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Ever forever...

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  1. Nabiki Asakura
    2011-03-12 08:03
    Nabiki Asakura
    hehe, thank yu ~
    I have to adimit that n one come directly to me to say these things, i mean, people really think it, but I guess they didn't intend t let me know about this, but I still discvered it and, bah, it's sad to notice that peple don't see you as capable to wrk n something. But I'm happy that so much people answered the post saying that they like our work. Even if there are people that don't like us, there are really more people who are supporting us, and it's for theses guys that we wrk hard *-*
  2. Nabiki Asakura
    2011-03-01 17:08
    Nabiki Asakura
    You're welcome! Sometimes is difficult to find people wanting to help us to find raws...
    but I will help anyone who asks it, the only problem is that I don't have all the raws, but this ones should help you for now. Also, I'm plnning on make a post in wtdnd site about all the groups around the world that are translating Umineko, so can you give me a link for your site/forum?=3
  3. Nabiki Asakura
    2011-02-28 12:15
    Nabiki Asakura
    Hi sweet =3
    I'm right now getting the raws frm /jp/, I just need to ask and wait, but I can give you one good raw download site, you may find what you're searching for there
  4. Sillya
    2010-10-05 11:53
    Your avatar and your banner really awesome! ^^ I'm a big Setsuna x Marina shipper too.^^
  5. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-09-21 23:31
    Not a problem! Thank you, too, for liking Setsuna x Marina. But I think I should just keep my mouth shut from now on though. I really hate it when there is so much drama going on in a thread (espeicially romance). But it seems like I'm causing one right now because I was trying to be fair to all shippers (Setsuna x Marina fans for the most part, but also other pairing shippers also).
  6. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-09-21 15:31
    Hey! Nice to meet you, too! I love Lelouch x C.C., Setsuna x Marina, and Roy x Riza a lot. And thanks for liking my posts on Romance in 00 thread. There was this long period of time where I gave up on the idea of Setsuna x Marina ever happening, but I never stop shipping them!
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2009-06-07 22:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Thanks man. Very nice pic.
  8. incorrupts
    2009-05-14 03:33
    Actually it was not a link in mikage's blog, she posted it on the Geass comm in livejournal to ask about it. 8)
  9. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-05-08 16:11
    Hs Vi Germania
    I use that sig :O
    On a German forum but I use it, believe me^^

    And it would be very niceh if you make that Emperor sig.
  10. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-04-26 14:10
    Hs Vi Germania
    Thank you

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