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  1. Princess Angels
    2015-01-07 20:00
    Princess Angels
    go to animenationforums and sign up when your done we can talk there okay
    my username is princess angels.. add me
  2. Kakurin
    2015-01-07 17:46
    That's a lot of Poi.
    And the anime's first episode is also full of Poi.

    That Akizuki with glasses picture is interesting.
  3. risingstar3110
    2015-01-05 19:46
    Hey, i'm not that big fan of maid dress as well. But they just looked incredibly good in one *drool*

    You means the girl as your party leader, Miyama Tsubame? But yeah to change them, like Kancolle, just put the girl you like as leader (press team, press the yellow button in lower right corner, drag the girl chibi icon and put into first spot in your team)
  4. risingstar3110
    2015-01-05 09:28
    I do like the three with long hair in your team, not with glass through, not a big fans of megane

    On my favourite girl. The blond one, Yaginuma Oi (such a strange name) is probably my favorite among all girls obviously because of Miyuki. Natsume Itsumi (the red-hair using minigun) and Sajima Yuumi (the starter girl using bow) actually had really adorable confessions scenes. So i had soft spots on them too.

    Down the list is Tanaka Sachiko (shy girl with pony tail) and Shiramei Hazuki (the sexy long hair in your team using dual daggers)

    But i only unlocked 10/28 confession scenes , and didn't read through their non-spoken dialogues (my Japanese are very limited, it's easier for me to guess through listening than to read), so haven't learnt about all of the girls yet
  5. kenjiharima
    2015-01-05 00:31
    love the new vid you sent of Yamato.

    might take awhille lol since I've ordered Ironman full spec, Ironman and Thor avengers figma. It's exclusive it's quite expensive almost amounting with a PS4. But don't worry I'll work my ass off this year to get a PS4 lol
  6. Kakurin
    2015-01-04 05:56
    I think Yahagi's lack of popularity is simply due to her rarity. If people don't have her, it's no wonder that they aren't as high on her, as compared to let's say the Sendais. As for the strength, I'd have nothing against the Aganos getting a Kai Ni upgrade. As of now they are weaker than the Sendais and Nagara / Kuma.

    Hmm, strange that you have such problems with Yukikaze. Had no issues leveling her to 70, she does her job well for me.
  7. Kakurin
    2015-01-04 03:46
    Yeah, Yahagi's "ne" is really enchanting. Also great are her hourlies when she's worried about teitoku, or when she's trying to do the dailies for the teitoku, or when she's using 貴方.

    Speaking of Amatsukaze, she looks pretty cute (also the face when she's damaged) and the heart shaped steam of her Kai form is funny. Have finished my DD leveling for now with her and Tokitsukaze reaching level 60 (fun fact, aside from Hatsukaze their entire division is among my high-leveled DDs, with Yukikaze at 70). 11 DDs are over level 60, 6 are over 70, with another 3 able to get to 70 in the matter of a few hours. I'll probably focus on getting some in the 70s to around 80 the next time I level DDs.

    Oh, and about Tokitsukaze, have you ever gotten around to listen to her going berserk if you leave her alone? It's hilarious, I cracked up when I heard that while leveling her. Hard to imagine that she shares the same seiyū with Akagi-san.

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    Regarding Taihō, she was my first LSC priority. I really value the fact of her ability to launch planes while 中破. Still remember how often I sighed during last event's E4 when the Hime prior to the boss node knocked a CV out, costing me the firepower that could've gotten me an S-rank victory. Although in the end I was very lucky indeed in that I got her, Yamato and Yahagi on the same day, with a low number of attempts for that specific day.
  8. Dr. Casey
    2015-01-03 23:31
    Dr. Casey
    Thanks, lot of good pictures there

    Some of my favorites would be


    edit: -_- Image tags aren't working.
  9. Kakurin
    2015-01-03 17:17
    Whoa, many illustrations. Kanmusus in New Year Furisode is always great to look at. My favourite is that Yahagi together with Yamato one. I've gotten my Yahagi to level 67 now, and she's not leaving any fleet anytime soon. Just love her.
    She, along with Hime-chan and Kongō form the first tier of my favourite girls.

    Speaking of favourites, Taihō was slightly different personality-wise and looks-wise than I expected, in a positive way. Moreover, she's a very good CV, despite abysmal luck and evasion. I think that luck and evasion part is more than offset by her ability to launch planes while medium damaged. In addition to having the second highest FP and plane capacity and the highest AA and armour rating of all CVs. She's surpassing Kaga as my favourite CV besides Shōkaku.
  10. risingstar3110
    2015-01-03 13:55
    And i thought it was extreme of me to keep a copy of each holo ship. And you had 5 and 9 ?!? 0_0

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