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  1. Iron Maw
    2016-01-07 04:22
    Iron Maw
    They are the main characters from a series of Japanese games called Kiseki (or Legend of Heroes Trails of games overseas) which I've recently become big fan of.

    There are seven games out which are currently divided into 3 arcs (which are named for the countries they are set in) that all take place on the same continent but different countries as follows:

    Liberl Arc: Sora no Kiseki (localized as Trails in the Sky) First Chapter, Second Chapter & The 3rd (yet to be released over here.)

    Crossbell Arc: Zero no Kiseki/Trails of Zero & Ao no Kiseki/Trails of Azure. None of these have been localize yet overseas.

    Erebonia Arc: Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel 1 (just released overseas), Cold Steel 2 (to be released later this year).
  2. rio
    2011-03-17 04:35
    Thank you Carmolita.Im alrght. But my moms home was destroyed.

    I am living in Aomori now¸and my mom came to my apartment and lives with me.

    As you know¸Japan is in a very bad situation.We lack oil and food and electricity.

    But we dont give
    up.We are trying to get back the days we thought we have always.

    Thank you Carmolita.Im very glad to accept your kind message.

  3. White Manju Bun
    2010-06-21 09:09
    White Manju Bun
    Basically what LKK-Sensei wrote was what I was gonna write Im not up to date with Saiun, I only watched the first season but def chk out Kage's lj, she's very into it.
  4. LKK
    2010-06-18 18:25
    Sorry, but I don't know the latest about Saiunkoku. If you have access to LiveJournal, you may want to ask Kagedreams (aka Shadow Dreams) if she knows anything new. She's the only person I know who's been following the novels closely. You can find her LJ here:
  5. azarhal
    2010-04-23 06:32
    English fan translation can be found on baka-tsuki.

    There was a few fan made wallpapers in this thread. I never found much of them around though.
  6. azarhal
    2010-04-22 20:29
    Ain and Saya appear in the Legend of Regios mini-anime that was "bundled" in the Chrome Shelled Regios anime. If you are watching the subbed version, it's the weird "engrish" part that appear in a few of the middle episodes. Ain is the guy with the guns and the eye patch. He doesn't appear in CSR proper except for the fact that sometimes the mini-anime is used like a movie that the CSR characters are watching.

    As for other dimension, sort of. It get explain in vol. 13. I'm actually waiting for a proper translation to really understand how it work. I think Legend of Regios concepts are brain damaging on purpose too.
  7. azarhal
    2010-04-22 06:34
    Sorry for these delayed answers, didn't see that I had a new message notification until today.

    Neither the Manga nor the novels are translated into English yet, unfortunately.

    Spoiler for Rest under spoiler tag:
  8. blewin
    2010-04-19 06:26
    Vol 7 Ch 4 would be a good chapter to start. It starts off with the intercity match with Myath (which never took place in the anime). The main story follows through Vol 7, 9, 12- current Vol 14. As for pics, I'm not really sure. Go for google power.
  9. blewin
    2010-04-12 20:09
    you'll find out more in Vol 14.
  10. blewin
    2010-04-12 18:49
    hi carmolita. The novels are the original source of both the manga and the anime. The novels (up to Vol 15 atm) and manga haven't been completed yet. As for whom Layfon ends up with.... he's realised that he loves someone (do you want to be spoiled?), but that someone... well, let me know how much spoiler you're up to!

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