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  1. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-09-26 19:25
    You like K-pop? Yeah more to the club!!!
    I love bigband as you can tell on my avvy I love G-Dragon!! hes everywhere
  2. Gooral
    2010-08-27 23:53
    I'm not as interested in Claymore as I was before either (I even removed it from favorites and lowered score I've given by two points on MAL). The best moments of Claymore are unfortunately behind us and I doubt it will change (maybe near the end, although somehow I feel I won't be satisfied with ending, e.g. with Priscilla living happily ever after which is quite possible). I've found great replacement though - Vinland Saga. Check it out when you have time (unless you already know it).
    As for defending Teresa - it's my obligation to tell the truth . Seriously though, there are so many irrefutable arguments that I can't believe Ryus, SS and some others are still saying the same thing...
  3. Gooral
    2010-08-27 16:59
    Good to see you back khryoleoz .
  4. Cyclone
    2009-10-05 02:38
    I'm glad you like the idea.
    I'm not sure Yagi will need much convincing though. I really do think it's the direction he's intending to go anyways.
    It's not like Clare and Co. are able to bring down Raciella nor Priscilla at this point. The only way is to have them eliminate themselves which right now Priscilla should be amply motivated to do.
    Best leave this to Yagi and have him do it. I leave it in his more than capable hands.
  5. chibamonster
    2008-12-26 16:43
    It seems that you believe the Bible literally otherwise there wouldn't be much for a zealot to argue about. Translations can be very interesting and sometimes cause all sorts of confusion. We can see that from manga raws . My mom speaks studied Hebrew along with middle eastern cultures back in college and my dad reads Latin and host of other languages so they have some interesting incites for me. My mom really helps when I have a question about ancient Jewish culture which is painted all over the Old Testament.

    Being involved is pretty important. In my church the leaders are lay people and we each get different "callings" for periods of time, including our new Bishop. Recently I got a new calling to help organize the Sunday School classes for the adults and before that for the 3 years since I got back from Japan I taught Sunday School to the teenagers, which was a lot of fun. I made sure to bring candy as often as possible. It seemed to relax the class.

    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most people know us as Mormons though .
  6. chibamonster
    2008-12-25 22:34
    I spent a couple of years as a missionary in Japan. I agreed to go anywhere and it was pretty cool to end up in a culture that coincided with some of my interests as I had always liked anime/manga. Of course, I was so busy over there I didn't have time to watch any so I just had to catch up when I got home . The scriptures in Japanese have furigana so didn't get very good at reading the kanji and am still working on that. Reading the Bible in Japanese is very interesting because the translation is to modern day simple terms that even I as a foreigner could understand. No formal training in King James English necessary, though I still love my KJV. The most interesting thing is that the Japanese translation had many more subjects (like who did what) than the English versions I've seen. It points out who is saying or doing what which was very fun because sometimes I have to really think through who is addressing whom as the English leaves it out, which is really rare from reading Japanese and English. It must have been the Portuguese influence back in the 1600's.

    It sounds like you have gone to several churches on your quest.
  7. chibamonster
    2008-12-25 05:04
    "Yeah. And the one thing they hate most is the God of Israel. The notion of god is tolerable so long as he's the kind that's impotent and dead, and ain't the type to get in the way of the absoluteness of human autonomy. "Not thine will, but my will," we love to say."

    Very interesting. Which belief system is this sarcasm stemming from? Believing in a (omni)potent living God who is involved in human life whom asks that people do "His will" is not that common at the cost of giving up ones own will. I'm guessing you have a Christian background, but I am unsure of the denomination. The "we" you used indicates you have a group of friends or peers who think the same way.
  8. HayashiTakara
    2008-07-11 02:50
    To answer your question from Itazura no Kiss, Christine marries Kin, you know that 80's looking guy thats in love with Kotoko. I hope thats not too much info.

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