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  1. Dj0rel
    2019-02-09 18:18
    It's been a while since I've seen it so I don't remember much and it's only been a preview. All I remember is Pure cradling Tatsuku's severed torso and crying.
  2. coded321
    2018-12-13 01:15
    its not hating if the criticism are legit. and there wouldn't be any hating or criticisms in the first place if bethesda hadn't made and released such a poorly developed, glitch filled, 60 dollar, train wreck of a game. as i mentioned in the thread, if the game was free to play, no one would have cared, but here they sold this game at full priced despite all the many, many issues. bethesda has no one but itself to blame.
  3. Mad Pierrot
    2018-09-04 18:45
    Mad Pierrot
    No, V is actually a new guy. He is good but we still don't know too much about him. The only thing we know is that he has black hair
  4. Mad Pierrot
    2018-09-03 17:54
    Mad Pierrot
    Didn't know the vid was removed. I added a table based on what I remember.
  5. Mad Pierrot
    2018-09-03 10:48
    Mad Pierrot
    It's about the prologue mission. You see the three playable characters facing an enemy
  6. kuromitsu
    2018-03-24 04:07
    Oho, thank you! So volume 10 is out... how did I miss it! I'll read it today.

    Btw your friend would probably like Tasuku, she's a delinquent Tasmanian Devil, pretty awesome.
  7. kuromitsu
    2018-03-22 15:15
    Yeah, I think Shidou is going to be the final boss, in the second arc Hitomi is pretty much in an antagonist position herself as she's so devoted to him and following his orders.

    Are chapters 45-49 available somewhere? I don't buy the magazine, and I don't think volume 10 has been released yet... (I didn't check yet, though) I'm really curious what's going to happen to Taiga, too, considering that he's up against Pure but obviously he has to lose... but him losing against Pure would be such an asspull.
  8. kuromitsu
    2018-03-22 03:47
    I've only read up to chapter 44 so I don't know, but considering that Yuuya avoided telling Hitomi just how exactly he survived being ripped up I think it's a foregone conclusion that he's undergone treatment... otherwise he would surely be dead. As for Hitomi, she's clearly immensely tsundere, but I think she's not really aware of the nature of her feelings either.

    Shidou... who knows what he really thinks, but he did give very clear orders to Hitomi to kill Yuuya after the current Killing Bites, so there's that. I don't think he's trying to help him, he's probably just keeping Yuuya alive to see how Pure fares. The "crazy cunt" is, well, let's just say not exactly in a position to hunt anyone down...
  9. kuromitsu
    2018-03-21 20:07
    She's shown crying a bit - after. She's sad, obviously (although very tsundere about it) but she goes for the kill with no hesitation or remorse. In fact, when years later she finds out that he's alive, she's she wastes zero time promising Shidou that this time she'd definitely kill Yuuya, even as she's obviously very jealous of Pure (the brute under Yuuya's care).

    On Yuuya's part, he doesn't really say that out loud, he knows that she has orders to kill him, which means his only hopes of not being killed is to make Hitomi not follow Shidou's orders blindly, so... He also admonishes Hitomi for being a pawn in Shidou's hands, and Shidou for using her for whatever goals he has.

    (Btw yes, I know Japanese. :3)
  10. kuromitsu
    2018-03-21 16:47
    He likes her, and she kinda-sorta likes him too, but she literally bats no eyelash when she kills him on Shidou's orders. ...Well, "kills" because he survives, although legally, and as far as anyone in his previous life knows, he's dead. So as he has no chance for a normal life anymore, he has no other chance but to join the Killing Bites org and recruit players, and hope that eventually he'll somehow manage to free Hitomi from Shidou.

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