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  1. Daisu
    2014-09-19 16:41
    I do not have either. Is there other forums you hang out at? We can PM here but it has such limited mailbox. I barely use facebook these days. I am usually here or deviant art, its where I do my private messages.
  2. Daisu
    2014-09-17 02:41
    You really looked like you enjoyed doing up these. I wouldn't worry too much on details for now, we will smooth them out later. I would keep roughs and backups ect incase we need them. But at this time its best to see what stories we could cover and how you interpret them in your own way. Thank you very much for working on these but do not neglect your other responsibilities~

    You have to always check for malware, plus there some sites that are bad. I knew friend who because of independent gaming sites his gaming account was hacked three times in a single year. I had a webpage hacked by Russians who figured out the password eventually. I do get the odd alert on facebook that some people in china or Philippines attempted to hack -_-

    Hacking is getting bad these days
  3. Daisu
    2014-09-16 18:34
    whoa getting hackd is pretty serious ;/ We can use Gift card visa instead then~ I will explain it all when we get to that point... but as the name says its pretty much a giftcard that can use mostly online, I just give ya a number and you can spend whats on it. I use these cards to buy my stuff online, since they are just throw away cards. Last thing I bought was Saki Side-A psp game, my girlfriend been hogging it all the time though. I have been playing swordart online on my psp vita. There just not many animes this season that I am going out of my way to watch.

    Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to more
  4. Daisu
    2014-09-16 09:23
    I am in the process of moving into town and getting a local job or self-employment to fund my otaku dreams. My GF and I like Saki Anime so much, we got into Japanese Riichi Mahjong and now looking for an automatic mah-jong table to buy around xmas.

    I have a convention the next year and opportunity to bring out a doujin. Perhaps we can put one together for that summer? Do you have paypal? I do not have much at this moment but maybe I could set aside something when I do to help your own situation. Art for hamburgers.
  5. Daisu
    2014-09-15 20:47
    You do not have to push yourself to get a bunch done, take your time. I am just looking forward of someone attempting to do one of my stories.

    Rina hard to draw, we do not see an awful lot of her.

    Rina from one of my raw books I put up on my tumblr:
  6. Daisu
    2014-09-15 19:15
    I really enjoyed your art so far. I have not logged into my tumblr in a long time. Thankfully I had a link in my visitor messages to remind me what it was. My tumblr has some of my higurashi raws and other higurashi stuff since these forums wouldn't let me post them. Take a look~
  7. Daisu
    2014-09-15 16:51
    If you have time to read my stuff I wouldn't mind ya sending a PM to me what stories you like.
  8. Daisu
    2014-09-15 16:07
    retired does not mean its dead, just harder to find so you do not get random traffic. Big thing these days is mangagamer towel/nakkid satoko sprite and new story higurashi hou about a deity like hanyuu that wants to be mean to the circle of friendship going on. Kinda sounds like a carebear episode but its a continuation from higurashi outbreak... er I think. I do not follow Visual novel stuff too much.

    I am very interested in you helping me with art. Find a Yokoma you would like to draw. You do not have to draw the whole thing, since each story usually can be broken into two or more punchlines. is a page someone did from Higurashi Yokoma number 16 aka special
  9. Daisu
    2014-09-15 15:08
    Is my deviantart. Main areas to check out, are the subfolders. Higurashi Yokoma my 4koma higurashi comic literature that one day I will draw out or get someone too. Rika-Jan this is some of the story from one of the new chapters of my game, also was going to release it separately as well. My higurashi fanfiction folder is comedy stories that were too long to be part of my Yokoma series. Meri-chan higurashi comic is just a comic based of a friend OC, she also use to be on these boards. It was just quick sketches and very bad art. Rest of my gallery is Anime North cosplay, we go there each year. I make sure I catch any higurashi cosplayers~

    I dunno whatcha all miss. I dislike that our forum got retired >_<
  10. Daisu
    2014-09-15 06:39
    I have been moving around all summer so had not much time to work on projects or translate stuff. What higurashi stuff I do I put up on deviant art. I still visit the forums here when I can. What have you been up to?
    I love the mio icon, that's a good anime.

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