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  1. Drkz
    2014-02-15 02:15
    So i had my first experience with the "hard" room in Malgreed X why the hell are giant feet monsters?
  2. Drkz
    2014-02-13 19:58

    I guess they are keeping the old classes.
  3. Drkz
    2014-02-07 17:55
    So rance was created from Gi's sex spree? That would make sense considering how he can wield chaos. Although it'd be weird considering Gi should've been able to sense something. Plus Gi's sex spree was during GI0850 Rance was born in GI0998.

    I don't think Tada made the comparison of Tero Ettienno's and Rathown on accident. Although it seems that three is important. Three supreme gods, three devil princes. A fourth would probably crumble this power balance. Maybe Rance doesn't have a unlimited level cap, it just doesn't exist and people just thinks his level cap is unlimited! Rance is actually a child of a rouge level god! It all makes sense now! Thats how hes able to raise someone's level cap!
  4. Drkz
    2014-02-07 02:02
    I'm just curious into why Rance hasn't been killed by planner. Maybe its because he causes so much death along the way planner finds it amusing the glich is making the whale happy?

    Devils don't have levels? I didn't know that. Wait actually even if their outside the system they should have levels and skills. Considering how even the Whale God and gods have a level. Pretty sure everything has a level and skill cap. Considering how Rance hasn't killed any devils in the official canon that I can think of and how Devils are so mysterious its the reason why I presume hes half devil. Not to mention his H raises a girl's level cap thats like a devil skill right there!
  5. Drkz
    2014-02-06 15:56
    Oh I guess your right because I seldom use Debuffs i completely forgot. Sengoku followed the format of BBA, and the other Dai series games. Probably cause Sengoku had a time limit with a linear storyline that people liked it. Than again there where plenty of people who disliked it who perferred the original dungeon crawler Rance. I still think Kichi is the best Rance though . The legendary "Omachi Scene" it shall never happen DAMM YOU ALICESOFTTTTTT .

    About the Kalar crystal thing, I'm guessing cause semen injection doesn't tear the hymen so the crystal still stays red. Although it makes me wonder how they get the semen in the first place...

    So my running theory is still Rance is the fourth child of Rathowm. Although what I don't understand is where is the Hero since we all know Rance isn't the hero.

    Oh I didn't read the birthing part. I'm guessing it doesn't count them as losing their virginity?
  6. Drkz
    2014-02-06 06:13
    Thats how Rance always was. A collection harem CG. As long as they don't bring back mirror fragments.. oh god. I wonder if Reset and Pastel are a after thought considering they don't have the Kalar Race skill or Kalar curse .

    Best Urza is Lewd Urza! Bring back long hair or Sengoku Urza! 8 had some characters look pretty weird :P.
  7. Drkz
    2014-02-05 21:13
    A character that was introduced in 8 and none of the past games. Crook huh? I'm torn between Arms and Crane :3.
  8. Drkz
    2014-02-05 18:11
    Kenshin is probably going to make a apperance. So whose your favorite R8 only character?
  9. Drkz
    2014-02-05 16:42
  10. Drkz
    2014-02-05 05:19
    Lmao nevermind. Apparently if you have too many items you can't do a world switch . Lol what the hell. In World Three you pretty much are able to unlock every single character and malgreed X makes my head hurt. DAM YOU LACK OF MINIMAP!! If Modern Kalar had over 50 kids shouldn't her crystal be blue?

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