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  1. larethian
    2015-07-03 02:35
    Originally Posted by Kinematics View Post
    @Larethian --- I read your spoiler (post 2514) without reading Kaoru Choju's (the only such spoiler I've read in this thread, though I went with it as you tend to be careful in wording your warnings, and I expected it to hold in what you wrote), and I have to say that taken on its own, it sounds like it's implying something waaaaay different than you probably intended. Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything.
    ROFL, holy you're right. Thanks for pointing it out. I had a great laugh at my own succinctness. I shall keep it for the laughs, people should figure out that it should be read in conjunction with Kaoru Chujo's comparison.
  2. night_sentinel
    2014-04-01 01:34
    Btw, I would like to thank you in your table. It was really really helpful. ^^ I hope you don't mind me using it?

    And your avatar is that... Ophelia? Hmmm... I need to check on Claymore. I kinda lost interest with the never ending Priscilla fight and this is not my final form storytelling.
  3. haegar
    2011-09-11 03:27
    ah I dunno, considering how debates are somewhat declining lately I guess one could say it was a somewhat misplaced attempt at humor making a joke of one of the few people who still take the time and thought to coment sensibly anyways, didn't give it overly much thought when writing it, no insult or such intended, desu ne

    btw, you're "let's play a game" credo doesn't make you look half as serious as your painting yourself just now with supposedly not being good at self-humor
  4. haegar
    2011-09-10 19:34
    ugh ... I hope you didn't get that wrong. I think i mentioned some time ago that I appreciate you being detailed and constructive ... I was just trying to make a lame joke ala "hey, I was starring at her boobs in red bikini, and you?!"
  5. revan5
    2011-08-21 13:15
    Spoiler for Try critiquing this while not smiling ;):
  6. Gooral
    2011-08-08 01:01
    About SagaraSouske, well, it is typical of him since that wasn't the only time he used his advantage of knowing Japanese to support his argument knowing perfectly well that the rest has only translations to rely on. and my response to him: And that's the one I could find but not the only one. Chibamonster had the same problem with him (I still have his PM where he said that Sagara argues just to argue).

    I've had my share of discussions with him and he is arguing just to argue after a certain point. E.g., when you pointed out that Rubel wasn't there he had just dismissed it even though it was his strongest point actually. In the end his whole deduction (don't know a better word) is based on a different and far-fetched interpretation of Dae's words. BTW, have you read the edited part? Don't you think that Dae confirming MiB's response doesn't make sense when we take into account what the question was (in SS's version)?

    As for your reply in 107th thread, I agree with your overall conclusion (that Miria is a solid #2) and since I don't have time to go into detail I'll leave it at that for now. But I should post a reply sooner or later.
  7. haegar
    2011-07-25 20:47
    oh wow, bubblegum crysis.. folks scolded me for watchin it but it was kinda fun actually I just browsed the 1 vid descr a bit, havent registered yet at so couldnt watch - though I probably will some time soon... anyways lemme know if hiatus ends I'd like to see the results of that
  8. haegar
    2011-07-24 10:35
    hey thx for reply, that was useful - didn't know you of all people were also into the amv side, thought you just was the speculation guru
    Anyways you spotted a lot Source is 720p BD to mkv converted to LAGS with AviSynth. Till some time ago I actually used my DVDs on older claymore edits but due to scaling and quality issues and also editing/conversion speed on my not too fast CPU went lookin for a 720p source - however the source does have its limits qualitywise. Best thing would be I buy a BlueRay drive and a 2nd set of discs and sacrifice a lot of time and diskspace for perfect HQ source - but as long as I'm stuck with my 1680x1050 rez screen I can't truelly appreciate full HD so for now will have to do with this 'workaround'. So dunno how much I can do about blocking that occurs with too much zoom and also with some fx ..

    As for active color. originally the clip till sec17 was supposed to be b/w and was prerendered as such... but then I felt needs some color... Turns out though the orange color fx doesnt like the fact that it goes on the clip with a prerendered heightmap and other fx at the same time its pretty hard to control on this clip. I just ramdomly slapped in some ten keypoints over the whole vid to roughly adjust the orange... hence, yeah, looks sloppy in part So I'll have to redo it in the old project file and only use it on selected clips instead - I didnt really plan to also precisley time the "color morphing" or whatever to call it since I already invested some hours into the normal 'timing', but that is actually a very nice idea worth exploring so thx for that one especially.

    whish I'd finish one too, but so far I never really have gotten much over clips 30sec in lenght - it does get more and more fun as I keep learning more things about editing though and results get nicer bit by bit so hopefully I'll have a bit more stamina this time

    song is called "anti you" btw and would feature prissy/teresa and clare/ophy - Lyrics aint exactly perfect but I guess it might work.
  9. revan5
    2011-07-23 01:29
    Originally Posted by Royal Blue Nazi
    Thanks and to Kinematics, I have now a more better guideline on how to draw things out for the fan fiction. It's just really funny how Kinematics apply mathematical coordinates in the art, because I never used to draw sketches with very intense mathematical perspective. But in art dimensions Kinematic is right and now I am trying to improve myself. Now with Kinematic's advices I see the flaws to be improved!! Esp. the veil, the eyes, and the splayed cuff.

    Actually, I make two sketches of Miria in wedding dress. The first one I trashed out because I made a mistake in her face. The second one is this. I have to admit it is challenging to make Miria in the mode of happiness, since she is portrayed a lot as a serious type woman, and Yagi rarely feature her smiling or becoming happy. Good thing I survived the dilemna and come out with a happy Miria for this sketch

    Kind me regards to Kinematics for his/her helpful advices.
    It seems your advice was rather appreciated.
  10. revan5
    2011-07-17 18:55

    Alright Mr. Critic (), try to not drool and critique Royal Blue Nazi's latest!


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