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  1. Sassarai
    2010-03-27 00:39
    About 15 hrs into FF13 and here are some thoughts

    Vanille acts like a dumb blonde, annoying. Not to mention bad VA.

    Music and visuals both remind me of Avatar.

    Gameplay has a Jrpg + Gears of War feel to it. Kill, cutscence, kill, etc.

    Linearity - Linear is fine but areas are too narrow and you can't really interact with your surroundings.

    Still the game has been pretty fun and entertaining even with the flaws.
  2. Sassarai
    2010-03-25 01:21
    PS3s are sold out everywhere but I managed to track one down at Frys. Man, playing FF13 on my 50 inch Panasonic plasma is like watching Avatar at the movies, crazy visuals. My friend has been trying to get me into American rpgs but I rather play J's instead although I will give them a try when I run out of Js. Everyone says they are better but I think my taste is more jp. I like corny melodrama and girly looking guys.
  3. Sassarai
    2010-03-23 00:24
    I don't even have a ps3 yet but I have a 50 panasonic plasma and ff13 haha. Trying to break in the tv before I buy the system. Just had to get ff13 since it was on sale 15 dollars off.

    As far as new series I've just been watching Full Metal Alchemists and a bunch of cheesy harem new harem anime. Nothing really stands out this anime season. Baka to test is pretty funny.
  4. Sassarai
    2009-12-24 20:52
    Merry Xmas Kujoes!

    Spoiler for merry xmas:
  5. Sassarai
    2009-10-25 15:27
    Ohhh I love strong females too.

    Spoiler for current obssession:

    Sexy trailer to match.
  6. Sassarai
    2009-10-23 01:20
    They should of put more emphasis on romance! I always love a sappy love story in my action anime. That's why I probably I love most FF/rpg games.

    Hmm I doubt Lightning (FF13) will have a love relationship. That's why I prefer male leads over females. She's going to end up like Terra in FF3/6 which means the side characters are the ones with love stories. Besides if I'm playing Lightning I wouldn't want to feel like I scored with that Mathew Mconghey (sp) looking character would you? Well I guess there is a good thing about playing female leads though and I notice it's the reason why a lot of mmo players play female characters. They rather stare at the girls butt rather than the guys.
  7. Sassarai
    2009-10-22 23:55
    Up to episode 23 of FMA

    woah woah woah
    Spoiler for spoiler:

    Is there a site that has a nice list of all the differences between the first FMA and the second?
  8. Sassarai
    2009-10-20 00:40
    Whooooo!. Started watching the new FMP and forgot how sad the story was. Hard to watch at times but good stuff though. Currently almost done with ep 4.

    lol We are 2-3 in basketball league play now. Beat an old team easily so I don't know if we should be too happy or not. I lead the game with the most rebounds and steals. Forced a ton of turnovers as well. Now we have playoffs which is win 3 games, you win the championships. If we lose than we play for silver or bronze. The first 5 games really doesn't matter too much it's the last 3 that counts.

    ohh another Starcraft 2 battle report released. Man, these guys are soooooo good at it. Dominated by Koreans! I should get extremely good at it and go to Korea to become the Brad Pitt of SC.
  9. Sassarai
    2009-10-15 19:20
    Sigh, Hopefully FF13 does what FF7 did for RPGS. If FF13 becomes a big hit everywhere maybe it will prove that the rpg genre isn't dead yet.

    I don't really care much for FPS.
  10. Sassarai
    2009-10-14 23:34
    Well if you have time maybe check out Cross Game. I think you might like it since you like Slam Dunk. That's my recommendation at least. I watched 28 episodes of it in 3 days and started reading the manga.

    I still haven't bought a PS3 yet. Lol, the only "system seller" games to me is Suikoden series or FF series so I'm going to wait.

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