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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-20 05:26
    Hiroi Sekai
    Hey, will reply to the long message, don't worry. Just wanted to say we're having some really awesome conversations at the moment and just wanted to see if you wanted to at least pop in and have a listen. Completely up to you. :3
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-19 17:39
    Hiroi Sekai
    Cute and sexy in tandem is good, but yes, I lean towards the cute side for interests. Being overly cute is just charming, while the latter is just marketing by that point.

    People will always pirate- EVERYONE does it. A free download of a song, downloading an image that was required to be paid, games, you name it. It depends on if you're using these acquired pieces of data with the intention of giving back to it when you can or not. However, this recent practice from companies sure does push the proverbial pirate ship along.

    Some people, I swear. I heard acts of Neo-Nazism is illegal now too.

    Yeah, that is so very true. I actually wanted to get a pink heart patch on my jacket or jeans or something; a "don't be afraid of pink/spread the love" campaign in disguise, if you will. I'm just starting to not bother with the negativity in society, since it radiates everywhere anyways.

    Yeah, the Oreimo one was pretty damn ridiculous. Didn't have anything more than the Nise one in terms of content either, so what the hell? Also, the host of the stream kept pronouncing it really really weird, and it was getting to me.

    No pressure at all. I know people always say it, but getting in and trying is the best way- carpe diem, as they say. I think we had about 2 months of my silence before I got comfortable, but it's definitely a thing. I even had nicknames since I never talked or spoke of my name. At your own comfort, my personal recommendation would be to stick around online on Skype (just to know when you're on), pop in when one of our conversations is going and just listen in if you don't feel the strength to speak. Over time of getting comfortable in the environment I found myself wanting to join in, so perhaps it'll work for you. But like I said, no pressure, do what it is that you're most comfortable with. I'm just here to offer suggestions.
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-19 08:45
    Hiroi Sekai
    I'll take moe over fanservice as a whole anyday. In varied amounts this changes, but I prefer the "cute" over the "sexy".

    Yeah, the gaming industry is not pleased. This is exactly why pirating occurs; hell, now they're going to be promoting it directly.

    I suppose. Someone told me once that meth was bad for you though; think the poor guy got burned at the stake for his blasphemy.

    I'm actually in the process of nabbing about 10 pins to stick on my new hat- to hell with what society will think. New packages are awesome, but only if you don't miss the postman. I happened to catch that trailer on YouTube by coincidence, and it was a bad coincidence. The Aniplex live was really one associate showing off trailers and new products. He was laid back and fit the good side of the fandom in my eyes, so the stream was fun to sit through. Just thought I'd mention the Nise release since you were talking about that Bake incident a bit back.

    It's great fun. Anime's a topic, but joking around and discussing realistic topics is really cool too. My bud and I are three hours apart and usually talk into the very late hours of the night/morning. I don't think syncing would be too difficult if you just popped in whenever, since I rarely sleep anyways. Perhaps pop in once while we're chatting and see how you feel about it, then slink off if you're uncomfortable or anything. I have a feeling it'd be nice though.
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-18 21:59
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yeah, that's the kind I can stomach the best. Not too much, just what they need.

    They don't even try and hide it anymore. Far Cry 3 coined the term "ULC" (Unlockable Content) and it's pretty much a thing that they'll try and kill off the used game market.

    Living's a good thing to spend towards. Yes. I like the sound of food and shelter.

    I saw the keychain you were talking about shortly after, great stuff. Strike Witches also has a horrendously misleading English trailer- my god, it's terrible. I personally cannot have an opinion on it, since I haven't seen it. Oh, and I don't know if this is a thing or not, but I just finished watching an Aniplex live stream, and Bake and Nise were announced for getting Blu-Ray box sets. Dunno if it's news or not.

    Don't fret about it, I understand. You should have seen me when I joined in on my first actual Skype call. I was quiet and was basically an observer. Then as you said, you get over it and realize that people just like to chat; the world's not as scary. I've got a friend on this forum that I call almost every day and chat with; we even sync times and watch series together here and there. He's always saying that we need another person in on the chat for opinions and just for more enjoyment. Whenever you feel comfortable with it, you'd be welcome to join in; I guarantee it's always great fun. Thin walls is something I deal with as well; I think my roommate's just being considerate.
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-18 09:21
    Hiroi Sekai
    It was more of a beach episode anyways, since the mystery was kinda cheap. :3

    Yeah, buy the disk and pay extra for what's locked on it. Great practices nowadays. This is the nice thing about a gaming PC; you can afford to sidestep such travesties and go for the downloads.

    Realized we were losing an additional $40 a month on something we never used, so we asked to have it cut immediately. Like you said, why bother? Packages in the mail are great! It's awesome to see your name on it and just kinda anticipate what will be in it.

    Holy hot damn, I want that OreImo wallscroll. I had a Strike Witches poster from a NewType magazine once; knew nothing about the series and it was kinda awkward to put up with my friends coming around all of the time, so I just left it. I might have to look into wallscrolls yet again.

    P.S. I don't even remember if I asked, but do you have the means to have a proper Skype chat? Y'know, mic, cam, either/or, that kinda thing. Proper anime Skype chats are pretty much the best thing ever.
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-17 16:57
    Hiroi Sekai
    Self-control isn't part of hyperactivity! I mean, we gotta be losing so much weight we perish, y'know.

    Yeah, around later spring it was released in about 574p, but it was good to see it in 720p. By fluff you mean ice cream fluff, right?

    You mean "ULC", in this day and age. It'll be on the device itself, but we'll have to pay again to unlock it. Nyairi would be insta-death though, for sure.

    That's very true. I dunno, television and cable was a marvel back then, but now I can't stand the damn thing. I feel what we're doing is a good accomplishment. :3
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-16 03:19
    Hiroi Sekai
    I don't think I even have any hyper-metabolism to send ya- eating nothing doesn't result in further weight loss for me. xD Luckily, it doesn't take long to get one's metabolism up and running again.

    It's quite cute; they put a lot of focus of that moe on the main girls for sure though. Pretty clever move, I'd say. EP11.5 of Hyouka was actually an older episode, did you know? I caught it in a lower quality several months back. Good to see it in HD though.

    They could swap the Sister Centipede mode for an alternate voice of Hanazawa Kana. God, I would die of happiness right there.

    Probably why we drift over to anime so much, right?
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-15 04:11
    Hiroi Sekai
    I don't exactly lose weight normally, nor do I gain it. However, under unnatural circumstances I end up losing what I don't have. I took a long walk to my grocery store to get exercise recently and almost froze. Maybe that's when I got the flu.

    I understand, and there's nothing wrong with that. Tamako Market is pretty cute; I just want to give Kanna and Anko a huge hug whenever I see them. I'm sure you'd agree when you see them.

    It'll be a free app too! I can just imagine the joy now.

    Sitcoms don't usually stick with me too long; I recall having fun with Family Matters back then, but don't remember much past that. You turn on the Wii U and you just realize how much it improved from the Wii.
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-14 16:19
    Hiroi Sekai
    I'm sure I'll feel bloated and uncomfortable for hours, but I'll take it over these other horrid symptoms. I'm all set with my blood sugar and cholesterol tests too, so that meal has my name on it. I suppose I'm not malnourished either, so it's not much to worry about. Just pick up and eat smaller meals all throughout the day. Your body burns the adult intake guide's amount of calories per day through metabolism, sleep and activity. Every 3500 calories lost is a pound off of your conscience, y'know!

    Would you describe that as a phobia or a concern? As a concern, I believe I have that as well, so we're in the same boat. There's definitely something special about getting through a series you like for the first time and being encapsulated by it. Those are what we keep coming back to see (I'm currently writing a new review on a series like that!). Oh, speaking of Tamako Market, Tamako sounds like she should be the front and center love, but I've already taken a loving to her cute friend Kanna and her adorableness (Dammit, my FRAPS counter got in the screenshot!). Come to think of it, I don't really play games online. Guess at the moment it's just Battlefield 3, in which the voices can be turned off and the textbox is very easy to ignore.

    At least you get a new experience from it, right? Lock her in my basement, why would I do such a thing? She lives in a mobile device, I can take her anywhere! It'll be fantastic.

    Yeah, I told them about the ER testing and everything and they got concerned. I haven't seen that unfortunately, since we've long cut cable from our expenses. Sounds like a ridiculously bulky jacket to cause all that trouble though. Oh, and HDMI just means Nintendo caught up with modern times and can display in full 1080p HD.
  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-14 09:05
    Hiroi Sekai
    I'm going for the meat lovers pizza with cheese bread and gallons of soda. Then I'm going to probably not eat any of that for years. Sometimes I feel I'm too light for my age; I know it's not supposed to be a concern as opposed to being overweight, but I find it strange how my friends who are decently younger than I am are decently heavier (not that their overweight either). I dunno, it seems strange to me.

    Ah well, what can you do? It's much better than forcefully watching something and not getting the most out of it. Oh, this won't spoil anything, but definitely check out the Tamako Market ED here. The song and visuals create this soothing atmosphere that I'm in love with right now. As for online gaming, I've got a tactic if you ever go back. Put your music on shuffle, turn voice options to 0 (keep sound effects if you want) and never hear an annoying 10 year old again.

    Quirkiness is a solid trait; one that's much better than emptiness, I'd say. If I saw Airi looking overly sleepy while I was talking, I'd feel bad. While she's awake though, I'd talk to her all the time.

    Everyone's having a White Christmas! This is after we haven't had one for about 4 or 5 years. It's freezing here too; my parents keep buying me winter coats so I don't freeze, but it looks like the flu struck me anyways. Absolutely had a blast with Nintendo Land, definitely check out the Game Grumps play the Animal Crossing mini-game. Backwards compatibility with the Wii is definitely a thing too. Oh, and it actually comes with an HDMI cable. Like, wow.

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