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a small cat

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  1. SleepingTerror
    Today 18:27
    Sorry for the late reply!! I don't see any other pictures besides the one you posted. I think you're good
  2. Palsa-San
    2018-03-13 16:52
    I didn't know about that setting, I'll have to make sure to check that on my account as well.
    By the way, the virtual YouTubers have grown in number so much, that they're referencing each other now, even some minor collaborations have been going on lately.

    It's finally happened.
  3. Palsa-San
    2018-03-12 02:56
    No problem, I just tried it after signing out and disabling my browser's security addons, still no issue.
    I also tried loading it in a different browser, no issue there either.
    It might just be a fluke situation, or it could be a problem with their browser, I myself have never had an issue with ImageBam, but it might be worth making the switch anyway.
  4. Palsa-San
    2018-03-11 16:28
    I have about six security addons which prevent things like that from showing, so I disabled all of them to test it out, but none showed up.
    The issue might be on their end, but I suggest asking a few more people to check it for you, if it persists, try switching to a different host, like
    Back when everyone still had modem, I remember getting hit by a bunch of porn popups, while on the Disney website, so sometimes weird things can happen anywhere.
  5. Palsa-San
    2018-03-10 16:28
    I'm glad you PC wasn't hit.
    A number of years back, someone was changing a light switch in another part of my house, and didn't inform me, they tripped the power which shut my computer down. When I restarted, the motherboard's on-board audio was completely wiped out, everything else was fine though.

    The first Mario was known for it's difficulty, I remember struggling pretty hard back in the day, now the first few stages are a piece of cake, it's amazing how things change.
  6. Palsa-San
    2018-03-08 10:09
    Cool, I'll look forward to that.

    Ouch, that's typically do to faulty wiring.
    It's important that the wires are twisted together inside the wire-nuts, sometimes people will just stick two wires into a wire-nut and think the job is done, but that can lead to a fire.

    Oh yes, many times.
    One of my friends from years back had a regular Nintendo, and we would play Super Mario Bros all the time.
  7. SleepingTerror
    2018-03-06 18:58
    Can't wait xD
    And dang, that is scary In my dorm, we're not allowed extension cords (without surge protectors) for that reason. And though extension cords tend to be longer than surge protectors, my dorm room is so small it doesn't matter lol...
  8. SleepingTerror
    2018-03-06 18:38
    Thanks! It should be fun, and I'll take plenty of pictures (hopefully by then I'll have a new phone with more space...)
  9. Palsa-San
    2018-02-21 18:37
    I like to keep up with what their doing, especially when they do let's play videos.
    Oh, and when I mentioned that the number of Virtual YouTubers has skyrocketed, I wasn't kidding.
    On a related note:

    Ginger tea is another good one.

    Completely unrelated to anything:
  10. Palsa-San
    2018-02-18 06:03
    I've found that hot soup can works wonders on a cold, especially if you fill it with as many herbs as you can get away with.

    My god, the number of new Virtual YouTubers this week is crazy.
    There are even several who are still in development, this one in particular has a cool design, and they're still casting the voice.

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