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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-05-09 19:52
    Hah, that would be cool to see but with everything else I wonder if we'd have time for that for next season. Ah, you're talking about the mental damage affecting her rather then the physical, I suppose it could, they do seem to have some ability to manipulate their aura even unconsciously going by Jaune but I doubt she'll be heading into combat until she gets her head on straight anyway. It'd be cool if that was the case, Blake could be another example given her melding of various dust types but it would likely be a case by case example depending on each users semblance I'd imagine. Definitely hope that is the case with Volume 4. And it'll be nice to hopefully learn more about him and robotics in general.

    Err, Rwby and JNR specifically were heading to Haven/Mistral according to Qrow's advice whose also tagging along it seems. Speaking of destinations RWBY Chibi is coming out for the open public this week!

    While not always true, being the central character and semi-titular character tends to mark them out and I thought that was only reinforced upon seeing the special exemption of letting her come to Beacon early and interest Ozpin had for Ruby alongside the more 'honest soul' narration in episode 1. I wasn't saying be right there, just be in position to get their early, and your car would have provided adequate shelter probably. But I'm glad to know you won't be dealing with that issue if you decide to go, just be prepared to go really early if you do based on how packed you're saying it might be. It really depends on the productions but most often times I find it worthwhile and you meet some interesting people while hunkered down in a blanket waiting on line

    Whelp, the new chapter of AoT is out and yeah... it played no games on the Beast Titan side of things There was a slight glimmer of hope though for Eren and co. on the other side though at least. Let me know your thoughts.

    Well, that bad taste of DC aside I'm hearing good things about Civil War as expected, can't wait to check it out for myself soon It was kind of weird hearing him with it, impressive but weird, I do hope it gets closer/deeper to how he usually talks once he gets closer to being Sorcerer Supreme in order to add gravitas. It seems that they're on the right track, but were there other villains besides them that could fit in this movie (sorry, only familiar with the basics of Dr. Strange after watching his animated movie). Well I recently saw a Warcraft commercial on TV so it SEEMS to have all its bases covered, but yeah once again I expect they'll ramp things up once we get near June. Yup, and that's why I'm going to re-watch Zoids and Outlaw Star again in the near future, I'm actually watching the FOX version of Totoro right now after finally tracking it down Hmm, didn't know it was that bad, I only glanced through wikipedia to find out what happened with 5D's, ah well doesn't matter, the subs still work and it's at 5D's where I'll end my Yugioh experience, though I was REALLY peeved we didn't get anything conclusive with Yusei and Aki at the end <_< Ah, well maybe SOMEONE will redub it at some point to just finish the dang series, but moving on. True, all we can do is wait and see, so once again moving on.

    Gameplay/combat technically SHOULD be what Demo's focus on, if they do release another one. I still can't see them completely bypassing events in Insomnia even if it's only a few flashback cutscenes or something given once again how some people won't have watched Kingsglaive when they play. Wait, the cutscenes are all from the in-game engine, that's pretty impressive for XV, but I'm not really worried about the differences between it and the movie, it's about having just enough of necessary context from the game itself while Kingsglaive greatly expands on the actual events being glossed over. Suppose that's possible, though I do point out that Luna would have needed to get word to them during/soon after the events in order to set them on their journey. I honestly feel given the presence of Imperial soldiers pointing guns at her that Luna attempted to do her visit to Insomnia in secret, based on the trailer Regis also seemed to have known what was coming and I question if he would have allowed Luna to come under those circumstance. Agreed, but people can often make weird decisions when they get caught up in the glitz and glam of celebrity names being involved. From the recent demo, I don't expect they'd cut that content out from the actual game or are we switching between boy Noct and his father you think? I think so too, and I think the Gunblade fits better as a weapon for Noctis' overall quick combat style, plus NA is Square's biggest market next to Japan, I don't THINK they'd stiff us with a less epic FF weapon. Also, I found this annoying but the sixth/extra episode of Brotherhood is exclusive to the XV Ultimate Edition package, hopefully someone uploads it online regardless.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-05-07 22:03
    I bet they probably did everything in parallel while the script was being written given how far in advance this movie would have been planned for, by the time they took a look at the actual script everything was ready and it was too late to rewrite it so they heavily edited it instead. Eh, have to deal with an egg every now and then, will be passing and waiting for the next entry instead. I've got no discipline for diets unfortunately, though I am going to try and cut back on unhealthy intakes and make more time for the gym as well. Cool, let me know what your thoughts are when you do Me, I fall under peer pressure so I have lots of water on hand instead Please do, it's pretty fun experience if you get to know it and buffers up your street cred during formal dinners to have some idea about what wines to pair with your meals

    I agree it's a bit disconcerting but overaul they seem to be doing an okay job with RE:0096. Well regardless do let me know what you thought, especially as we're wrapping up Thunderbolt fairly soon it seems.

    Uggh, the power of brand names used for evil, but let's move on from the disaster that was SEED in any event <_< He made a surprisingly good final boss though. Yup, definetely a warning to all purple haired characters to stay away from cool blond guys with masks, not that it will do the real Garma any good when Origin 3 releases I can understand the disappointment but at the same time I ultimately agree with the decision not to axe any of them just yet since it feels like there's still room for development and growth for a lot of the Tekkadan/Teiwaz pilots. I think I disagree, they did extreme things but I felt they managed to restrain/pull back from the abyss when they finally could going off Orga's orders for everyone to come back alive, and Mika ultimately not fighting for revenge but to protect the future of those he cares about. But yeah, things be coming to a head quite nicely for the second season, can't wait to see how it all plays out and whether the major players like Fareed and Nobliss etc. get their comeuppance or not. Well Mika's definitely NOT that given all the damage he took piloting Barbatos, which I think was also an adequate cost for the Tekkadan side btw in liu of no pilot deaths.

    Well regardless it won't be something I do for awhile yet. Oh c'mon, you got to have some fun with different interpretations of a character . Oh speaking of I think we've pegged the source material for that Orphans model.

    Well as of the last chapter you might be right about the impression Soma left given the pause from Eishi before serving his own dish, which was gorgeous to behold btw, so now all that's left is to see the result though I'm now giving a small chance that it might be a tie just cause Hisako might try to prevent Soma's forced enlistment. Oh, and Erina's still being tsundere stubborn about Soma

    Cool, let me know what you think when you do. Eh, the factors change depending on each circumstance, but I generally think fear of the unknown is always a primary motivation for any inaction. That's generally what I recall about her as well, but again I'll do more research on a later date, moving on. Well when cancelations have happened usually whole companies or divisions have gone under, though I have seen one or two series get prematurely cut off, don't think that's a worry with Dungeons though so best just worry about the publisher's overrall success instead. As far as I know yes but Yona's anime fell into the habit of a lot of adaptations by putting out hints/spoilerish material from later in the manga. so fair warining. Chalking it up to it just being Studio Perriot, but yeah just stick to the Twin Stars manga, wanna put this disaster behind me <_< The translations are at a good lull with a lot of available material to read as is that I think it'd be a good idea to do it now Dann, sides that's a risk with every action series, Altair is good in that it's chapters are long enough to cover the major points of a battle in the same number of chapters as other series unlike say Gunka which likes to stretch things out for drama it seems. Almost all the series I've recommended to you thus fit under that category I think, so please do check Altair and the others out soon so we can discuss I'm sure Magus will turn out well but ultimately we'll just have to wait and see about the format, moving on.

    I definitely think there's enough differences with these zombies/infected that you'll find them as engaging as the setting, please do check it out Dann. Eh, I WANTED to take Frontier seriously but I've learned my lesson, so just have fun with Delta and you should be fine.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-05-05 01:27
    I can understand that frustration, though in the end you just got to remember it's all in your head and the game isn't going anywhere if you decide to move on, if it's not enjoyable anymore it probably isn't worth continuing to play at that time. Well the drawback is you usually pay the same price for shorter games as you would the longer ones <_<

    I'm actually having second thoughts about Kaden and Felicia, they bonded over a random cat in their romance which feels extremely weak, think I'm going to put her and Jakob in my Revelations playthrough after all and move Kaden on to Setsuna.... I'm also wondering if I should pair Arthur and Azura together in Conquest now, he actually has a big backstory with her.

    Huh, wasn't aware you had even started the Bravely series, personally think it's a nice RPG but not as dynamic/varied as FE but whatever you want to prioritize. Well yeah, that's a given, I don't even want to know what your schedule will look like once P5 comes out though, kind of why I thought you'd be grinding FE first EDIT: Speaking of P5 the release trailer date came out; best clear your schedule a bit more then you originally thought I'll keep those DLC's in mind, sound handy and let me know what combo's you think ultimately work best. And all those choices only get hampered even more by the amount of characters that already have those classes you're tempted to try out, so personally I'll experiment here or there but keep it simple for the most part

    Better to be safe then sorry and get ready to back up your work soon. Hah! Same here, don't need a big one now but whenever I get my desktop and get to finally function at full capacity I expect I'll start pushing my storage a bit more. Huh, never knew password storage programs existed, will have to look it up, let me how it works out if you do try it. Good to hear, hope things have settled down now in general for you.

    So based on your edit we basically just have to wait and see, and dang it regarding the new Zelda title, I'm royally peeved this is taking so long. I'll check out some videos and determine myself about Starfox soon enough. Well, I only know that info about those intentions regarding the Xbox from what I saw on Lore in One Minute so they likely glossed over some things You never know if they might change their minds in a couple of years provided there's still an interest and demand, I've seen crazier things happen Well I don't care how they do it so long as they give LO its just do and brings it to the next generation. Hmm, suppose you're right, might also open an opportunity for the Vita until they do as well.

    True, best see how the chips fall before getting too far ahead of ourselves regarding the future of FF. Again, true, best to just wait and see. Fine as in fine how though, there was still a bunch of emotional closure that could have still been addressed until AC for VII and now to a lesser extent VIII and IX. Guess I should be thankful for some small mercies

    About the only major new titles coming out in May that I'm interested in (since Overwatch has no story mode) is Uncharted, Homefront, and Total War: Warhammer and only the last one should take up any major amount of time, though I hope the Valkyria Chronicles remastered release means they're FINALLY going to bring Unrecorded chronicles over to the states <_< Blizzard? Sometimes they do (like last year with the Legion expansion) but usually they save their major announcements for Blizzcon.

    No rush on that since BS 3 won't be out for another few years, plus the guides for BS 2 still haven't fully completed yet, and BS 1 is definitely worth checking out since all the stories in the game are seamlessly linked. Oh, you definitely need to check it out, it's gorgeous to behold, haven't been this excited since Homeworld Remastered Speaking of Games Workshop stuff becoming video games Dawn of War III got announced finally, and I just learned about Space Hulk Deathwing. It's good to be a Warhammer fan
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-24 15:48
    Hopefully that includes some action scene from him as well Other then the obvious impediment of no longer being hit something with her right arm I don't see why it should. I think people's patience might be stretched too thin if they have to wait ANOTHER season to see Raven after being teased in Volume 2. And I hope they do, there's so much more light about our villains that need to be shed after all. I look forward to seeing said new locations as well. Not only them but others as well, like Penny's father since Weiss can be our eyes and ears in Atlas.

    I think she was primarily motivated by jealousy over Cinder having him around long-term, since she didn't seem to have a problem hiring his dad initially. Indeed. You're probably right, especially for this season where we'll likely meet many new characters on the Teams various travels as well.

    But my point is most people immediately latched on to Ruby as a candidate primarily because it seemed she was being singled out as someone very special. Ah, glad to hear that's solved, best be prepared to go super early and camp out on line if need be though, you should probably think about picking up souvenirs if that's the only booth you're headed to in order to make the trip worthwhile. Keep me posted on what you decide. Depends on the production (and the guest actors) along with the time of the year, some shows are more popular then others so it isn't always necessary but if I want to absolutely guarantee a ticket (short of Al Pacino starring) then cold cobblestone pavement I'll be sleeping on. The price you pay for free stuff I guess, good thing there's mosquito repellent

    Eh, you can't really make a plan around such a random variable as the serum is right now, so this was the most logical decision, if cold blooded. True, though I was expecting Erwin not to make it it still makes his send off more meaningful. At the very least we can hopefully carry on and see what's down there in his stead.

    True, I'm not as anxious given the concept about SS as I was BvS anyway. And that's why Marvel's still the safest bet, especially with Benedict Cumberbatch as the star Indeed, Dr. Strange is a fascinating new direction that could take us into all sorts of places, so here's hoping they capitalize on that. Something to keep in mind, moving on. Eh, L&O's brand reached an absurd high that'll take a while longer to reach its low, but let's not worry ourselves about its eventual fall, so moving on. I thought Warcraft's marketing was okay, I saw the typical ads on the subways sometimes and youtube went on a blitz with commercials about it whenever a trailer comes out, seems to have died down for now but I expect attention to pick back up as we get closer to the official release. Admittedly those early dubs had some cheesy lines, but as before I prefer real cheesy excitement compared to unenthusiastic restraint in line delivery Yup, they cut off the concluding Arc to debut Zexal faster the idiots, and I personally kept going with 5D's after the first major arc ended to see more YuseixAki. One of them will break rank sooner or later I imagine, you can't stop progress in the end, you can only delay it, just have to be patient in any event.

    Huh, have to look those up some time. It'll be nice if they do but not a big deal if it doesn't what with the official release coming up. Indeed, and hopefully we'll learn more about what happened with him in the next episode. But as I referred to before not everyone will see Kingsglaive, so some scenes and the like have to be shown to give an idea to the audience what is going on, plus I could have sword I saw Noctis and co in the trailers look up as the airships passed by them and headed toward the capital. As for Luna maybe she arrived secretly, or was going to meet up with Noctis officially after the 'negotiations' were over. Eh, I chalk that up along with the Kingsglaive VA's as part of the their English marketing strategy, especially as this is supposed to be a global release after all. That'd certainly be cool if true but wouldn't that conflict with the tutorial section of child Noctis trying out his powers? Hell yeah, I'd look forward to it, especially given how Squall's Gunblade is the most notorious after Cloud's Buster Sword in the franchise.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, you ever get a chance to try the new OS out let me know your thoughts. I think I've seen them appear a couple of times there, but as you say there's always Gamestop as well if that doesn't pan out.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-22 22:37
    Always happy to help. Sunk cost fallacy, they realized too late it was unmanageable and had no time/resources to start from scratch so they just pushed forward regardless. That is a shame, TT vs. JL was pretty good and I was hoping DC Animated would continue that trend. Cool, let me know your impressions when you get a chance to explore I've never cared much for beer period, but those aren't the point of social events anyway Hah! Anytime there's a free wine tasting or a vineyard tour I get pulled along more often then not by my sister, though it's not a bad hobby/experience, given wine's diversity you're bound to find a vintage/type that you like

    They new intro and outro music is starting to grow on me actually, can't wait to rewatch Full Frontal's entry. Oh, Thunderbolt episode 3 came out, good stuff all around and the pacing while not as detailed as the manga is actually melding fairly well, with a nice teaser for the final conclusion soon.

    Bah, I'll stick to the U.S fans complaints/grumblings about the entire Seed franchise to the end <_< So we wait and see until anything new comes up on an Orphan spin-off then, moving on. Understandable, I'll look to hearing your thoughts on the finale then and where you think Orphans might go from here

    I'll keep it in the back of my mind in case I ever want to decorate when I fully own my own place in any event. I've always liked them, not like western heroes' costumes weren't always eccentric, this just takes it in a different direction Keep me posted.

    I don't think that's Azami's actual plan, it really isn't feasible as you say since lower restaurants serve a specific niche, my thinking is that he's looking to set a food trend/standard that other restaurants have to adapt to or become obsolete and run out of business on their own, ala Eizan's involvement in the Kaarage Arc. Doesn't seem feasible Soma could reform anything since Eishi is reducing him to being merely his sous-chef. I kind of hope that happens cause it'd be an interesting twist to have Soma be the 'villain' for awhile and force someone like Erina to step up as the protagonist to face/rescue him. Still, as of the last chapter at least Soma looks like he'll go down swinging. Too bad no release next week though. Hopefully we should have a LOT to talk about in the next segment of this post though.

    I've had no complaints about the Dungeon manga in that respect. Bah, more budgeting/bureaucracy/fear of risk on studios' parts probably, they'll likely dust off the moth balls for sequel seasons only if they get desperate or something I should look at Hestia's wikia page to be sure, but if they really go down her romantic route I do hope they flesh her out a bit more at some point. Yup, and with that let's move on from Dungeon. Shield seemed to sell well, at least based on what I've experienced in one store anyway, so I think it'll be fine as long as the company publishing it sticks around. Definitely recommend you check out Yona at some point, it's part of my top 4 fantasy historical romance series along with Soredemo, Akagami, and Ookami-heika, though it's a long commitment given the number of chapters. Yeah, seriously just stick to the Twin Stars manga, they've added a filler episode despite only having 12 for this season AND some weird mascot character that's not even in the manga Actually, hold off on all the series I've recommended so far, THIS is the one you need to read ASAP, Altair is a alternate history fantasy story with politics and intrigue that probably surpasses Arslan and I was so hooked I caught up within a day, this is a series to drop everything else for Dann. It feels like it right, but they've only got 3 OVAs to work with, so I wonder how far they can go with that.

    And I really safely vouch for that and more, the visual effects are some of the superb I've seen so far. Well, that works for me as I'm in no rush to dive in to it just yet. I think it will be, along with being a nice change of pace, plus I've recently caught up with Macross Delta, it's actually a pretty fun watch so long as you're not taking it too seriously.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-19 21:25
    Until winter then.

    That's a privilege you need to enjoy when it comes to owning your games after all True, though I'm not going to look for anything too fancy, just the info regarding what'll unlock the full/as much of the story experience as possible at that time. Same, best to have just a few choice titles to help us unwind whenever necessary instead That's what I'm counting on.

    Might be awhile before we get all the alternatives so tepidly it'll be on Jakob, though a part of me is still reserving her as my backup for Corrin as well, but we'll see. Arrgh, I can't, not with the uneven balance of males to females, especially among the children, as is (I'm SEVERELY tempted to with Conquest though given I'm not a big fan of Leo's son Forrest ).

    As I said take notes on what you think works best, what guides proved the most helpful, since you'll likely finish before I even start, or at least get through a good chunk. Same with which DLC you think might be most worthwhile to get, appreciate any help you can give. Gah, I hated that, not that I dislike the option but when it feels like the game compels you to do a lot of class switching, I was always one of those guys who preferred for the game to designate the jobs/classes of my party members for me beforehand <_<

    Happened in the last year and a half before it finally shut down, in its last few months it would even repeatedly shut down/crash on its own and I had to reboot constantly. The laptops been, better though still not as good as it once was, I kind of left the data cleaning for awhile truth be told, and I'm still afraid to do anything of the sort on my main browser for fear of losing things like passwords and the like which are a pain to retype all the time >_> Hah, I know that feeling having constructed the shelves and chairs my sister uses now (thank god for Ikea ) but you should free up some time to relax once the pieces have all been finished.

    Exactly, just meat and potatoes with access to titles and genres everyone would be interested in, not just your own exclusives. Most likely and so far the only thing I can look forward to from them in the here and now is Starfox this month. I won't get too worked up whether it happens right away or not, don't watch much if any Blue-ray stuff as is. I'm not surprised, though I thought Microsoft's whole thing with the Xbox was trying to make it as customizable as a PC? And why I wish LO's rights were bought for Sony since they WOULD make a remastered version without a second thought given all the recent re-releases I see for the PS4 nowadays. Hah, told you LO was popular (need to check out Blue Dragon one of these days) but yeah, not going to hold my breath on them coming over too soon given all those issues you've mentioned previously. Continue to support which one? The 3DS? They've basically got the market it feels like when it comes to handheld titles at least.

    And it'll be especially more poignant given how much more graphic it'll look when the Plate falls down in rendered form. You never know, VIIR might be the start of a trend, I can still HOPE right? Gah, don't make me more paranoid/frustrated now since we didn't see it in the end for VIII, reminds me of when I was spitting nails after seeing the epilogue for VII the first time and we never got any closure on what happened with the gang until Advent Children

    Might need to wait until next year though since nothing coming up sounds too big/game changing right now Guess we'll put our Division discussion on hold until something significant does happen. Suppose they wouldn't want to leave fans dangling for new SCII content until next year, though I'm still really curious as to what's next after Nova.

    Yeah, I'll give it a look through, lot of things sneaking up on me. So far the only things catching my eye for April was that, Bravely Second, the Banner Saga 2 (about time a sequel came out), Battlefleet Gothic, and Starfox as I said before.

    Edit: Gonna hold off on a new response until Thursday when Shokugeki spoilers are out
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-15 20:20
    No prob, I get that you're still getting used to everything and all. Whenever you get to it I'll be here

    Ah, I remember that discussion, I'll keep it in mind but will it still be available come winter time if it's a limited reprint?
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-09 23:17
    It'd be pretty cool if Tai actually could train Yang to fight with only one arm for awhile, I want her to get a cybernetic one eventually but it'd be interesting to see what kind of combat scene the RT team could make under those circumstances I think so as well but after getting barely any mention last season and all the stuff they need to get to next season I'm gonna keep my expectations in check regarding Raven. I'm hoping they reserve about an episode's worth for the villains development like in V3, given all the questions regarding them as well as our heroes. Yeah, though that might be difficult with Ozpin missing, maybe Haven's headmaster can help with the exposition, Qrow as well since he'll be around.

    Well, we'll all find out at some point in any event I'm just saying she's rather devoted and I don't see just food or shelter being the main motivators for that, I see a sense of purpose. And I think that'd be stupid of Adam not to have any reservations regarding how/why they can, like he had previously about their motivations. So, pretty much wait and see, as always Yeah, I hope a lot of the side characters aren't pushed to the side and get more exploration overtime. Which is why I very much hope this was all planned regarding Adam, but we'll have to wait for more info in the next volumes.

    Well as I said, most people were expecting something special regarding Ruby, I think it goes back to the opening narration regarding a more honest soul, and why so many speculated/were expecting something mystical from her like being one of the maidens herself. It'll be a sad meeting if it happens And they'll be better teammates for her than Ciel Err.... if it's only about being there on time there's always driving there and finding a nearby parking spot the night before and sleeping in your car until morning, it's a more extreme version of what I do while waiting for Shakespeare in the Park tickets

    We'll have to wait until next month to find out if such a tactic would work I guess, given the focus of this latest chapter on the Beast Titan, I expected Erwin wasn't going to make it but this is even sadder than I had imagined. I also hope a certain new recruit with a bowl haircut makes it at least

    It's what I keep telling myself. Ah, forgot those were so close to release, though I'm feeling Civil War and BvS vibes all over again where I have faith in the former while not knowing what to expect from the latter <_< And if you don't find time this year there's always the option of waiting until Season 3 of DD comes out The power of a brand name used for the wrong things >_> Well, I like the insertion of the wild card in Durotan, breaks up some of the predictability and stereotypes of Orcs vs Humans. Nostalgia also probably plays a factor in creating a bias I wager, but I always appreciated those dubs' sometimes over the top earnestness as more honest/authentic than recent re-releases Wish they'd finished 5D's instead Eh, that still depends on technology advancing to make it easier to produce and allow production to overlap demand, the market prices should reflect accordingly if that happens.

    I was thinking Poker or Gin rummy or Uno actually, what older FF card games are you referring to? That's too bad, but at least it's something and gives you a rough idea of what to expect at least. I enjoyed episode 1, though nothing much was revealed, mostly just setup right now. Let me know what you thought when you do I'd be REALLY disappointed if there wasn't some skirmishing on Noct and co's part during the invasion before fleeing, I can't imagine them just quietly standing by if they witnessed it first hand and there have to be SOME scenes in order to fill in the blanks for those who don't watch Kingsglaive. That'll depend on how well it sells the movie I guess. What do you mean by not coming up with the song? Is there some story behind how they got/selected it as XV's theme? Appreciate it, I got excited seeing that katana move by the captain of the guard in the trailer when he's in Noct's party so I look forward to seeing you wield it in action yourself That'd be neat, wouldn't mind the Gunblade personally given we'll all see the Buster Sword again anyway Hopefully Bioware gives us something more recent soon. Can't wait for Oswald's trailer, and I've definitely liked what I've seen, if you pick it up let me know your thoughts I'll probably pick up a hard copy on a magazine rack in B&N, thanks for the heads up.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-09 01:56
    Just try to keep in touch while getting to know new people, and worst case scenario I'll still be around to listen Pfft, doubt that'll do much but I'll keep it in mind if it turns out to be true. Same, was such a shame for Ben, glad both he and DD were redeemed. Hah! Well, at least the animated DC movies are still promising, need to watch JL vs Teen Titans actually. I'm not saying go wild but if you're in a new location you might as well take advantage of it, I'm sure there are guides online for the best BBQ areas or Austin attractions. I don't drink much either but it wouldn't hurt to take a night off to experiment with the local flavors, maybe use it as a way to get to know you co-workers, it's how I ended up going to most bars/clubs actually. My sister's also a wine fan so I've been through a couple of vineyards/wine tastings, even picked up a few bottles, mostly dessert wines

    Probably, as well as to give more insight into Banagher. Wish they'd kept/adapted those ending songs from the OVA's as well, though it was interesting to see an animated intro and ending to begin with.

    Was going to mention being a sequel but was never clear on how popular SEED was. Same here, gundam wikia came up empty when I searched, but hopefully they'll reveal its source soon. Please do so, would love to get your thoughts and it's worth watching

    Yeah, but if I ever went through the effort I'll want the really cool and probably really expensive models Color me surprised as well whenever I see western animated characters like from DC or Marvel made into Kai models as well, it's really impressive some of the renditions/adaptations they've done to their appearances. Err, you'll have to see the ending for yourself but I will say they could have ended it there, even though there is still plenty left to explore in the Post Disaster universe.

    I figured those two would have a meeting/moment with one another given Eishi is the big white whale as the first seat. And as of the latest chapter the interlude is over and the situation is moving at full throttle I can already foresee the incoming result but I have no idea what happens after in terms of dealing with the consequence, good on the author for keeping me us on our toes. I think so as well. Yeah, they did seem to have a flashback moment to Subaru's intro in the trailer (with Ryo inserted there as well interestingly) so it'll be interesting how they elaborate on that. Btw the OVA for the missing side chapter story is out (with some interesting adaptation additions it looks like), let's just say summer is here

    Eh, I thought it was a nice change of pace to more leisurely absorb its content when I read through it. Yeah, I've been disappointed that there's been no follow-up season for a lot of these adaptations myself despite some of them being well-received. Same here, and when there's no alternative I often have to resort to forums or wikias to make sense of the LN's I do read now, Mahouka and Madan being a few examples. Yeah, that attitude just gets tiring after awhile, maybe if I saw/read more of Hestia's backstory I'd be able to deal with it better. I always enjoy seeing creative application of a heroes power in these circumstances, keeps you on your toes on what to expect. Well, volume 3 is out right now, I'd say probably close to volume 6 we'd be caught up, at least based on what the scanlators have released anyway. I also heard they did Akatsuki no Yona which was well received, as of the first episode of Twin Stars the animation is actually solid but the pacing feels off and I'm worried that'll get worst since I heard they're going to add filler material/original elements as well so definitely focus on the manga Tell me especially when you start reading Kono Oto, they actually have some videos of the music being played in the manga you can listen to that I can forward. Heh, it's more recent with me, only started to read it after seeing it on the shelves but man am I loving it, and I'm glad it's Celtic mythology, it's something new to learn about. Yup, here's a link, it's pretty beautiful

    I'll keep that in mind. I can and will safety say after the first episode that Kabaneri the Iron Fortress (its english name) is on its way to being one of my all time favorites, there's a lot of similarity to AoT but also very distinct differences befitting an original series and I recommend it as a must watch for this season Dann Right now I'm looking for stuff that's new to break the monotony, I'll probably give Hero Acadamia a try once its further along (haven't read the manga yet) but I think along with Kabaneri I'll be looking at Netoge no Yome for a nice, lighthearted romcom to relax with after some of these heavier/intense series.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-08 21:05
    Well, my gamestop store only had one 3DS in stock so you might be right on the version, in which case I'll stick to my original plan of waiting till winter.

    Nah, I get it, we've all got these quirks regarding games and life in general, some people like a challenge, others just don't want to admit they can't handle what's considered 'normal difficulty' even while having no interest in nightmare etc. Just play the game and do what feels right for you ultimately. Well hopefully for me it won't be that long to have said resources by the time I play at the end of this year, or any of the PC games I hope to get once my new desktop comes in Don't sweat it, games are supposed to be played at one's leisure. Eh, Fates will be the first real game I'll have had a chance to play in a while, and possibly for a while longer yet, so I'm gonna try to milk what I can out of the experience.

    Picking off from our pairings discussion on the PMs now that we have some room I will say great minds think alike regarding Corrin's older sisters for Birthright and Conquest. For the maid I'm thinking of going the classic pairing of her and our butler Jakob, at least for my first Birthright playthrough anyway. And that just leaves Azura... who I'm probably going to have to pair with Leo and Takumi respectively, though I hate doing that to them knowing she won't make it through those routes And thanks, keep me posted on what you find as you play through the game.

    Cool cool, I'll need to look at proper guides to be ready to take advantage of that then. Also good to know, I'll likely be focusing a lot of attention on those given all my pairing plans. Thanks in advance for what you send over in the future and thanks for this link for right now

    Hah! I almost always had heart attacks listening to the groans on mine, or dealing with frequent lag/freeze ups <_< I even had to do a clean out just yesterday of misceleanous data from my labtop to get any responsiveness from the internet Yeah, money and time are what most things come down to these days. Thanks, same to you.

    Surviving is not the same as prospering though, Nintendo's history won't provide the road map that allows them to contribute to gaming with box office titles or innovative new systems in the future, thus slowly pushing them further into irrelevance. And time really isn't on their side, they really haven't done anything since they first introduced motion/action controls in the Wii and DS. Blueray VR head sets might be interesting, hopefully it all works out for them in any event. That has seemed like a problem with other dual versions of games for the next and last gen consoles as well. I really do think LO getting a remastered version might be the way to go if they really want to bring it over to the Xbox One after all now. I wish Nintendo the best on securing those titles then, like I said before I'd want them if for nothing else to push more hand held releases now that I've settled on the 3DS

    No doubt. That's not a bad idea given we knew so little about them, would help reinforce the Plate collapse loss even more, speaking of which they might also include Denzel or Reeves mom from the OVAs as well. But I wanted to SEE it after all that build up throughout VIII <_<

    Oh, oh, I would love if they could release a Central Park expansion, it'd be a pretty cool environment to fight in while adding a change of scenery and some foliage color to contrast all the gray concrete buildings I suppose, let me know your thoughts once you've had a chance to review what's been planned. Well, as I said I liked the first three missions of Covert Ops, it basically settled Starcraft II as my first PC game for when I get my desktop anyway, though I hope it doesn't actually take them until Dec 1st (which they announced as the potential maximum timeline) to release all the missions.

    Edit: Oh Snap, I forgot Quantum Break came out, have to take a look at that soon.

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