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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-10 00:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, they're doing some stuff with RE, but that's gone in a weird direction. Of course, the only one I ever really played was RE4 so I'm probably not one to talk. I have no idea if they're ever going to do anything with DMC, which is a real shame honestly. Part of it has to do with LotR being one of those "sacred" works that people easily get antsy about as well as there not being that large of a gap that they're working with. Weird thing too with how the PS3/360 versions got delayed till November on the same day Inquisition comes out. Also read that they're not quite as expansive with the Nemesis system in those either, which is a bit of a shame for those going with that version of the game. Been wondering about holding off on it lately and perhaps waiting for some "complete" version of the game with all that season pass content since WB did that for pretty much every Batman game. I get it, and thank you. Curious then as to what determines who gets to be a potential LI and who is just a regular companion. Based on what I read they do seem to be going for that this time around so hopefully they implemented it well. Maybe they just went their separate ways for whatever reason though being dead given the state of things is perfectly likely too. Makes me a bit curious what Josephine perhaps has to her to make her unique in comparison. It would suck if they put it in that way and it was half-assed.

    I guess it depends on where they go with their projects from here since we don't really know what sorts of features are in that new ME or whatever it is that new IP will end up being. That could have been interesting since they could have come up with some possibly unique mechanics that could be used for them. Wonder if it comes down to favoritism or something. Oh, that's nice and the whole thing with the throne is very cool.

    SE seems to be having a lot riding on this game at any rate, even if that probably wasn't envisioned when the game was first revealed. True, it's hard to imagine the future too much when you don't seem to be anywhere close to having what you'd use to base it on yet. Hopefully so, though things seem to change and shift so that I wonder what the scene will be like when we're near the end of this generation.

    Yeah, their shows seem to run all over at times with something like Hellsing and then something like that Ore no Imouto. Sometimes it's just luck and there are rather popular manga that are quite dark as well as being popular, though all the one's I think of tend to have authors who take rather large breaks. Curious what sort of format they'll take for those, though I imagine the first will have barely anything in it other than an announcement. Yeah, though I can think of so many cases where they left off and then never returned to finish it. I'm rather the same way in many cases and seeing someone freak out at things I would can make it all rather funny. Probably never helped that I always gravitated toward nightmares as a child and had way too many of those fake wake up ones where everything is fine and then something is dragging you down the stairs.

    Saw some images and a general summary. Nice gambit on their part and a good way to display to many exactly why the people high up can't be trusted to make the best decisions for everyone involved. Not sure what's going on with Eren and Historia though. He's all chained up on some weird alter or something. And I really hope Historia didn't some how get convinced to join their side or something to that effect.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-09 23:05
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, they recently announced they have a title and script as well as that it would shake up the MCU. Perhaps they're going Death of Captain America? That is a good point and works better if it's just a minor cameo or something. I don't know how much could really be cut myself, though if they cut out all the added stuff taken from the other materials that probably could have had this go in 2 movies. It always reminds me how Tolkien at one point actually went back to to a redone version of the Hobbit that was more of a prequel to the LotR, but stopped when someone told him that while it was good it wasn't the Hobbit anymore.

    I could definitely see him thanking her for the advice since it did seem to act as the trigger. At the same time, that feels like the sort of trait that Subaru would pick up on now that I think on it more, which could serve to allow him to counter even more. Basically whoever can keep that one step ahead then? Or Souma could always go for making something terrible which leads to Subaru inadvertently making something even more terrible, but the judges probably wouldn't stand for that. If it goes a route like that I could see the preparation aspect going two more chapters at least if they really want to go into it all, though the actual matches have generally gone at a good pace.

    I can understand why since she was an early opponent even if Ruby didn't realize and they've already established a few rivalries in both the show and implying some in the opening. It'd be funny if we're overanalyzing this now that I think on it. Yeah, that is one of the things I really hope goes somewhere next episode if at least to really push this whole thing forward so we don't dwell on it the whole season. Oh no, we definitely don't want that. I was sort of thinking of something in that vein as it could even act as a trigger towards him showing off his semblance or at least getting close to it. And I need my tournament so we can have some fun match-ups (I rather like tournaments). I think in some ways it could, but might also amount to people being more frustrated with what the creators did with him rather than Mako himself. Might depend on how successful that model proved when they switched over, but we'll see eventually in any case.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-07 15:28
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah, gotcha. Yes, that's always an option. Another one to look forward to in any case. Curious what that new fighting game Capcom has in the works could be and they need something big since I don't believe they've had much success the last couple years aside from Monster Hunter. There's plenty of that to look forward to, which is always good. Hopefully so along with getting a good tone for it all. Perhaps they have something beyond that Titan project in the works then to keep things going, but it might be a bit before we learn about any of it. Given that it's a game in the Lord of the Rings world, there's always going to be griping about the lore. Just needs to be counterbalanced with enough interest and in forums and such I've generally seen a lot of interest as time has gone on and we've seen more. The reveal about the wraith for instance actually got a lot of interest from what I saw. And there are enough big threats to have to worry about him too pulling something big. I've looked over things a few times in the last two months but haven't done so as of late due to being busy with other stuff not to mention that it's still a few months off. Maybe she turns and becomes a boss later? Maybe they just got lazy or didn't have a writer who wanted to do anything with her. Perhaps so and at least from their descriptions there's a bit more to the romances this time beyond a few cutscenes and some undressing. Perhaps he'll get brought up during conversations with Cassandra if there's a point where she discusses her past. She's the one I'm the most curious about at the moment, but we'll see how things go in the end. Maybe they'll have her as an option next time or something, though I guess that'd be a little late.

    Well, Blizzard has always been doing PvP stuff for a good while longer whereas multiplayer aspects are more of a new thing with Bioware even with TOR and ME3 so perhaps they just need a bit more time. Given the approach here, perhaps they also want to have it have some ties to the story even if it's just a small one. I'm rather curious how long this aspect was in the works in comparison to the main game myself since it was more recent than that could explain if the characters are a bit ho-hum if not really make it a good thing either way. Yes, there is hopefully a bit of variety so everyone can have their own unique sort of fortress rather than it simply being a matter of what color drapes one went with.

    It's not so much that as that they had incredibly unrealistic sales expectations for a reboot that made it so even though it did well, it wasn't well enough. It is and kind of amazing at how much has happened as well. I'm also curious if SE has any sort of plan going after XV and KHIII that would actually work out since the whole thing with the XIII series didn't seem to be all that successful in the long run from what I saw. Hopefully so, but other companies still seem to be falling, which is a shame.

    I've always been a bit confused on how they operate in that sense since they do allow some really scandalous stuff on for regular TV and other times cover it up completely and it's the same with violence. I remember Bleach back in the day being really bloody, but near the end they had a lot of really weird censoring going on with little blood and such. It'll definitely be cool to see them depicted on screen and I'm especially curious how they'll do the Beast Titan. In those cases it's definitely nice to have some form of closure rather than just leaving it off abruptly unfinished. Reaction videos can often be great. I've always gotten a kick out of seeing LPs of scary games or movies for instance.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-07 14:41
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, they have him signed on for more so I'm sure we'll see him again before long. True, having a bit more beyond that would be nice. That and a need to keep things as fresh as possible so that audiences don't get bored if the same plots keep showing up. It was to be expected but even then some trimming here and there wouldn't have hurt.

    It'd be silly if she did, though kind of funny if that was all it took. I don't know, I still don't think much progress is going to be made from this and don't expect anything to really happen until they have a match at some point. I'm not sure if just switching up how he does things is all it'll take to win this since it's always possible Subaru could predict even what he'd do for an alternate method, though it seems the most likely course for success. Curious if we'll see either of the dishes being given to the judges next chapter or if it'll be more mind games and such. Given he's been facing and losing to his father all those years and their general philosophy, it's to be expected.

    It was I suppose, though ultimately I'm not sure how it's going to matter. I rather hope they don't go for something like that. Maybe it was televised somehow or something, but it does imply he's been somewhat aware of her for some time. I guess we'll see from here where it all goes, but hopefully it wraps up quickly so we can just move on from it. She does seem upbeat and if she had been rejected she doesn't quite seem the type to take it well so perhaps he's just late. Yes, it's definitely possible she'll use it as a cover to accomplish some less overt goal that'll lead to something later on, though if Phyrra goes to the roof then she would present a nice target if the goal is taking out potential threats. Yes, hopefully she and Jaune can actually get somewhere with all of this finally. We're still supposed to have some big competition between the schools too and we haven't really seen much of that so far. I doubt they'll have him end in a bad place so it likely won't be all that bad. We'll see. And the scheduling could also be different if they stick with this online model.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-05 18:33
    Dann of Thursday
    Eh, I can't ever see myself doing so for something like that. I don't really ever do microtransactions in any form. Only DLC usually and even then I tend to be choosy. That it is. I think it's definitely a great way to sort of beta test in a sense out in the open with the crowd who will likely be really into it. I think there's some place some ways from my college that had it, but I can't quite remember where anymore. Watched a trailer and it seems a fairly solid fighter and I can definitely see it's from the people who did Melty Blood since I have seen video of that one before. They're definitely being as vague as possible about P5 at the moment, though who knows just how far in development it is at this point. I just hope they update the battle system a bit and throw in some new demons. I'm definitely with you on that note since while I liked it, P3 was just such a downer in comparison to P4. That one managed to balance the darkness with the lighter moments quite well. I like Diablo, but I'm not sure where they'd go from here with it. Yeah, a lot of the hands on and talk about it from those that tried it was pretty positive and that bit about using the brands is a nice touch. True, unless they try to make him a credible threat like he goes to Sauron or something. I never finished DA2 and there's some stuff I'd like to change with my Origins save, so there's a number of things I want to try out and toy with. Hmm, surprising a bit and it seems like female characters have way more options than guys, which is also a bit odd. Unless they ignore him entirely or something, which could work too even if it'd be a bit lazy since they went to the trouble of making the character. I'll probably pick it up at launch since I'm trying to time things with releases enough to get through most of everything at a good rate and I'll be a bit empty without it.

    Maybe they'll release some special DLC by that point to reinvigorate things a bit. Well, there don't seem to be too many examples of expansions like they used to be at this point. I'm fine I guess with what we have though hopefully those are well written and compelling. There was some info on the Skyhold, which was nice to hear about and I look forward to fixing the place up.

    Well, Tabata seemed to indicate that SE is putting a lot on this being a success, which could be a problem to a degree given that in the past their expectations have been a bit much like that whole thing with Tomb Raider. Yes, it's taking into account the initial announcement, which could be considered unfair, but it's also interesting to see what other games series got made in all that time. Some of it is typical of releases like this since things eventually wind down and unless another major project is in the works you just don't need all those people. I have generally seen a lot of companies making postings that they're hiring whenever this happens, which is nice at least.

    Not a problem.

    I'd be extremely surprised if there was any censoring in the final release unless the company in Japan were the ones that did it. Yeah, they played all that pretty well especially the fakeout with Eren. That's always better I think, though there may be times where the author hasn't decided on an ending for them to use. I have seen a few cases where when a manga finished and people actually liked the version the anime did a bit more, but those are rare. It is always funny seeing people reacting to things we've seen months or years ago by the time they get to it.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-05 17:28
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, it is quite silly when you just lay it all out like that. True, he's never seemed the type to give up or retire. And eventually I could see them perhaps cycling the current roster in any given movie based on what's going on or where it is happening. He did team up to help take him down in the comics so it certainly wouldn't be out of the question though it also might depend on what exactly he's been doing as Odin come the next time we see him. That could make it work I suppose. I think they've largely been good, though at times some sequences go far longer than they should.

    Well, going by spoilers for the next chapter looks like she's hoping he'll fail as always although surprised he's using some techniques like Hisako's. Looks like Subaru is already starting up his game by managing to predict what he's doing from the start with a secret weapon already present. I can't deny the guy is good at what he does. That definitely seems to be how he'll make it the way he wants and fit in the theme. Well, given how he views things a failure is a chance to learn then come back even better and it has been pointed out that Souma can be a bit of a sore loser when a dish of his loses even if he is a bit less obvious about it. Probably and I imagine we'll know in a few weeks. That would seem the next likely place to have any sort of break.

    True, if something big happens it could serve to delay whatever mission they'd go on. And that definitely was the case here with the big show being a bit of background on Yang, though I doubt it'll be relevant for some time. The thing with Jaune continues to be a bit annoying, but at least he actually talked about why he likes even if I still don't get it. Did Neptune even say yes to her since I sure didn't see him at the dance? He's apparently done little touches with them here and there, but it hasn't been that big a deal true. And it looks like whatever they have planned might go into action next week or perhaps the one after that and right after a statement by Ozpin that I'm sure won't come across as very ironic later on. It look like the rest of the team is aware of it at any rate going by Nora's comments so hopefully she'll actually do something about it. Possibly yes, though I'm not sure whatever Cinder is planning will be the start of things or just a warning of things to come to perhaps keep them on edge. Either they do or they don't, we'll have to just wait it out I guess. The uniform is a bit different, but I do think it is her unless she does have a twin or something. At least they've been giving a lot of indications that they're well into production.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-03 15:51
    Dann of Thursday
    All that matters with it is that this will apparently be the last time we deal with the Kenways, which I'm all for. It's still a developing thing in any case and I haven't gone much beyond the early stuff myself. Though in the long run I suppose none of the versions of the Order have been that different deep down unless we see some separate sect of Templars come out of it or something. I think the only place they still have some presence is in Japan where they even seem to use them to focus test the latest fighting games before releasing them to the masses, which I thought was interesting. Never even done laser tag before myself and I can't recall anywhere nearby that does it either. I think it's being published by them rather than developed, though the team behind it created that Melty Blood fighting series which is suppose to be pretty good. Does look interesting though. Yeah, I largely preferred the format of P4 as well, though given the setting appears to be a major city that will bring about a different approach to things in some aspects maybe. Looking forward to what sorts of upgrades to the systems they may have come up with for it. I feel like a lot of their projects have large gaps between releases aside from WoW, which seems to have been fairly regular with expansions and updates. Ah, didn't notice that, but it is a nice way to handle things and may even be the way we learn about how rankings among the Orcs work. You just know he's probably going to backstab you at some point though. That's good at least since I'd rather not have this take hours, though for newcomers it'll be nice to fill them all in. Maybe, I'll have to look at what I have for the base character for Origins to see if I want to tweak it if given the option or not. May try a version with each scenario as I thought either made for a good fate for the character. True, Hawke doesn't provide so many issues given the restriction to human. Given the release of the video that hopefully is coming up soon in any case.

    Yeah, they're really giving us a full package between the large single-player and now this multi-player option. More so than in other games where multi-player is what gives all the longevity. There was Awakening, though that was more of a full blown expansion. Given the prices of ME3's DLC though I'm not sure if it'll be quite so cheap unfortunately. Something to watch for if they bring up anything quite new.

    Bit of bad news in that Square announced they're lineup for TGS and FFXV and KHIII are not on it. Some have speculated about them doing some of that closed theater nonsense, but they haven't done that in a while and there's really no point to obscuring new information on the games at this point. Was recently reading a rather hilarious and depressing overview of all that's happened in the world and in gaming since XV was initially announced. It's kind of astonishing really.

    That's an odd cut to make for sure and I'm not sure what's going on in that case. Hopefully they keep it to glimpses of them without hinting or spoiling the identities as well as not showing the Beast Titan since that one is a big mystery. It's especially bizarre since it was largely a faithful adaptation, which I've seen with a couple other adaptations where they go off the rails at the very end. Ah, I didn't think about how that must be for the anime-only watchers. That was a very good place to leave off of then if maddening for the wait, though it might also encourage some to read the manga.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-03 14:54
    Dann of Thursday
    Haha, I fully understand. I haven't even read this stuff and know of it from summaries and such. They're doing some other event where the heroes and villains will have something switched around about them that causes them to act differently like Tony getting back into the weapons business or Carnage trying to be like Spider-Man. It's all getting silly. Killing him off for real would be surprising but not impossible, though retirement I could see as well. They at least did a good job showcasing Black Widow and Falcon in Winter Soldier, so hopefully we can at least count on that in the future. I am curious where they plan to go with that since having Loki as the villain again since he's already done the role in two movies would be a bit old, even if that is usually what's going on in the older comics. True, and something like that does seem to warrant having a giant crossover, though I'd worry a bit about the balance of characters with such a large cast. Well, that one has only one movie left so I'm sure it'll probably turn out fine at this point.

    Along with how we've only seen one showing from thus far. Unless her expression is just one of passive observation that tells us nothing really. That'd definitely be a change for him, especially since a lot of his thing as you noted has involved taking small time items and applying them in unique ways. I think another part of it relates to remembering how full the kid got from trying all his samples, which I'd imagine relates to how filling it is. Hadn't really considered that one, which would be quite a twist. True, they could always have him lose in the final round I suppose, though given how he's got several people who want to see him fall it'd be a bit of a potential set back. Can't get every victory though I suppose. That wouldn't seem out of his character based on what we've seen, though I feel it might not happen immediately after the Election since there tends to be at least a bit of breathing room between these things and it'd definitely be needed after this. It's definitely a good opportunity that hopefully isn't wasted though I'd imagine the author has some plans for where she'll go. At least we're finally getting to it at any rate and hopefully there aren't anymore weeks off between chapters.

    There was a mention of them getting their first mission so perhaps a lot of the rest of the season will be devoted to that and perhaps it'll relate to the main conflict. It'd be a good time for him to finally look good in front of everyone and perhaps he could apply them to battling somehow. I feel silly for not noticing this but saw someone point out that since Cinder's name is likely a reference to Cinderellla, we may see something happen at the stroke of midnight at this dance. I rather like the idea that most of his problems are mainly do with feeling sorry for himself and all the low self-esteem. I'd imagine it would come around then to help serve to top off this volume. I'd definitely welcome them finding inventive ways to have Bolin trying these things out. About all we can do now I guess. There was some overview video of season 3 leaked that had scenes from what appears to be Book 4 that seem to have Zuvira in them looking a bit sinister but not too much to go off of quite yet. Maybe someone to serve as a counterpoint to Zaheer's idea of chaos and try to instill order to a fanatical degree, thus requiring Korra to balance it all out?
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-01 18:11
    Dann of Thursday
    Most likely and probably in a section devoted to the others. Something to look forward to down the line in any case.

    Yeah, it was getting a bit long in the tooth with Revelations, but it's over now and it ended well enough. I got the impression it'll progress in time to the point Connor will become a part potentially, but may have read wrong. I get it, it's more of a side thing I do from time to time anyway. Yeah, it's definitely a much more expanded take on an idea and to a degree I suppose the Templars have become much more fleshed out since them. Ah, I miss arcades. I'll have to look into one at some point then since I've recently been interested in playing some of the games like SFIV, BB, Persona 4 Arena, and that new Guilty Gear. Looks like they did have some announcements like it coming to PS4 as well as a look at the lead and what looks like some of the oddities being dealt with in this game. Oh, right they are due for at least one more, aren't they? Rather funny trailer, though I'm unclear now if Ratbag is unique among the others or if all of them can have bits like this.

    It's certainly a lot, that's for sure. I'll probably try to speed run through as much as I can, which I'd imagine will be possible for those that just want to configure a save and get straight into Inquisition. It's good they gave the option in any case, though I'll be going with a new one as well rather than import any of what I have. I'm guessing they'll go off like trees with things like that, though it'd be interesting if you could achieve it despite killing Loghain. If they've got some for him I'd imagine the Warden will as well. And if not hopefully you can add it or any of the others. Although given the new graphics engine perhaps certain features will be revamped to make it fit or the Keep does it already when you import.

    I'll probably try it a bit regardless, though if they had at least one interesting one that'd be great. Hopefully the prices are reasonable in conjunction with the content. I wonder if they'll throw in any unique monsters for those areas, though maybe that'd be a bit much.

    Yeah, it seems the most likely though some sort of bundle doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. Well, some of that is heading into heavy spoiler territory so I'm not sure how soon we'd see any of that. I'd like to hope they've worked out some sort of plan for doing all this and I'm sure they've communicated with the author. They also haven't been opposed to altering things here and there like the changes to the Annie fight and the Wall Titan reveal.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-01 17:39
    Dann of Thursday
    The stuff I mentioned about Steve and Falcon is from recent events in the comics and yeah it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I was thinking they might do something with the Death of Captain America plot though obviously not quite in the same way. Yes, but they do need to introduce the others to keep the stable growing as well as for the eventuality of the actors leaving their roles, unless they just go with recasting when that happens. I suppose so and I'm wondering where they'll go with him next since to me the next logical step would be Surtur. I'm unsure if it'll really be Space Avengers or if Thanos will come to Earth and duke it out there. Depends on if they decide to expand the Cosmic side of things beyond Guardians. Yeah, something always seems to go wrong somewhere, especially given the general scope of the MCU.

    Well, that first time wasn't exactly a formal match like what's going on now is, but it does feel like it'd be a bit of a shame if Kurokiba lost here since that comment with Alice gave the impression he'd be more of challenge for Souma than Alice is. I'm sure it'll be a good match either way though. Yeah, despite the little hint she was able to give he seemed to have that realization in response to it and the results of his experiments. It'd definitely be interesting to see how she'd react to such a thing. It'll depend on how they decide to use him I guess. True, but having that right freely available to use when one chooses seems kind of a big thing given the requirements for challenging a member of the Elite 10. That he is not, so he may very well use it immediately if that was the case. That seems like a very reasonable way to go about it with her. Well, I'd imagine we'll know in 3-4 chapters unless they decide to really stretch out this match for whatever reason.

    It's nice she's living up to all that praise we heard back in season one, though she had demonstrated considerable skill already. I'd be very surprised if they didn't give him a chance to show off given the specific mention by the crew of him being a good dancer. If she's emotionally vulnerable then that could definitely make her a ripe target if Cinder decides to act on it yet. Yes, listening to him does give the impression he's aware of it on some level so perhaps he's the type who doesn't like to give up. If it shows up I feel it'll be during a big moment and hopefully that will come this season. Roman and the White Fang are definitely the easiest to figure out at the moment for sure. Yes, it was Ghazan producing the lava and him working from there so that does give him a big thing to develop on. It'd be nice if he can come up with some inventive ways to apply it. Well, some people are going to remain haters of him no matter what, but overall his image should be able to be repaired if they do alright with him. This season may be the last time we see Avatar for some time and given the links established with previous seasons it's definitely a great opportunity. Yeah, focusing to much on an organization that already failed could get a bit old so they need to have something in store that can act as a good stage for a finale.

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