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  1. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-02 00:21
    dude, the heart pressure, take it easy, btw... Remaster ep 1 is out.
  2. wingdarkness
    2011-12-31 16:10
    Happy New Year to you to! Thanks You for your service bro! Unless you were just getting high in Fallujah, but even so, thanx!
  3. winter45
    2011-12-31 13:06
    Happy NEW YEAR BUD!!!!
  4. Znozzy
    2011-12-28 02:49
    it's up to you, i barely know you Wingdarkness, i dont dislike you.

    and i have no clue, it was apparently just a temp ban, he came back and blam i got some negative rep in a AGE thread
  5. wingdarkness
    2011-12-25 02:57
    Well do you know who banned him? At the very least I'd like to give the mod a kind word in his favor, especially if he said something about me because i'd hate for anyone to be banned for chiding me...I hope he will return and isn't perm banned...
  6. Znozzy
    2011-12-21 15:43
    i don't even remember what he wrote bud. Couldnt tell you even if i wanted to
  7. wingdarkness
    2011-12-21 14:10
    No, I just wanted to know...I won't respond back...Kaioshin takes alot of this stuff to heart, I'm just passionate about explaining my veiws...I guess it had to be something about me then since you don't wanna tell...
  8. Znozzy
    2011-12-21 14:06
    and Kaioshin Sama apparently got banned for the last post he made :x his account is disabled
  9. Znozzy
    2011-12-21 14:04
    nah, screw that, don't feel like adding gasoline to the fire. waste of time, they got deleted for a reason, let it stay that way
  10. wingdarkness
    2011-12-21 00:01
    done and done^^...

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    I unfortunatley have the reputation of pwning people on the internet...2003
    Anime obviously and ofcourse bull$hiting online...
    Freelance Journalist, Writer, MC, Host, Event Announcer
    PC Configuration
    2009 Compaq Presario SR5710F with Athlon X2, now I can stop hating on x264 and mkv^^... R.I.P. Dell 8200, you will be missed!! Who keeps a cpu for 7 years better than wingdarkness???!!!
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    That sound I'm listening to? That's me owning you^^...
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    ***Updated 3/2012***

    RECENTLY FINISHED: Thermae Roma (A), Sacred Seven (B-), Tiger & Bunny (B-), Blade The Anime (A), Kaiji S2 (A), X-Men Anime (B), Deadman Wonderland (B-), Black Lagoon OVAs (C-), Gundam Unicorn 1-4 (A-), Macross Frontier The Movie (B), Redline (A+++), Justice League DOOM (B+), Basara the Last Party (A-)

    Currently Watching: Gintama S2(^^!!!), Gundam AGE, Last Exile S2, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Gundam Unicorn...

    (Yeah, don't have as much time as I used to so I watch mostly the straight up action stuff right now^^, I'm usually much deeper ;) )

    TV SHOWS Archer^^, Wilfred, American Dad (The most underrated animated comedy maybe ever), Napoleon Dynamite (animated), Family Guy, Cleveland Show, Unsupervised, Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire, Ea$tbound and Down, The Office, Community, Modern Family, Person of Interest (Ben Linus AND Jesus are in it^^)...

    I know this is alot of $hit, but I watch most of it only on 1 or 2 days per week^^...
    DeathNote, Welcome to the NHK, Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO, Turn A Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Gundam 8th Ms Team, Blue Gender, SLAM DUNK, Read or Die, Hunter x Hunter, Hajime No Ippo Series//OVA's, Ghost in the Shell SAC 1 and 2nd gig, Desert Punk, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Fist of the North Star, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Gankutsuou, Lupin III Series and Movies, Serial Experiments Lain, DB(Z)(GT)(KAI), Outlaw Star, Heatguy J, Goldenboy, His and Her Circumstances, BECK, ParadiseKiss, Tokyo Tribe2, Mitchiko E Hatchin, Cromartie HS...
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