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  1. stray
    2022-08-08 14:59
    Tales of Zestiria is... not what I would have recommended, its definitely one of the weakest entries in the franchise though it is intertwined with Berseria considering it takes place 4000 years later in the canon. Edna is Eizen's imouto for example. Abyss, Arise, Hearts R, and Berseria are probably my favorites in the Tales franchise though a lot of entries aren't really playable without an emulator. Abyss was rereleased for 3DS but even 3DS is a deprecated platform now. I'm hopeful they do something with Hearts R (Vita, iOS only in Japan) someday but nothing so far.

    I've been preoccupied with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on Switch this past week or so, and before that I powered through Amatsutsumi which I've been waiting a long while for as well... both dropped on 7/29 so a shipping delay from Nintendo managed to maintain my sanity. I'm like 30-40 hours of what should easily be 100-120 hours so that's going to occupy a good bit of my time going forward.

    I'm embarassed to say I haven't actually watched Harley Quinn yet though I've been trying to get around to it. I sort of expected to like World End Economica but honestly couldn't get into it... I like economics but the author's style just doesn't click for me - we already discussed Spice and Wolf.

    Speaking of yuri(bait) are you watching Lycoris Recoil this season? If not you probably should be.
  2. Kanon
    2022-08-07 06:46
    That sounds fun. The entire show sounds fun, but I have no means of watching it. At least not legally.
  3. Kanon
    2022-08-06 17:02
    Like what, a full blown sex scene?
  4. Nachtwandler
    2022-08-05 23:19
    Yep, working at my new job now. Still staying in Spain (renting a flat with a friend till mid-September). Not sure where to go after as property for rent is sparse here. My family got British residence permit. Hope to get one too. Overwise I may move back to Belgium or Netherlands. Will think about it in two weeks.
  5. Kanon
    2022-08-02 06:51
    I'd rather pay 30€ for a 4 hours (it's actually closer to 6-7) game and love it all the way than 60€ for a 100 hours game I end up getting bored with halfway through.

    Stray is a great experience that's not just about playing a cat. Lots of exploration, puzzle solving, and a great atmosphere. Action, too. It was fulfilling.
  6. Kanon
    2022-08-01 12:08
    No, no yet. I finished watching The Fall (UK) which was a really good show and then Vivy Fluorite Eye's song for anime, which I ended loving a lot more than I thought I would. Also played the video game Stray, good stuff as well.

    Right now I'm watching Love, Death, and Robots. The episodes are a bit too short but there are good ideas out there. Some of them are real eye candies too.

    After that... waiting for The Sandman to come out. I'll either watch some episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine to tide me over or play a short game through PS plus extra (I wasn't planning on upgrading but Stray on its own cost 30€ and the upgrade for almost a full year cost 36€ so... kind of a no brainer).

    Will rewatch Tatami Galaxy sometimes this month too, since the sequel is coming out in September.
  7. Kanon
    2022-07-11 16:58
    Well, that kinda sucks. I guess very few series can remain funny that long.
  8. Kanon
    2022-07-11 12:13
    I seem to recall you being a fan of Brooklyn 99. The final season is hitting Netflix this August here, so I'm thinking about watching the show. Already watched the first three seasons a long time ago but I'd like to know if quality decreased over time or it remained funny the whole way through.
  9. Guardian Enzo
    2022-07-10 20:33
    Guardian Enzo
    “Another”? This is his first, as anime has totally ignored him until now. I don’t think anyone set him up, per se - I just think the production committee didn’t care whether the adaption succeeded or not.

    Ao Ashi continuing and Made in Abyss for sure. I liked the first ep of Call of the Night. Really too early to say about anything else.
  10. Guardian Enzo
    2022-07-10 18:37
    Guardian Enzo
    What a fucklng shame. I feel for Mizukami - anime continues to treat him like its personal snot rag.

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