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  1. haegar
    2011-10-03 07:19
    much appreciated
    oh and since I just notice it down there, a belated happy bday to you too
  2. KiNA
    2011-01-23 01:37
    Happy birthday!
  3. The Chaos
    2010-12-31 12:21
    The Chaos
    Happy New Year
  4. Renegade334
    2010-12-29 03:21
    No probs, you probably have MUCH more proficiency in that matter than I do, since I never even fired a single gun in my life. My so-called "savviness" comes from lots of info I garnered here and there as I tried to know more about certain areas of interest and even that has been subject to much internal debate.

    As I once said in the gun thread, you always have to take the word of a self-appointed pundit with a truckful of salt - people who have fired the discussed weapon in anger in an actual battlefield in an actual engagement sometimes offer different statements about gun reliability and I tend to favor the latter to the former.

    Ironically, this applies to me, too - I'll have to take *your* word since I have never handled a gun - much less fired one - unlike you. So don't worry about it.
  5. Lost Cause
    2010-12-28 17:38
    Lost Cause
    Hello I hope I wasn't being to much of a pain by takeing you to task over the .45 thing in the gun thread? It's just that I've paid my dues on the firing range with this old warhorse and get a little riled when somebody says hype and .45 in the same sentence. So I apologize if I stepped on your toes!
    Now if you want to talk hydrostatic shock or temporary cavitation, then the .357 Magnum is where you start! During one of the classes I took after getting my licenese to carry a gun, the class observed an actual film of an autopsy of a shooting in which a miscreant was shot in his chest with a .357. His heart was torn in half and the entry wound resembled a "hamburger effect"! It makes a .45 look rather mild. LC
  6. KiNA
    2010-01-23 02:28
    Happy birthday to such an awesome sigmaker
  7. The Chaos
    2009-12-31 13:26
    The Chaos
    Happy New year
  8. Renegade334
    2009-07-05 14:23
    It's forbidden to leave 2chan links in the open for too long; each thread is active for a certain amount of time then it is automatically deleted by the board's admins (they're not permanent like at AS', if that's what you're wondering - there is no archive either). The broken urls then lead to a pageful of adult advertisements (alright, let's just say, porn), a type of material staunchly forbidden by the staff (really, you should just read the warning I issue each time I post a 2chan link - everything is explained there). Ergo, before the 2chan thread gets deleted, I always take care to remove the (soon-to-be) offending link.

    And, yes, the staff does care - it's not just me being nitpicky. They'll contact you if you don't clean up afterwards. I also urge the other members NOT to direct link, since the pics they (re)post will inevitably expire the moment the associated thread blinks out of existence (furthermore I don't really like the idea of stealing someone else's bandwidth, even if the said person - or group - has the means to pay for the additional BW consumption; for me, it's common courtesy to reload on a different image host instead of hitching a free ride).
  9. Malkuth
    2009-07-05 11:28
    Why all the fuss about 2chan links?
  10. OutSmart
    2009-02-04 18:11
    thx a whole lot ^^ It's one fo the best I've ever seen, and surely the best I've seen until this moment on Lloyd. ^^

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