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  1. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-06-08 14:13
    Hs Vi Germania
    Ehm hello. Nice to meet you.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2009-06-07 22:51
    Dann of Thursday
    Hope you had a good trip. I'm doing pretty well right now and am glad I managed to do well in my first year at college. And I hadn't seen those images. Very interesting and very nice. I also like the magazine cover. Thank you
  3. Pink-chan
    2009-04-08 09:31
    I just completed deciphering and posted the summary of Code 23 of NoN in the manga thread if you are interested. No more Rolo from now on

    It took me a while .
  4. Jeffry2009
    2009-04-05 22:54
    That's Right! That's what I like to know!

    Maybe you're also watched gundam 00 same as me. I mean what happened then? Is Ribbons Almack really DEAD? IF he's not dead, i'll be paranoid once again.
  5. Jeffry2009
    2009-04-05 22:11
    hello how r u? how's life? I was still under 'no comments' after gundam 00 ends to me I mean so much unanswered questions to ask but damn............
  6. Theron
    2009-04-04 14:52
    Yeah, I get that too. Though I still have some interesting shows on my to-watch list.
  7. Pink-chan
    2009-04-02 08:52
    Yup, all they have to do is to work together to achieve the peace they wished for with minimal sacrifice.
  8. Pink-chan
    2009-04-01 10:16
    Yup, this is precisely, NoN still have a long way to go to achieve such a world LotR did.

    As for me, I'm connecting it with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Different characters doing the same certain activity, resulted differently yet end it with a same bad end. Nunnally is the player confronting her parents in NoN while Lelouch is the one in LotR. Something on the line.
  9. Pink-chan
    2009-04-01 09:50
    No problem. I got your message. In fact, Vincent and Anya was introduced in NoN even before the anime even featured them I heard. Rolo is Rolo. It just happen that they had a different face. Rolo in Suzaku of the Counterattack is has the same face as the anime version in his 'cameo'. He wasn't involved in anything and I doubt he ever interact with Lelouch other than hanging around with Rivalz (or Gino). Oh Gino didn't show up in NoN, Anya is piloting Tristan.

    The whole parallel worlds thing can have unlimited number of possibilities which is intriguing. The different characters are playing different parts in different worlds. Certain factors will remain the same. It's just that different players who took on the same role had produces different effect. Nunnally is the 'selected player' in this world, she took a stance to decide on the path this world will take.

    Lelouch almost didn't interact with anybody else as Lelouch other than Suzaku and Nunnally. Hence he didn't lose anybody important other than his parents and is pessimistic. He didn't believe how a gentle world can be achieved. Unlike in the anime, he paid a heavy price for having too many close ones like Shirley and lost them just trying to create a gentle world.
  10. Pink-chan
    2009-03-31 08:43
    No matter what, Rolo was the reason I started reading NoN. I truly agree that he is awesome. He did not beg Anya to lie to him. He is hoping that she will lie to him. Anime!Lelouch did it for Rolo although the lie is no longer a lie.

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