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  1. Tsubie
    2013-06-05 13:16
    Ah Heibi sorry about that. I don't think he was intending to criticize your subs as much as he just wasn't happy with the timing for a sub he saw... i.e. if some one else was doing another show and he didn't like the timing, he'd say that too. He is pretty upfront like that. I am not Saizen staff but I've seen him comment a lot about people's timing: e.g. two groups are doing a show, both aren't friends of his or anything, he'd see the sub of one group and maybe not be happy with the timing and just wait for the sub of the other group and then if he isn't happy still he wonders if anyone else will sub it. I really appreciate your help, please don't take it personally .
  2. Heibi
    2013-06-04 22:08
    So am I. I tend not to criticize someone who helped me and make it sound like they suck. Makes me hesitant to help later.
  3. Tsubie
    2013-06-04 21:07
    Thanks Heibi. I don't know. Juggen is very critical when it comes to timing.
  4. Heibi
    2013-05-05 23:03
    Cool. I'm on 7-9 right now. We'll be checking them this coming weekend to catch all my errors after editing. We have a weekly anime meeting. From 2pm to midnight on Saturdays.
  5. Tsubie
    2013-05-05 21:59
    Thanks. Our encoder has been away with school stuff but he will get to it. Thanks so much for helping Heibi and congrats on your H2 release! (PS: getfresh told me to say hi to you from his end).
  6. Heibi
    2013-04-23 23:07
    Ah ok. I was able to get rid of the extra black on the edges with my cropping. Starting to upload vol 5 in a few minutes.
  7. Tsubie
    2013-04-23 21:54
    Nah sorry not an encoder here. I am aware of the cropping mismatches since I've been coordinating stuff on the project such as recruiting other than my TL involvement.
  8. Heibi
    2013-04-22 07:39
    No problem. I'll get another one to you today. I think I have the crop parameters done for my own encodes. Have you looked at my original avs files that were in the first batch? Or are you not the encoder on your end?
  9. Tsubie
    2013-04-21 23:42
    Thanks for the H2 vobs
  10. karice67
    2012-01-15 16:09
    Originally Posted by Heibi View Post
    True, but I was mainly talking about director. Shoji was the director in movie 1 as well as movie 2. He was "screenplay" with Yoshino as well in movie 1. I simply included extra info pertaining to the other positions. point was that the info you included about Kikuchi / the writer of the 2nd film is incorrect.

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