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Truth Martyr

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  1. Infinite Zenith
    2013-06-06 22:11
    Infinite Zenith
    That's a little too direct With due respect, right now, what matters is that you're back Aside from busy, I hope things in the real world are going more smoothly than they are here.
  2. Infinite Zenith
    2013-06-06 12:30
    Infinite Zenith
    No system is perfect, but I find that the system here is easily better than my previous community at TVTropes (where mods did ban people on a whim and gave out permanent bans without warning). I find nothing offensive about your signature at all, so whatever occurred would be beyond my knowledge. I fall back upon my suggestion of sticking Hagoshod on your "ignore" list; forgive my asking, but did he report you for that comment, or did a moderator step in and pass judgement?
  3. Infinite Zenith
    2013-06-05 10:17
    Infinite Zenith
    Real life takes precedence over anything here, so your priorities are in the right place

    Unfortunately, moderation systems for online forums in general leave much to be desired; I think the only way to defeat a troll is to pretend they don't exist. Supposing I were a moderator (which is unlikely), I would have probably opposed your ban and at most, sent a pm. I'm quicker to side with people who are able to explain things clearly
  4. Infinite Zenith
    2013-06-03 23:51
    Infinite Zenith
    How're things going for you?
  5. Hagoshod
    2013-05-08 22:28
    Hi, guy who sends me weird out of context messages calling me a troll. Would you happen to have any idea what this girl is saying?

    Just asking.
  6. Hagoshod
    2013-04-24 15:08
    Yeah, that's right. Make some vague statement that I don't know what you're even referring to and then don't respond.

    You just go do that or whatever.
  7. Hagoshod
    2013-04-20 03:11
    Say what now?
  8. Sumeragi
    2013-04-10 10:42
    I burned than I've been "burned", so it's all right with me.
  9. Sumeragi
    2013-03-27 01:38
    Not really, I just like using idioms against itself if possible to prove a point

    If you can think of a counter to the saying, then by all means, do say it. I like when people go against conventions and "majority" thought.
  10. Hagoshod
    2013-03-27 01:34
    does that one thing I wrote where all the muvluvs get eaten top Miracle at Palaven?

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  • About Wild Goose
    I was a ronin. I now work in customer service, fighting the Rebellion's supporter.
    Doing Anzu's paperwork.
    Anime, fanfiction, creating worlds and charecters, gaming, hotblooded toku
    Customer Service, fighting the Rebellion's supporter. Writing manuals and fixing shit
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    A crap laptop, and a rig that plays Skyrim in Ultra.
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    The Oarai roundel. Suck it, Kuromorimine & Chamber Pot.
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    Person of Interest
    Strike Back
    White Collar
    Blue Bloods
    Girls und Panzer
    Sword Art Online
    Bodacious Space Pirates
    Nanoha A's
    Rescue Wings
    GITS:SAC 2nd Gig
    White Collar
    Person of Interest
    Strike Back
    The Blacklist
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    One must forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.Heinrich Heine.

    I believe in miracles.


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