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Every word must conjure

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  1. Shiek927
    2012-03-05 22:20
    Hey Shelter - good to see you post again recently in Febuary...this forum though has unfortunately met it's demise since then, so I implore you to transfer over to the Mangahelpers website where most people have congregated.
  2. revan5
    2011-07-17 19:09

    got another one from my buddy Bmesias to motivate you to keep reading the second book. Technically this is from the first book, but it was so lovely I thought you'd want to see it.
  3. revan5
    2011-01-11 01:48

    How's that for a bunch of original characters from the second fanfic? I'm up to 32 reviews on the original, and if you ever feel like seeing the polished version, you can find it on
  4. revan5
    2010-11-14 22:42
    The reviews are steadily coming in, and they all agree, you've got to read "Claymore: New Era"! Let's hear from some of the fans about their thoughts on Revan5's epic:

    A good Introduction to your setting, I do like that it is being told from a historical perspective, thought it makes me wonder who the narrator is.
    Ok, here goes revan5. When I started the story, I found the characters that were being used were new. This was a shock, hehe. But once you get past, the prologue, it is easy to follow and the way the characters are described gives and easy grasp of their personality and their appearance. I will say that I found the picturesque way which you described most incidents was well crafted and easy to visualize. Looking forward to you uploading all the chapters!
    Oooh, they're getting ready for some big action , thank god I already have the story or I think I'd be dying of excitement.
    Alright so this chapter was awesome for the excitement, had a hard time editing it because I kept getting hooked on the story.
    I didn't think I would be interested in this story but boy ... WAS I WRONG! Chapter 8 was a classic!
    Also possibly one of the most, if no the most, epic chapter of a Claymore fan fiction I have read in a long time.
    Have you been keeping updated as the story has been published on The reviews seem to be improving as the story moves along. You're missing out if you haven't seen the latest chapters. A big thumbs-up for your help on this Shelter. It appears our team did a fine job.
  5. revan5
    2010-09-11 13:09

    "He's checking to see if each of the contestants is adequately hung over"

    "Oh, it looks like illicit drugs have officially entered play"

    "That's not the level of scorn I'd expect from a top competitor!"

    "I haven't seen performances like this since last year's Douchebag Summer Games in out in sunny Santa Monica, California!"
  6. MisterJB
    2010-09-10 19:39
    It seemed to me that Miria was under the mind control until the very last second so, awakening is probrably out of question. A theory that I have is that maybe all of it, including her death, was only an illusion meant to break Miria's mind thus making her docile enough to be experimented upon.
    So, basically, an illusion inside of an illusion.

    Well, it won't be long until we get another character who has a real problem with the Organization. If so far, Tabitha had only rebelled because of Miria, now she's really going to want revenge.
    Ah, the tougth of Tabitha becoming Clare version 2 makes me cringe. She already has little personality.

    Frankly, I think Yagi tried to "jump the shark. It would be a waste to have the manga end so soon without even witnessing the war in the Mainland.
    Which would actually be a good theme for Yagi's next manga.
  7. MisterJB
    2010-09-05 20:02
    Well, if I had to describe this chapter in one word, it would have to be “painful”, it angers and saddens me.
    Apparently, not content with simply killing her by plot induced stupidity and through illusions ( I would rather call it, mind control, otherwise, how can we even explain Miria failing to realize that she herself had killed Hilda years ago) that not even Aizen could hope to pull off , Yagi had to completely humiliate Miria. Those last moments, where she kneeled, smiled, cried and even begged for “Hilda” to stop chopping her to bits and recognize her, were a complete degradation of Miria’s character and everything she had accomplished during the manga.
    Frankly, it did not come as a surprise, oh no, after the revelation of a “trump card” it was very obvious that Miria was doomed. However, never would I have guessed that this was how everything was to end.
    The only good thing that can be said about it is that at least it was made very clear that Miria only failed because of compassion. Had she acted like a soldier and killed all those that opposed her on her way to Rimuto’s throne room, she would still alive. And it would even have been logic; by sacrificing this generation of warriors, she could have destroyed the Organization and prevented more suffering.
  8. revan5
    2010-09-04 09:06
    QUOTE]I think now that one of our favourite characters died, fanfiction would probably be the only appropriate way to remember & question all the what-ifs.

    That #10 warrior is really some kind of cheat code.[/QUOTE]

    The timing couldn't be any more unfortunately right on, as I'm just about to post this fanfic to this month. Please let me know if the revised version wins your "seal of approval". I like to think this is the proper way Miria ought to have lived (in my fanfic), but obviously Yagi disagrees.

    Oh, and Gangsta Spanksta said he loved how Dragonkin are introduced and portrayed in "The Silver-eyed Empress". I do think you'll enjoy the new work once its plot gets going.
  9. revan5
    2010-08-30 23:18

    "Just when I thought I was out, Revan5 brings me back in!" Oh sorry, I hope you don't mind me advertising the latest work on your wall. The first 3 chapters of "The Silver-eyed Empress" are now available, and I suspect will not need nearly as much revision as my prior work in "Claymore: New Era". Have a look and let me know. I think you'll find the change in scenery refreshing, although there are still some kinks to get out first.
  10. revan5
    2010-08-19 20:09
    It's alive! By alive I mean a specific creature in book 2, buy hey, I'm sure me revising the Epilogue into the Prologue of Book 2, "The Silver-eyed Empress" wouldn't interest you. Nor the kick-ass chapter 1 that follows. Alright, so you'll probably enjoy these new works a lot! We can fix whatever isn't working in no time. Have fun browsing the new selections!

    Big News though-the girl who did all the art in my sig is a month away from completing a cover page for my "Claymore: New Era" cover page. It'll be in color, feature multiple claymores, and probably rival anything Yagi's ever done in color. Ryus is of the opinion that Loivissa (who ironically can't find her AS password and told me via DeviantArt) is probably a better color artist than Yagi is. Stay tuned for new developments. I expect I'll have to post the first fanfiction, with some final polishing mind you, onto in a few weeks.

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