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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 23:02
    Be sure to get your regular checkups at the dentist then, I let it languish a few years and this was the result I still think among its english fans those that like it will still like it, I mean I run across enough new reaction series on youtube to note some popularity still here in the states at least. Anyway, looking forward to said new Broly film regardless, looks much more interesting and built up/written out then the previous ones plus Goku's getting a bit of a rewrite on his backstory as well to include that one manga short about Bardok and Goku's mom.

    Hmmm, not the worst road trip if you're really desperate between the two cities if it comes to that I mean, but yeah hoping things work out for you. Again, though, Lelouch's greatest weapon is his mind and if he has to come back to save the day he's gonna need at least some time to think up and set up a plan I feel. Again, I just don't think C.C has the mind or ability to be Zero, especially if Suzaku of all people can't keep it up either, the whole point of Suzaku's fall in the movies to me is just to showcase that no one else can truly be Zero except Lelouch, but we'll see I suppose. If Lelouch dies again I can see C.C. dying to join him, but if he lives I see her heeding his advice about living rather then just accumulating experiences etc and them keeping their promise to each other regarding happiness and smiles etc. I feel I'd be more surprised if there weren't since this is Lelouch we're talking about and he's all about the contingencies Well I don't see how since I recall seeing him in his Knight of Round outfit during the first promo video from a year ago, plus he's going back to Lancelot Albion again so... I'm thinking the jig will be up regarding that anyway.

    That bit about them dating is just dumb/inconsequential (and even dumber and more inconsequential then her death was in R2 which I thought was a waste to begin with btw) and I didn't notice that at all in any of the new scenes in the movies, I'm hoping they just forgot and cut it in this Resurrection (hell Shirley can just not appear for all I care to reconcile both movie and anime series followers so we don't have to deal with it), especially since both C.C and Kallen's romantic feelings are still so blatantly obvious for Lelouch and his own receptiveness towards them as well. Personally Imma stick to my headcannon, Mao still happens but the only thing that changes is that Shirley heeds Jeremiah's advice in the movies and stays out of it, thus avoiding Rolo. And my headcannon has been paying off after all given Lelouch seems to finally, hopefully, be making his return

    They seem fine and very similar to their last iterations, some minor changes like the blue breast plate for Lancelot but otherwise we'll have to see if there are any substantial changes when they go into actual action.

    In the meantime to brighten up the mood I've recently gotten into My Hero Academia at last over the past few months. It really is topping all the previous shounen action animes for me right now, how about you?
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-08 20:57
    Thanks, it's good talking with you again. And they're definitely not fun, still have one last dental appointment in January too to finally fix everything up... <_< And true, that is rather risky though CG has a pretty hardcore cult following so it's still possible, though they might limit the release in comparison to Dragonball. Also I hope the Broley retcons finally means Super is cutting out GT while we're on the topic

    I thought you were near a major city btw, so hopefully that increase the chances for you? I'm only slightly worried on my end in NYC, they usually have one or two theaters that do it like that one Naruto movie I recall a year or two back. I'm going to be optimistic and say he comes back at the half-way point, but he is definitely coming back IMO. And while it's possible that Zero is someone else I don't think it's C.C. The premise of the movie to me is that it's establishing no one else can take Lelouch's place and keep his peace, as is the case with Suzaku's fall right now, and C.C. doesn't have that ability either. But anyway my point is they can't use Lelouch's name in the title and not have him show up, and if they need him to show up then the situation has become a serious problem he'll need time to resolve, so I'm hoping for either a half or at least a third of the movie screentime from him... And this also goes back to a fundamental problem I always thought Lelouch had to plan for in case the Zero Requiem's memory started to eventually fade after he was gone, he really couldn't just leave it all to Suzaku to juggle, and my prediction was right given the mess he ends up in during this movie. Plus I'm fairly confident Jun Fukuyama is not being paid just to do lines for those damn recap movies . I mean they rewrote Shirley back into the universe for pete's sake, how can they leave Lelouch out in his own series? Glad Shirley's alive btw, though that's the only retcon from the movies I accept (aside from Lelouch's return of course) given how minor all those other changes were in it and stupid time compression's

    Oh appreciate the links, they're informative. Some of this looks like it was cut though, like that side-story about Black Albion. Previous trailers showed Suzaku piloting a purple and gold Shinkiro as the new Zero, and the Albion 2.0 in its usual colors albiet with a blue chest piece.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2018-12-05 22:53
    Hey Dann, sorry it's been awhile yet again Managed to finish my Paralegal studies in case you were wondering, and then resolved my dentail emergency troubles (damn root canals truly are the pain in the ass people say they are ). So I thought I'd stop by finally because of the recent Code Geass R3 trailer and some news that comes with it, like the movie premiering here in NA in 2019. Wanted to know if that makes you as excited as I am now, cause I'm gonna be busting my hump trying to get tickets ASAP. Anyway, here's the link with the trailer just in case you hadn't seen it. Hope to get your thoughts
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2018-03-30 14:41
    I did hear about the license but didn't know when or how they'd be releasing it so thanks for the link. Looking forward now to seeing what the official translation reads as. For now though I'm gonna concentrate on the new adaptation and seeing how and in what ways it differs, since it'll only be about 24 episodes long, broken up into 12 episodes for this year and then a 4 three episode length movies in the next.

    Yeah, that is pricey though I'm not too shocked given the length. This is definitely for the hardcore fans only. Will have to wait and see if they give up a slimmed down version but for the effort of translating it I'm not surprised they went all out to get as much worth as possible for each unit. Anyway, response out late tomorrow my time, gonna finally see Hamilton this afternoon though I'm sad I didn't get to catch the original cast for my first viewing

    EDIT: Sorry Dann, stuff with Hamilton lasted longer then I thought so we'll have to save my response for tomorrow. Talk to you then.

    EDIT AGAIN: Gah, yesterday dragged on longer then I hoped Dann. Hopefully I'll be able to have something by Wednesday

    EDITED ONE LAST TIME: Really am sorry Dann, hopefully with the first program of my training ending this week I'll be able to finally post. Delays on my story are also bothering me so I'll be focusing on that a bit this week before I can get back to our conversation as well. Apologies in the advance
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2018-03-29 16:37
    Should have my response up sometime Saturday but just wanted to give a heads up about that Legends of Hero remake coming out next week if you want to check it out. I'll likely do it to see if they change anything along with cool space battles of course
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2018-03-19 22:11
    Hey, gonna get my response up next week when I get a day off, currently busy trying to get the latest chapter of my fic up along with needing to work on a new assignment for my paralegal course. Just want to check in and see if you're okay, recently heard about the Austin bombings and forgot if you were there or in Houston. Let me know as soon as you see this if everything's okay
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2018-02-24 23:41
    That's awesome news, glad there wasn't too much upheaval.

    Got admitted to the paralegal program, so the next 8-16 weeks will be active now for me at least, and hopefully it pans out into a better paying job in the future.

    Same, maybe there's some hope after Miyazaki but we'll see. The Shokugeki dub is entertaining and makes it worth seeing at least just to find out how much the reinterpret everything, made an interesting distraction while I caught up with the Shokugeki manga as well. Anything you are keeping up with at the moment manga or anime wise, Attack on Titan, Ancient Magus bride etc? Yeah, Ao's done, they're still on these checks though and it's been over a week still... hope they manage to come out sometime by the end of this month, or early March so we can finally have some English version of all the games out at last Understandable, hopefully things clear up/calm down on your end to where you get some free time to relax, good luck with the new job in any event Okay then, since you're relatively up to date with the show and have read the first book and know the theory nothing should be too much of a spoiler... here's the link. Bit behind right now, but hopefully I get a chance to update next week now that all this last minute registration stuff is finally over and before I deal with anything too serious with the classes. Anyway, let me know what you think about my take and if you need an explanations

    Well, in the mean time there's always the new Thrawn book (and graphic version of the first book) to look forward to. EDIT: Also I think the Director for Rebels said they wanted to move on and work on other Star Wars animated related projects, so we'll just have to wait and see how that plays out. In the meantime I just got and read my copy of White Sand Volume 2 at last, which was a relief after all the delays. Oh and definitely agree about LJ resistance scenes, that stuff felt really stagnant but hopefully they pick things up in the next movie. Speaking of though, I can confidently say Black Panther at least lives up to all its hype and can very surely recommend you go see it if you already haven't, really good stuff. Let me know what you think when you do check it out
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2018-02-18 00:32
    No big, understand perfectly in fact, just glad everything's going well on your end at least, and congrats So, are you still in Texas then I take it?

    Did that a few times, though those were often civil jobs being offered with all the damn exam and certification processes before they can even consider giving you a position thus far <_< Yeah, me too, looking into this paralegal certificate program while I wait to hear back word from the NYC job agency for any word on an offer after my civil exam for an environmental inspector job.

    Wouldn't be surprised, I started to play catch up with a lot at around the end of the year, between manga's, and webtoon series, only just started with animes again (finally watched the Your Name Movie, which was surprisingly good, and the first half of the 3rd season of Shokugeki along with the dub which feels like an abridged series with how much dialogue they took licenses with ). Had a chance to read through anymore of Shoukoku no Altair btw (medieval alternate setting with based in the equivalent of Turkey manga just a reminder) Also been playing my way through the Trails of Cold Steel games since 2 just came out (holding off until it's patched/bug fixed though), while eagerly waiting to chance to eventually try out an edited fan translation patch for the Crossbell games. Don't take it you've managed to get through Trails in the Sky yet though? Nah, I totally get it, it's a bit intense at times though I have some hope things will start to turn around somewhat like they have recently on the show. Nah, that'd be too boring and standard. If you know the R+L=J theory then I can tell you

    Yup, after this season, and the last half of it is set to pick back up with broadcasting this Monday. Eh, I saw Last Jedi, wasn't the best movie but think I liked the overrall direction they were going with honestly, made Kylo more interesting when I initially kind of hated his character so that's got me invested enough now to see how it all ends.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-12 13:53
    Weather's finally letting up these past for days so that's good. Same here. Hey, I'm happy for you, certainly better then what I'm getting so far which is few if any responses. I hope so. Yeaahhh, it's never a good idea to have a car just sit out there for long periods of time like that on the street during a trip or vacation no matter what neighborhood, it's basically an open invitation for someone to try something. Here's hoping, and that your insurance hopefully managed to kick in to help.

    Yeah, once I'm a bit further writing my story I'll probably start looking up agencies by at most the end of the month, the online application thing is just not working right now for me as I hear very little back. Let's just say I'm REALLY counting on that civil service exam I took last year to pulls through now <_<

    Pretty much the same on my end, got a few animes I want to finish though some are still ongoing or just beginning this season so I'm content to wait on them for now. Yeah, took 5 years but I finally managed it Ah, that is pretty far behind. Definitely suggest you get through book 3 as it encompasses seasons 3 and 4 so you'll make good progress on both fronts with that. How do you like A Song of Ice and Fire so far anyway, have any questions you'd like me to clarify? Err, the change happens in the far past during Robert's Rebellion, so it's almost a total AU fic from the books due to that one change I made. I can't say anything more without spoiling stuff for you though. I mean, just how much DO you know in terms of current events exactly? I'd hate for you to have been spoiled by some of the more crucial/intricate details

    Suppose you're right on Thrawn, there is not rush between the summer release and Rebels Season 4 not having finished yet. That might change. Also have to check out the Last Jedi on my end <_<
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-04 13:49
    Thanks, definitely put in the work for that one, including staying with family out in Long Island to practice. Oh hey that's great to hear, I wish you good luck on that. You've been doing better then me so far, hardly hear anything back most times so at least you've got that going. Now that I have my license I may have to start venturing out of NYC to find any kind of job at this rate, even though I'm not the most comfortable driver yet for obvious reasons. Sucks about the car but glad to hear it's not a total loss with the insurance, hope you told your friend off for not looking after it

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have to start going back to those options soon if nothing changes within the next month or so.

    Yeah, I've picked up a few steam games from the winter sale to while away the time too, plus my writing and reading other fanfics recently. Need to catch up on anime though, only thing I follow consistently right now is RWBY. (speaking of finally got Kara's signature on Monty's poster so I got everyone from the production staff at last ) Well I hope that includes the A Song of Ice and Fire and the Thrawn book as well at least, as there's a new Thrawn novel out this summer so best catch up soon if you haven't already. Book continuity mostly though I'll use the show to fill in gaps when needed along with weaving in easter eggs exclusive to the tv series as well. So again, how far along are you on either of those mediums? Cause I would like to get your thoughts on my work if possible

    Amen to that

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