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  1. Wild Goose
    2014-06-25 20:43
    Wild Goose
    Yeah, I keep getting behind on my in-depth look thing. Well, I suppose I could still write a closer arc-by-arc look at the series....

    *looks at desk and to-do list*

    *looks at beta editing backlog*

    *looks at own work backlog*

    ...Oh dear.

    Also, the only bit of proper (as in published) fanfic work I did this year. A little thing for Total Eclipse.

    Also, I cancelled my Unicorn normal (which was out of stock) and ordered the Full Armor Unicorn normal and a Jesta. So once I finish my Banshee Norn, I'll do my FA Unicorn, then I can mix and match FA parts and weapons. Fitting, given that I'm doing planning/brainstorming on an OC Build Fighters fic (which I'll probably post in the Gundam fanfic thread).
  2. Infinite Zenith
    2014-06-19 00:03
    Infinite Zenith
    I've finally finished Ars Nova after all this time and will probably do a talk on it before the month is out. I find it to be a favourable anime that, in spite of leaving some questions, provides some interesting concepts to think about and ends up with a reasonably satisfying ending
  3. Infinite Zenith
    2014-05-27 20:55
    Infinite Zenith
    The finale was quite something: despite the rather unusual ending, I found it to be most fitting as a conclusion to an excellent series and will be sad to see it go.

    I recall a review from a while back by rrobbert184 on the HGUC Full Armour Unicorn (Unicorn mode), and he shows just how awesome the Banshee looks with the Full Armour parts

    I ran some numbers: 600 RM is roughly 200 dollars where I live, which is indeed quite a bit of coin! My total spending this year on anime stuff (including Gundam models) is more modest, all of which, I spent at a local anime convention. I'm currently in the middle of many things right now, so I won't be able to actually build the FA Unicorn I bought there >.<

    I have no idea how Riddhe's being a Newtype works, but there were hints of it as far back as episode two. I can accept it as being there: even though no mechanism is provided, it does help push the story forwards.
  4. Infinite Zenith
    2014-05-21 10:05
    Infinite Zenith
    She's Shizuka Hiratsuka, from Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru. Her spirit reminded me of my old high school instructors, so I took a liking to her character. I finished watching this series early in May and found it to be quite entertaining.

    As for the Jegans, I rather enjoyed their showing in the Gundam Unicorn finale. Commander Conrad kicked ass throughout, making it quite fun to watch. The end of the series marks an end to a four year journey, and perhaps is a fitting segue from undergraduate to graduate life.

    On the topic of Gunpla, how large is your collection now? I think that Gundam Unicorn is one of the few places where grunt suits get a chance to shine, more so than those from other universes, and the Stark Jeagan has been consistently impressive (at least until a named pilot wipes floor with it ).

    While we're on Gunpla talk I bought the HGUC Full Armour Unicorn (Destroy Mode) at a local anime convention a few days ago, and I am so excited about it! One of my friends told me to hold out for this model last year, back when the HGUC Full Armour Unicorn (Unicorn Mode) was released, and he was correct. I'm not sure if you've seen yet, but my collection seems to be trending towards lead machines more than mass production units right now. As a student, I only have a bit of cash flow, so I tend to buy the machines that I feel symbolise a series' core message the best. That said, the Jegans (especially the Stark Jegan and Prototype Stark Jeagan), ReZEL (especially the Commander type) and Jestas really have my eye
  5. Infinite Zenith
    2014-05-20 20:50
    Infinite Zenith
    Like my avatar?
  6. LKK
    2014-04-09 20:59
    You're pretty darn close to right. Close enough that I thought better safe than sorry and removed it. It's a reveal that comes later which is why I didn't want to leave it up.
  7. Infinite Zenith
    2014-04-08 16:12
    Infinite Zenith
    Those are quite impressive Besides Gunpla, how've things been for you lately?
  8. Infinite Zenith
    2014-04-05 23:58
    Infinite Zenith
    Looks like the mods have their eye on me now I wonder what sin I'm guilty of committing
  9. Infinite Zenith
    2014-03-07 12:17
    Infinite Zenith
    No rush! I myself are looking to get a HGUC Full-Armour Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode once that comes out...
  10. Infinite Zenith
    2014-02-27 23:13
    Infinite Zenith
    Not bad...not bad at all Have you seen some of what I've built yet? The links are on my The Pilot's Love Song post in the comments

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