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  1. serenade_beta
    2021-10-20 19:19
    Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
    Which gacha game was that? I haven't heard of it.

    By the way, how exactly is Leaf/Aquaplus running away "even from consumer games"?

    When exactly was "back in the days"? Around 2015 perhaps, after their blockbuster release of White Album 2 (a story as hard-hitting as it was partly because of its 18+ content) already a distant memory?

    Who was the original composer of Utawarerumono? How is the replacement not up to snuff?
    Hey, just posting it here since I think I would have got scolded for off-topicness

    Utawarerumono: Lost Flag

    Because they are switching over to making a gacha game. I doubt they have the capacity to make two games at once, although since all they are doing now are remakes of Utawarerumono, maybe it is easy enough for them to release more remakes?

    I think quite a while ago. I recall the term being used at least in the 2000~2010. I assume that since it is a pun on Leaf, it was before they turned into Aquaplus.
    Sure, I think they did fine with that game though, BTW.
    I think the most recent game's OP is not done by her? It sounded like a typical Suara song instead of the usual Utawarerumono ones. My friend showed me the OP, since he's a fan of that series, so I can't remember myself which one exactly.
  2. Guido
    2018-06-06 20:48
    Thank you very much, Mazryonh at pointing out the flaws with my theories regarding Zero Twos' memories.
  3. grylsyjaeger
    2013-08-09 16:12
    Hey mate, I was just wondering if you could link us to the source doujinshis for these?
  4. Akiyoshi
    2013-02-04 13:49
    Hello, i'm Akiyoshi, you knwo, that Angry Signum Fan-Boy xD

    Do you know where to find the work of that woman wo made the doujin about Signum in a straight marriage?

    I woul like to see her job, the art looks nice and it's an interesting plot seeing Signum trying to face a modern woman's life xD
  5. Ashaman
    2010-11-02 08:42
    Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
    I was expecting to see more of Itsuwa in this episode, but I guess that will have to wait. Which volume of the light novel is this episode on? If someone can tell me, I can make an educated guess as to when we might see more of her.
    Shouldn't really post the answer in the thread... This episode is Vol 7, she makes her official appearance in Vol 11, so we should start seeing more of her at about episode 15. Ish. Well, we may see her a little more next episode.


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