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  1. Haak
    2012-10-30 14:24
    Thanks for the info. I kinda knew a little bit about the budget issues (which definitely showed in the last episode) and his depression (which might explain why the ending of the TV series seems so much like some group therapy with the cheesy congratulations at the end) but not in detail. I suppose that's the quirk of going into an incredibly famous series decades old. There's a lot to learn not just about the story itself but the background and the even the fandom, before you truly feel up to date.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-10-30 12:26
    lol hi.

    I was hoping it'd intrest Triple, though it seems we were not the only ones that got it.

    Only halfway through at this point, but it seems like the last part will be crazy.

    And glad you're done with ISML. F it.
  3. Triple_R
    2012-10-30 08:21
    Yeah, I think you have a pretty good handle on how popularity works in ISML, and moe competitions in general.

    You're certainly right that not every voter is "easily panderable", but enough are that it's not too hard for anime to make a character that's inoffensive to most moe competition voters.

    No, I'm not offended by what you wrote in the latest PM to myself and some other people - In fact, I think you for the pics!

    It was a nice and lengthy PM, though, so I'll be taking my time replying to it.

    Glad to hear about how older series are working well for you.

    I don't particularly like Kanade, and I can see why you and Kona (and some others) wouldn't like her, but there are elements of her I do like (I think she has some nice powers, I think she has good visual appeal, I think she was voice-acted well). I'll admit her personality is pretty thin, though...
  4. Triple_R
    2012-10-30 07:47
    And who votes in moe competitions if not "the most sensitive and panderable otaku"?

    I'm not saying she's inoffensive on a global scale. I'm saying she's inoffensive to the vast majority of people voting in ISML. If she wasn't inoffensive, she would have faced a backlash for her degree of domination, but she clearly hasn't faced any significant backlash.
  5. Rajura
    2012-10-29 18:10
    Always man!

    'ppreciate it!
  6. Akito Kinomoto
    2012-10-03 06:24
    Akito Kinomoto
    I know you've stopped following the WWE (last I checked) so I figured that since you can now be on the outside looking in, I'll ask:
    What be your opinion on John Cena? *hides*
  7. Westlo
    2012-09-24 02:55
    While a very different game compared to last years stand out prelim, it was also a fantastic game in its own right. I think a lot of people didn't rate Adelaide, and I understood why, but after that game I think they gained a lot of respect. Was a fantastic year after what happened prior, not to mention losing Davies and Gunston as well as Bock a year before that.

    How does the draw shape up for next year? Have to play the other finalists twice or something as well as your "big" games like Port? North is going to get hurt a lot more by that than your club, that has been made clear.
  8. Quadratic
    2012-09-17 01:49
    Thanks for the message. I thought I came off ruder than expected, though .

    I think if there's one thing about I definitely noticed in this show is the conflicting presentation of what I think I'm seeing and the author's intentions, hence the confusion and ruckus I've caused.
    Unfortunately, most discussion is probably in the novel threads, though I have no intention of spoiling myself any time soon (well, more than what's been spoiled in the anime threads, haha).

    Thanks again.
  9. Westlo
    2012-09-14 04:44
    Been busy, sorry for the late reply.

    As for Essendon... well that was such a disappointment... I'm hoping the failure of this season pays dividends soon... it's been a long time since 2000... if you had told me back than that Essendon wouldn't have another flag in the next 12 years I would've laughed you out of the joint... especially after that Essendon Vs North Melbourne game where North were in front by 60 odd points deep into the second quarter and Essendon powered home to win by 18 or so..... and the failure of 99 just becomes worse with what happened. The Essendon team of 99-01 is up there with the best.. but because it only got 1 out of 3 it will never be held in that regard.

    They seriously need a shake up for next season, I hope they realize that they need to pay overs to get someone like Goddard, that addition alone as well as Zaharakis being in the middle means Stanton doesn't get tagged, Stanton is excellent when not tagged...

    Anyway tough game for the Crows, I said to my dad who goes for Geelong that they were going to be much harder the next week since they were clearly effected by nerves, but than Fremantle just went through them like a hot knife through butter. I still think the crows have this game....

    Hate what happened to Brett Ratten.... I hope he goes to GWS and takes up the position under Sheedy.. he'll win a flag before Carlton does that way.
  10. Kafriel
    2012-09-05 03:12
    Didn't find you in EUne, I assume we're on different servers.

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