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  1. stray
    Yesterday 21:14
    I need to finish Persona 5 Strikers... someday I guess.

    I kind of liked the idea of Otherside Picnic but pretty much completely lost interest past a point. If you can handle LN (or WN) yuri I'd highly recommend I Love the Villainess. There is a manga too but its taking forever to get to the good parts. I could never really get into Aoi Hana but I absolutely love Yamada and Kase-san. I tend to read a lot of yuri but ILTV and Looking up to Magical Girls are the only things I'm really passionate about right now.

    Speaking of Yamadas -- Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru reminds me quite a bit of Net-juu no Susume. I really enjoyed both but kind of lost interest in both.

    In middle school I moved to a hockey town and just could never get into it beyond playing Blades of Steel. I guess it was fun enough to play street hockey though I sucked at it. I still follow NBA here and there but I was definitely suffering from Lebron fatigue. KD leaving OKC for the Warriors was even more absurd. Now I get a certain schadenfreude from watching Brooklyn lose for both KD and Ben Simmons. Historically I kind of hate the Celtics but I'm pulling for them this year I think. The only other thing I really looking forward to this year is the World Cup but the schedule is all screwed because its in fucking Qatar.
  2. stray
    Yesterday 07:21
    I liked the Summertime Rendering manga enough to where I ordered the hardcover omnibus volumes. 25 episodes still feels a bit short but I guess we'll see, so far the adaptation is amazing. Its still a Jump manga so its got some weight behind it if nothing else. It actually took me a while to get into both Summer Render and Spy x Family mangas because I mostly ignored MangaPlus; I don't really like shounen so I tend to be sort of ambivalent to the buzziest of manga or shows. Spy x Family anime is still a bit overhyped but I really like Anya's seiyuu from her eroge. Conversely I'm glad Ya Boy Kongming got any buzz at all this season, its such a great show for what it is.

    I enjoyed Code Geass but I think I actually prefer the rebuild/movie timeline.

    As far as the Ravens if nothing else they spanked the Steelers a good number of times. They've struggled in the playoffs more recently though, and sort of fell apart last season. Harbaugh still runs them pretty well overall though, and is one of the longer tenured coaches around. Speaking of long tenured coaches I'm not sure how you feel about KC Chiefs but Andy Reid is exhausting. He was the guy in Philly for like 12 years, and managed one Super Bowl loss out of 4 conference championship appearances. Now in KC he's managed just one SB win out of 4. I'm not a Chiefs fan but I generally respected the guy, he's turned choking into an art form though.

    AZ Cardinals have a lot of potential but Kyler Murray seems to want out so I'm not really sure how that's going to go. I've mostly given up on Detroit being good in my lifetime but maybe the Jaguars can be? We'll see I suppose. Cleveland beefed up but they've got a very tough division with Bengals and Ravens.
  3. stray
    2022-05-16 09:21
    I'm more of a Cowboys hater but they've been mediocre for so long I'm starting to pity them. I'm still a Pats hater but Tom Brady has kind of grown on me since going to the Buccaneers, in part since I'm around the same age as he is. I've always had a soft spot for the Bucs and Ravens as well. I guess it helps he lost a Super Bowl my team in 2018. I'm not sure who I really like this season, there have been so many big moves. I'm optimistic my birds will make the playoffs, if for no other reason than the division is garbage... though I'm excited to see the new weapons.

    Simoun is a classic, and I'm a big Bofuri fan, but I'm a manga reader so I've been avoiding the Summer Render topic somewhat this season. The theories are kind of cute though. Hopefully it gets out of Disney jail soon, its sad how many people are missing out.
  4. stray
    2022-05-15 12:14
    I would say I'm a filthy Eagles fan primarily but the Bolts were my #2 for a long time before the move. I used to be into the entire league and playing fantasy and watching Red Zone and all that but lately I'm just a casual fan.

    At this point I kind of hope the Chargers move somewhere else, I don't think LA is going to embrace them after the Rams' success.
  5. Kanon
    2022-05-15 11:35
    That reminds me I should get around to play P5 Royal, but it's just so damn long... having to do everything from scratch when I more or less 100% the vanilla game certainly doesn't motivate me. They really should have included some kind of save transfer.
  6. Kanon
    2022-05-12 06:56
    Oh, I will. I bought Danganronpa V3 by the way since it was only 11 euros, but I probably won't play it any time soon. Got a backlog of a lot of stuff to go through (not just video games), I just didn't want to miss the sale.

    I started Mr. Robot last night and had an internet outage for the fist time in almost a year. What are the odds?
  7. Kanon
    2022-05-10 07:07
    Little Witch Academia has its fanbase, I don't think it'll be that easily forgotten. That said, shows that get multiple seasons, even if they're not very good, are more easily remembered.

    I finished Angel Heart last week and enjoyed it from start to finish. Completely different tone from City Hunter, but provided enjoyable stories. Xian Ying was also a great main character who grew a lot other the course of the series.

    I've started Beck. I'm five episodes in and I have a hard time getting into it. The horrible Engrish and the bad singers really take me out of it.
  8. Kanon
    2022-04-26 17:10
    Yeah, five more years of Macron, but it's way better than the alternative. His opponent's policies would have brought the country to ruin. People flock to the extremes because they're desperate and think they have nothing to lose giving them a chance.
  9. Kanon
    2022-04-26 06:58
    I still see Simoun being recommended from time to time, so it's not completely lost. It's been a very long time so I admit I don't remember much, only that I loved it.

    I've been watching Angel Heart for the past month. It's a pseudo-sequel to City Hunter set in an alternate universe. If you can accept the supernatural stuff, it's a very good watch. It's completely different from City Hunter though, a lot more serious and tear jerking. Ryo is still awesome, but he has less opportunities to be pervy. Saeko is given a lot more depths, I read an arc of the manga that I've been told was skipped in the anime and it was some heavy stuff. Umibozu is still amazing, and has a lot more friendly relationship with Ryo in this universe.
  10. Kanon
    2022-04-10 06:47
    You know, I don't know why I said it would the season of sequels to me because there aren't that much. It's more or less 50/50.

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