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  1. Kana Futayo
    2014-08-08 23:17
    Kana Futayo
    HQ level 99
    LOS 352
    Air Superiority: 131

    8 tries in total. around 30+ buckets wasted

    Flag: lvl 55 Myoukou Kai (1 20cm(3), 1 20cm, 1 night scout, 1 searchlight)
    lvl 58 Ise Kai (2 46cm, 1 seaplane, 1 star shell)
    lvl 70 Suzuya Kai (1 20cm(2), 1 20cm, 1 seaplane, 1 type 21 air radar)
    lvl 70 kumano Kai (1 20cm(2), 1 20cm, 1 seaplane, 1 type 21 air radar)
    lvl 76 Chitose Kai Ni (Reppu, Egusa Squadron Dive Bomber, Type62 Fighter Bomber, Saiun)
    lvl 75 Ryuujou Kai Ni (Type62 Fighter Bomber, Reppu, JU87C, Type2 Recon Aircraft)

    1st node: double line
    2nd node: echelon
    3rd node: double line
    boss node: line ahead
  2. Kakurin
    2014-08-08 16:35
    Nice videos as always. But the first non-NSFW video (with Kongou) was already deleted by the user... Hmm, unlucky.

    Are you still waiting, or have you joined the AL frenzy?
  3. kenjiharima
    2014-08-08 08:24
    Shimakaze and Kongo for me.
  4. kenjiharima
    2014-08-08 08:21
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  5. risingstar3110
    2014-08-06 10:16
    Not enough Kongou!!

    And the Nagato one is so ooc
  6. risingstar3110
    2014-08-04 07:54
    Found one in Dailymotion. But it does not have the merge part at the start.... =/

    Have all of the dance move through, so downloaded it
  7. risingstar3110
    2014-08-04 06:38
    Do you know where can I find the version of this song【MMD艦これ】金剛棲鬼で . The one with Kongou merging with that Abyssal battleship?

    They took it off youtube. Man I think I will just download it to computer if i can find it again...
  8. risingstar3110
    2014-08-03 19:16
    Isn't that Urakaze and Kongou love child??

    Or more likely Kongou cosplaying Urakaze...
  9. Kakurin
    2014-08-03 05:32
    Those creations were funny. The first one with what was it, I think it's from Ro-Kyu-Bu.
    Oh, and forgot to tell you the last time, before I could watch it the second video had already been deleted by the user. What was it?

    Right now in the game I'm doing nothing else than levelling ships. Klashikari was right. 3-2-1 is such a great spot to level. Win and get MVP as flagship earns over 1100 exp. All you have to do is brush aside CL and DDs. It's more than easy to get a Kongou-class ship from 0 to 25 in one day. So next week the event starts? What can you tell me about that, I still don't know much about it, save for that it costs enormous amounts of ressources and gets incredibly hard the further you progress. I just hope that I can get my girls in shape to tackle the first or second map.

    Right now I have Kongou at 47, Haruna, Yamashiro, Ise, I-168 at 40/41. Plan to get Akagi and Soryu to 40 today. Then proceed to get Hiei (30 right now) to 40.
  10. Kakurin
    2014-07-30 17:50
    Got Hiei to drop while doing 3-2-1 to level DDs. Now the Kongou-class collection is complete.

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