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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-21 18:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey congrats! Hopefully that will be the case. Just so much uncertainty right now and him picking a bunch of people who seem rather alarming in their views and qualifications isn’t really helping. Such an utter mess. But yeah, just need to be vigilant. Okay that’s good to hear at least.

    Yeah, I can’t really blame them at this point since it’s a game from a really old system that would largely be played on a system that isn’t a hit in the West. Just unfortunate since the first two were. Oh didn’t know about that and it looks like there was one done for 2nd though not the 3rd thus far. I guess it would depend on how extensive the changes are in the localization among other things. Possible but also feels like it could be a longshot. Maybe once 3rd PC is completed? There’s also the next CS game though don’t think we have an ETA on that one. I think they’re pretty small as a distributer, but anything is possible.

    Oh right, forgot that came out. Need to watch that. Yeah, the fact they focused on him at all implies he’ll have something to do.

    Oh, for the manga? That definitely nice of him to take the time then and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him in the full game since I keep getting vibes he could be the main antagonist or near that role along with his performance. Sounds good and yeah that seems to be a question with both that series and Diablo now given where both arrived at. Nice on the poster too!

    Oh certainly given the themes we know regarding the game. I still feel puzzled by the inclusion of that section given how short it is. Yes, curious about the forces that seem to be conspiring to doom the world and all that. Ah I see, well the rest was good at least so nice to know it wasn’t anything major. Oh no, I remember we’d get games in early before release and we couldn’t touch them. I remember when GTAV came out we couldn’t even open the boxes to take stock or we could be fired. They were really picky about that one. Been reading impressions from those that got it early and they’re mostly positive, but with several mentioning a sort of Frankenstein like feel with how the game is put together that does it a disservice and story being sparse or oddly paced.

    It has some nice things about it, but I still want to take a wait and see approach for how it ends up going. Then I could probably just binge the entire thing at the end if I wanted.

    I feel like something like that is likely to happen since they seem to be drawing attention to how we’re only hearing either side without necessarily the whole picture like where the titan powers were obtained from. Yes at this point the present and where everyone moves from here is the interesting part. Eren at least seems to be having a more and more rounded view on the situation, which hopefully doesn’t leave him blinded from one side or another. Stepmom? You mean Mikasa there? Eren has only had the one mom who was Grisha’s second wife. Or am I forgetting someone? That’s a good point since I can’t easily imagine any kind of peace emerging right now based on what’s known.

    Oh I think some could certainly work as films like Elantris or maybe Warbreaker. Some of the Mistborn books too, especially the Wax and Wayne ones. Stormlight is another manner, but that one could be decades from completion. Will do

    Oh, just little bits here and there as he learns and starts to set them up in a trap? I don’t think so and not sure how to address it. I think could work since I believe it can handle large files.

    This is the proper one, yes? Read through the stuff on the site. Definitely an interesting concept with some interesting characters. From the sound of things, this Shard is sort of the player character in the game they’re working on for it if I understood correctly?
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-17 16:04
    Dann of Thursday
    So apparently copies of FFXV are out in the wild. None in the Austin area sadly

    New York apparently as I've heard people say they have stores saying they'll have it in tomorrow. So yeah.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-16 15:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Haha, Persona 5 got delayed to April 4 in NA, though it looks like we're getting Dual Audio. I'll still probably play the dub. Maybe on a second go around if I decide to I'll do Japanese since it does have an all star cast.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-15 13:54
    Dann of Thursday
    By the way, forgot to ask but how are you doing given the protests in the city and all. Just heard that apparently the Secret Service and NYPD will pretty much close down Fifth Avenue every time Trump visits. Does that affect you at all?
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-11 09:29
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh and they released the first chapter of FFXV in Japan only as a demo. New trailer at the end:

    A bit spoiler filled in some respects from things you can infer.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-11 09:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh also, along with Lost Odyssey getting put on BC for Xbox One, they've now added Blue Dragon as well with both having some performance improvements which is nice. They've also now got the entire Mass Effect series available as well. This does sort of make the chances of there being a remaster slim, but it's still a nice to see happen.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-10 18:01
    Dann of Thursday
    There’s a lot of factors. The revelation that Trump won with less votes than Romney had when he lost as well as the big drop in Dem turnout does paint a picture that we really need to address the apathy that often seems to creep in heavily with the party definitely makes it seem imperative this gets fixed. It’s hard to tell right now really. Given descriptions I’ve heard of Trump, I honestly don’t think he’s prepared for the amount of responsibilities and such a President needs to put in. There’s this picture of everyone celebrating, but he’s the only one who doesn’t look all that happy. I’d like to think that people might see he couldn’t keep his promises, but they might just shift blame or something. Still just need to move forward and see what can be done next. I am quite worried on how much they screw things up though. Things like climate change for instance terrifies me in the cuts they’ll make.

    Ah right, 3rd won’t be coming to handhelds sadly which I’m a bit bummed by. I’m still early in FC and haven’t bought SC yet so I guess I could always switch to PC, but these games work so much better in a handheld format to me. Yeah, I’m not sure if CS3 will come out on Vita, but the system is still relevant in Japan so hopefully so.

    Yeah, up to date so far. Still seem to be on the development front of where things stand, though since we’ve now touched base with everyone I’d think developments will start going into a higher gear.

    Wow, sounds great! Was it one of the new character posters I saw they did for the team? Hey that’s a nice plus! Darin De Paul, right? He seemed like a lot of fun from those behind the voice actor videos. And that’s really cool! Glad it was a good round.

    Yeah, I think the main takeaway is that he has to have his friends with him. Yes, that bit at the end was definitely the most curious for what it could mean. Not sure how much of that will come up in the game since this was apparently based on the game or something, but I’d have to think some of what we’re seeing here will come up.

    I think it’s more that I wasn’t super into IBO and given Sunrise’s track record with second seasons like 00 I’m a bit hesitant to get too invested and figure I can wait it out and check in here and there.

    Definitely a screwed up world especially the revelation regarding the titan that ate Eren’s mother. The casual way that the country is able to treat all of them is really horrifying. I feel like the answer probably lies in not visiting the same treatment back on them if Eren and them triumph. It is a curious revelation that apparently only those of this bloodline are able to wield the power. I wonder if both groups have the true history wrong. We also get to see in a way just how far the brainwashing goes for all the shifters and I almost think I begin to understand Bert’s confusing talk about how none of them are evil but it just needs to be done from their PoV.

    Oh, did you hear Sanderson apparently signed a movie deal for the Cosmere? I admit I do find it a bit concerning given how packed his works are. Some I could see being made films, but the longer ones feel like they’d work better on TV.

    Eh I don’t have cable or really watch TV online. And I admit I sort of forgot it had started. I’ve seen a few clips and he seems quite good certainly. Yes, I’ve been hearing good things about Legion overall from all my coworkers. Oh forgot those both came out already.

    Oh hey, I think I remember hearing about this on a few podcasts I listened to a while back! Certainly sounded interesting then from what I can remember. I’ll have to check it out then since I’d forgotten about it.

    I’ve heard he actually talks a bit more compared to past games and it seems his main Persona is voiced by the Main or at least in the Japanese version. I admit a part of me wants him to use the southern drawl he does for Rufus. I haven’t really seen anything new for Horizon. Big blowout on Andromeda though I haven’t had a chance to read the Gameinformer issue yet aside from summaries of stuff. It’s sounding alright so far. I’m glad we finally wrapped up that battle with Akira, though it seems we’ve had our first losses which was to be expected. Did you see Dr. Strange yet? I enjoyed it despite a number of issues.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-09 21:43
    Dann of Thursday
    It's all good and no need to worry. Busy time all in all.

    Yeah, I've felt sort of numb all day myself but I think it's just giving way to a sort of acceptance that we just have to endure and deal with this as best we can. It just came as a shock. I suppose I partially bought into all that certainty everyone had but even then I thought it could end up a lot closer than everyone thought it would be. I just don't know what's all going to happen, but I have a hard time believing any of it will be good for the country. I'd like to think that if their actions cause us to decline that people who voted these people in might see their mistake, but I think that's being optimistic. They'll just blame something else I feel. Trump feels like something of a wild card, but ultimately I feel like he'll be more of a puppet than anything. The mid-term elections will certainly be extremely important now and I only hope we can get people riled to turn things around somewhat, but the Democratic party has a bad track record with turnout for these and it was already down this election which led to Trump winning. I hope Obama is successful is helping to increase turnout. Yeah, that is about all we can do now. I think what makes this a bit bad is that this is the first time the Republican party has controlled so much since 1928 or so and the party is a lot different from then. I do think the Democratic party absolutely needs to reconstruct itself from this into something that can drive turnout, but that's not necessarily an easy task. We've tried turning the other cheek and compromising and that's how government is supposed to work here or at least that's how I understood it. But the Republican party as it is now doesn't seem to want to reason. I imagine there are those that can be reasoned with, but they unfortunately are getting drowned out by the others.

    Rambling a bit, aren't I? I must admit the people who voted for him because they want 'change' or being anti-establishment baffle me a lot. Hillary was certainly a politician, but they voted for a guy who's while male millionaire who's part of the upper class. Doesn't seem the kind of guy you expect to do this sort of thing.

    Yes that would be nice. I paused going through Trails in the Sky, so that's something I need to get back to someday which may be soon next year. RWBY has been interesting thus far. Just a few weeks with XV now so hopefully that turns out well. I'd like to hear about NYCC. I've been hands off on Gundam actually and sort of think I might just wait that one out till it's done. I get what you mean with Claymore as it definitely gives that sort of vibe. I haven't really unfortunately and it's something I need to get back on. Sort of haven't kept up on the SW front though I know a little of what Blizzard is up to. But we can do a little bit of it all and just start anew here if you want. Pick and choose and I'll be good with anything.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-27 11:50
    Dann of Thursday

    Omen trailer for FFXV. Possible spoilers though it's hard to tell if this is just possibility, which is what I lean to.

    Game has also gone gold and they announced more details about the Season Pass, which confirmed some leaks from before. Playable episodes with each of the gang culminating in Online Multiplayer where each of the gang can be controlled independently, which is neat.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-20 10:07
    Dann of Thursday

    So it's called the Nintendo Switch. Not a bad name I suppose. I'm liking what I'm seeing at least.

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