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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2015-12-31 11:09
    Happy New Year! Now to copy and paste to all SG ppl that I can recall.
  2. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-03-23 09:04
    Cosmic Eagle
    It's alright. I found one called Greenergy. They do HDs starting from 200 bucks onward
  3. Cosmic Eagle
    2015-03-22 22:30
    Cosmic Eagle
    Do you know if there's professional HD cloning service in SG?

    TRUSTED ones who won't spy on your stuff or be a Jover....

    Clonezilla did not dies partway during the process. Also manual backup via Ubuntu has the same problem so I now doubt it's OS but perhaps a failing HD

    still I'll need to back the data up before I get a new one and's proving very difficult to do that on my own

    EDIT: Don't think I can use Tera Copy on my own if it requires installation since....well, it'll be a miracle if the comp survives that long
  4. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-17 11:17
    Cosmic Eagle
    Do these

    Make sense to you?

    If you run from your external HD, you'll need a partition in FAT

    But when you clone your entire source HD you want the result to be NTFS no?
  5. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-10 11:16
    Cosmic Eagle
    Thanks for the replies BTW
  6. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-10 09:19
    Cosmic Eagle
    And if it can't read a compressed image...

    Is Daemon Tools able to read it?

    TL;DR what I want is my old HD MINUS the corrupted OS
  7. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-09 18:55
    Cosmic Eagle
    Can I do this instead...

    First I clone my HD via Clonezilla. I now have a clone of my original HD

    Reformat my dead comp

    Plug my Ubuntu thumb drive into my reformatted comp and use it to boot/run my reformatted comp

    With Ubuntu as my running OS, plug my cloned HD in and run in so that I can either copy out my stuff into the reformatted source HD or delete the corrupt Windows from the target HD clone. (Can this step be done? Using Ubuntu to run a clone image that has Windows on it?)

    After all, if I boot my PC in Ubuntu before reformatting, I can still access my HD's stuff to backup, run whatever etc even though it has Windows on it no? Isn't this just doing the same except now you have reformatted the comp and are transfering stuff from the clone back into your original HD?
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-09 06:32
    Cosmic Eagle
    And on another note, how do I use it as a backup if I reformat my comp since it is in image format and thus I cannot copy paste in individual files into the freshly reformatted HD?
  9. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-10-08 11:50
    Cosmic Eagle
    BTW, what do you mean that Clonezilla cannot do live copy?

    Isn't cloning a HD what it does?
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2014-07-05 00:19
    Cosmic Eagle
    can you get anything...all gone

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