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  1. Sol Falling
    2008-11-03 06:34
    Sol Falling
    Hm, thanks for the info, I guess. The name I saw more often associated with those series is Key.

    The murder mystery episodes were fun, but a lot of people seemed to think they were weak. I personally enjoyed the bit of HaruKyon development they added, so that was alright. Actually the episodes that I found to drag the most were Mysterique Sign and ep 11. o_O I guess I don't like Yuki or something...?

    As for the movie episode, I suspected that connection. :P I found it a really fresh and exciting way to start off the anime, but it seems it really did turn off quite a few people.

    I don't really find Kyon's lengthy analogies witty. His occasionally extreme hostility towards Haruhi is also irritating. I'm also not really comfortable with the idea that the main reason Haruhi is attracted to him is that he's John Smith. So yeah, I kinda wish he'd man up (stop complaining all the time). He is intelligent, though.

    As for 4chan, :P. I don't know if you can expect any better from someplace like that. If actual physical people talk like that in actual physical anime clubrooms in actual physical company, though, damn. That is really creepy.
  2. Sol Falling
    2008-11-02 23:24
    Sol Falling
    :P So you'd say Fumoffu is the best of the lot? And the manga is still better? Hmm...

    As for Haruhi, I agree that the light novels are better. With the quality of Baka-tsuki's translations, though, I'd mostly say that's only because the details of the narrative are more complete. I'm quite partial to the anime versions of episodes 1, 12, and 9 (well, 9 being anime original, that's a forgone conclusion) in particular. Episode 1 offered some of the best absurd humour I had ever seen (which is the main reason I like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as well), while I was just blown away by the concert in Episode 12. I guess it's really these extensions into other media that I enjoy about the anime version, and I still appreciate the experience it gave me as a gateway into the novels.

    As for the 'moe' talk about Mikuru, I haven't really seen too many examples of that lately. I think anybody who enjoyed Haruhi for its actual story moved on to the light novels, and there Mikuru is so much a non-feature that she isn't really talked about. Yuki fanboyism, on the other hand, is still pretty rampant, though I'm not sure it's so sexualized. Nonetheless, I don't really understand her appeal either.

    What exactly did you find distasteful about Kyon in the anime? I'm not particularly fond of him either, but his character seemed fairly true to the original.
  3. Sol Falling
    2008-11-01 23:42
    Sol Falling
    Well, I got through Nana last week. Or, at least as much as is available currently. Very much a worthwhile series; the current cliffhanger is just insane.

    I'm not quite sure why manga about musical artists is so popular. Maybe it's just easier than anime because the medium doesn't require genuinely good music for those kinds of stories to be believable. Regardless though, I felt the punk/rock culture stuff in Nana was handled much more compellingly than Kare Kano. I appreciate the recommendation.

    As for KyoAni, I see we share the same sentiments. That's reassuring. I've been holding out on picking up Clannad After Story this season, on the account that I found the first season just really artificial and mediocre. It's somewhat confusing for me, though. I wonder if its the studio or the source material: these 'Visual Novel' style eroges are supposed to be based on character drama, relationships, and personalities, right? So in a way similar to shoujo. The movement towards non-sexualized versions of these suggests that there is an audience who considers these stories to have narrative worth. What exactly differentiates my ability to appreciate the drama of Kare Kano or Nana, from my ability to appreciate the drama of Clannad/Kanon/Air/etc.?

    I sorta wonder what girls think of KyoAni's eroge adaptations.
  4. Last Sinner
    2008-10-24 08:04
    Last Sinner
    I thought it was personally, or at least came dangerously close to it. If a guy did that to a woman and she thought it was rape, it would be labelled as rape. The only reason Soichiro didn't get his hide owned was because Yukino didn't consider it to be rape. As you said, she never once said no. But she already knew that she was pregnant. She knew later that night. The fetus spoke to her in that dream sequence. I just found it annoying that it was covered in a thorn-covered dream sequence leading to the moment he was abandoned. That doesn't jusitfy what he did to Yukino one bit. I found it very messed up.
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-10-24 01:34
    Sol Falling
    Hmm, it didn't occur to me to think of that scene as rape. It was certainly an abject failure romantically, but as Yukino pointed out, she never said no. Although Soichirou didn't win any points with me, Yukino's acceptance of him (after chasing him down, after all) was both expected and somewhat necessitated by the plot. On the other hand, if I remember correctly, was that the scene when Yukino was supposed to have gotten pregnant? If that's so, that would be pretty twisted.

    I found and read up to chapter 30 of Karin (Chibi prefer the localized names?). You're right about the cuteness of the art style; aside from Karin, I liked the design of her friend Toki as well. It's strange, really; the art is simple and often disproportionate, and yet I still found it attractive. As for the story content: it's fun, but I'm glad it's not too long. Somehow it feels fairly shallow emotionally, though; perhaps it's the fantasy setting.

    As for Nana, I'm assured it will be worth my time. I'll look into it soon. Perhaps Confidential Confessions will follow.

    Of the other manga you've listed, the only series with which I've any familiarity are Saikano and Chrno Crusade. I vaguely remember the Saikano manga; I read through it some years ago, and was impressed at the time. Not sure what I would think now. The Chrno Crusade anime I remember more distinctly; the ending stands out strongest. In either case, I think I'm satisfied for now.

    As for FMP, I thought its source was in light novels? In all I actually know very little about the series; I merely see it mentioned in discussions on Kyoani. To be honest, the only series I've liked by them was Haruhi; I notice a similar omission of their works on your list. What would you say, then, on either series or the studio?
  6. Sol Falling
    2008-10-18 06:00
    Sol Falling
    Ooh, even higher. So it was a gem I picked out after all.

    :P Actually, I meant to say that I had finished reading Kare Kano; did the whole 21 volumes in some 4-5 days, actually. I probably had just a bit too much free time around then.

    Anyway, on the characters. Yukino is indeed excellent, so I regret that she was moved from the focus in the later volumes. I'll say that I actually found Souichiro's unease with Yukino's expanding world sympathetic, however: his 'emoness' didn't really bother me until he went and stabbed his hand. Despite Souichiro's somewhat exaggerated heritage, though, it was actually the ending which bothered me most; both his and her profession seemed to come completely out of left field, and the development of Asaba towards their daughter was plain unconvincing.

    My favourite couple actually, was probably Maho and Takeshi. Although their development was comparatively short, it was compelling; Although Maho's initial viciousness was a little off-putting, her sustained preference for solitude served as an interesting counterpoint to Yukino. Takeshi's initial identification of himself as an 'incomplete' person was also refreshingly honest, so his later familiarity with Maho belied growth in that regard. :P It was a shame, then, to see that Maho's principle function in the later volumes was to be a Yin & Yang fangirl; and as for Takeshi, he wasn't even get mentioned in the epilogue.

    Anyway, as for what you mentioned in your private message:

    On Chibi Vampire, your description was fairly compelling. It sounds like a fun ride, so I'll look it up when I have time. As for Nana and Confidential Confessions (:P you gotta admit that's a pretty awkward name, though), I saw their names around the time I found Kare Kano. Nana's reputation I'm aware of, so I might pick it up on that basis alone. The complete shadowing of one character by another, however, seems like it might be turn off. I'm a bit of a jaded person, in that I don't believe sympathy is worth anything to the recipient; no matter how sincere Nana might be, their friendship already sounds to me questionable. This view of sympathy applies to how I conduct myself as well, however: bad luck and unfortunate circumstances alone (however terrible) don't really generate any feelings within me. Given that Confidential Confessions in particular seems entirely focused on those kind of stories, it seems like I probably wouldn't get much out of it. On the other hand, you have also emphasized that the stories are exceptionally well put-together; given the concern I outlined, would you still recommend it?
  7. Sol Falling
    2008-10-16 22:15
    Sol Falling
    I had seen the name once or twice in passing, but that was the extent of my familiarity with Kashimashi. I'm not much a fan of the romance genre either, but having been given such a strong recommendation, I'll make sure to check it out.

    On the topic of romance. Not too long ago I picked up Kare Kano, to get a taste of the shoujo genre. It was actually the lack of harem/love triangle elements which compelled me to start browsing. Upon recieving this message, I thought to recommend it to you; turns out that you've read it already. :P Number 8, huh? That's not too bad.

    You've spoken on your favourite anime list to an extent; however, it seems like you've sampled quite a few manga as well. I notice the top two are also shoujo titles. Any thoughts?
  8. Narona
    2008-10-05 01:02
    Warm clothes aren't so bad. ^^

    I didn't say they were bad XD

    But yeah, I know what you mean. I always like summer the most so the return of spring over here has been most welcome for me. We don't get the magical version of autumn that Europe does. I always wonder what it would be like to see that mix of red, yellow and orange. But our native plants and the tree ones we line streets with either stay green or go brown.

    Search on the web, I guess you can find some photos ^^

    It snows a bit in some sections of the eastern states, where there's mountains. But in South Australia, it doesn't snow at all. So our Christmas is right in the peak of summer. Paris in snow - intriguing. South Australia is about two types of landscape, really - beaches and the hills. We've got a lot of wine country and German-like towns once you're half an hour out of Adelaide (the state captial).

    Thanks for the infos about australia . Well, Paris in snow was not what I meant. In december paris is beautiful because of the Christmas Decorations/Ornaments. The Tour Eiffel and the Champs Elysées in december are beautiful for instance. I love to do shopping with my sisters, parents or friends in december. That's a really special moment.

    Yeah, Sunrise really made it hard for Tanaguchi, didn't they? They made the guy rewrite R2 just before it was supposed to air, he was beginning to fall behind and was coming close to calling it quits. Still, the fact he managed to pull this off is impressive. From what I gather, I don't think there was an R2 originally planned.

    We should know the truth soon. Some interviews will show up, + the infos from the dvds releases.

    Having everything resolved is more of a Western thing, I guess. The Japanese don't seem to mind open-endedness as much. I thought there was a fair bit of resolution, myself. But yes, the speculation on Lelouch and C.C. will be endless. I agree that some of the secondary characters may have been underused, but in the end, this is a series with Lelouch, Suzaku and C.C. as the main characters. Plus I like to think that if a series makes one feel so much along the way and still thinking about it as much as we do after it's done, then it was worth watching and one for the ages.

    Guess it's true, but CG still feel unfinished to me.

    I feel fairly certain you won't regret trying it. This is one of very few series I've found people with a variety of tastes to have all liked. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Thanks for the infos about Mushi-shi, I will give a try someday ^^

    Hope the weather isn't as harsh for you today. ^^

    No the weather is not ok at all XD. But don't worry about that XD
  9. bladeofdarkness
    2008-10-04 13:03
    its ok
    your on my friend list from what i see
    and its nice to have you as a friend
    BUT NOW... I MUST GO (to sleep,got work tomorrow)
    good night
  10. bladeofdarkness
    2008-10-04 12:57
    Dandylion just got banned
    looks like someone was paying attention

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