, I will easily be able to stomp her at lv 77). Arugal in Grizzly Hills was just unbelievably pathetic, I think I had full health when he died.

    I've actually been thinking of starting another alt just for the fun of running lowbie instances but that probably won't happen as I'd need a group of people.

    I'm watching a few series, nothing that you listed though. Chrome Shelled Regios from this season, as well as wrapping up Gundam 00, Toradora, and Tytania. Also finishing Casshern Sins which I kind of put on hold for a while. Just got the DVDs for Clannad and Code Geass as well. You might be surprised to know that I actually am only halfway through Clannad After Story and not actually really intending to finish it anytime soon. The reason for that is I was literally depressed for days after watching that Clannad movie that came out a year ago and I still feel sick thinking about it; I have no idea if After Story ends in a similar manner but I'm not really willing to find out yet. I'm sure it's gonna end up being spoiled for me by Megami Magazine (best magazine I have ever subscribed to despite the fact that I can't even read any of the text) or by people on this forum though, so I may have to try and watch it before then.
  9. Sephi
    2009-03-21 16:47
    mmm not to sure, but as a BM it could be 300dps difference, though i'm survival now, quite like it to. My cat is also lvl 80 now. Not to much luck finding heroics, always LF tank and healer ~~ hope dual spec comes soon. And i hope the server won't be swarmed with terrible tanks and healers by it ^.^

    Got VH staff, don't like it very much, missing the crit from my icier thing i got from Zul'drak arena Q.

    Didn't saw any cheap bracers/legs/cloak yet. Though did saw gloves for 400~ they looked quite good, but rather save money for mount. Doing Dalaran JC and oracles JC everyday. I looked up reagents for those Titanium JC crafts, will have to check how much a dragon eye cost. And see how much profit i can get.

    Only got 2.6k gold atm. Haven't been that easy to earn money yet. Haven't had much time to do any real farming either. Been doing a bunch of heroics. Or atleast trying...

    Did my first VOA25 and 10 today. Damn that was easy!
    With my crappy gear i managed to do 2.8k dps @ voa 25, and did 2.5kdps @ voa 10 man. Last one even gave me my set pants. /flex
    Haven't been this excited about wow in awhile

    Overall, this sunday was quite good did 5 heroics, and even got a new epic pants. Hope the new patch comes wednesday. I'm tired of LF Tank and Healer in /4 or /2 ^.^ Also hope dual spec will bring more tanks and healers. And let's pray the people who respec aren't horrible at what they are suppose to do.

    missing 3k honor for PVP epic bracers, and got 300g bidded on epic gloves. Hope i get them all tomorrow ^.^
  10. Last Sinner
    2009-03-21 08:43
    Last Sinner
    Probably going to tone down alting for a fair while now. Uni is getting more intense, don't have the time to do that now. But at least the stints I've done will assure a smooth ride to 80 for the Hunter.

    Decent day of raiding for me. Completed my Iris Key quest and got the caster dps neck, which is the best in game at present. Also got the belt from Malygos, which is also the best for its slot. Then scored the wand from Anub'Rekhan. Almost tripled my haste rating through those items, which is much better for my Arcane spec. But I still need more haste. Another Mage with considerably less spell power but more haste is beating me on the meters a fair bit of the time. That said, I did do best dps of the Mages in 3 fights, so I am getting better. But the reliance on Haste is disgusting.

    Okay, I'll steer clearing of Inscription and Engineering. I got the feeling there was nothing to them.

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