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Aimo ~ Tori no Hito

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  1. Sassarai
    2010-07-13 21:19
    nope and dont wanna
  2. Sassarai
    2010-07-06 10:55
    I realize our taste in games opposites so when you say it's the best part, I know I should avoid it at all cost o_O
  3. Sassarai
    2010-06-25 00:42
    At level 90ish and killed 2 human bosses at Basicilla chap 16. I think I'm ready for the boss. I'm so surprised by the amount of praise this game received. For me it has a torture trying to get through this game.

    More recycled mobs, running back and forth, and repetitive gameplay than most mmos!

    edit: Finally done with this game! Not going to even bother with Neverland. Just going to return it to my friend. Last boss strat was the same as every boss strat.
  4. Sassarai
    2010-06-24 02:13
    ok I finally figured out how to move my gun after 14 chaps. Kind of retarded to have to select an adapter then hit the R2 key. I read it was possible to move it but gave up after awhile but decided to google it and found out.
  5. Sassarai
    2010-06-22 17:44
    Well I'm on chap 14 and I'm hating it more and more. The battles are getting longer and repetitive. A bunch of recycled thugs, dwellest, etc but just a lot more of them per screen causing you to do repetitive fights over and over again. Scratch damage, actual damage, rinse and repeat. The only reason why I'm still playing is because the story is somewhat interesting.
  6. Sassarai
    2010-06-08 15:38
    That's perfect, you can be operation human shield.

    I can't believe there's a lot of peeps that like ROF a lot. The game play is horrible. Five or 5 blocks, same mobs, create a line with mg user, do scratch dmg, use hg user to do dmg /repeat. There's not much customization as well.
  7. Sassarai
    2010-06-05 17:38
    It's not really a mmo since you can beat the game. I'ts more like a multi player rpg. I'm just giving it a try since my friend wants me to play with him badly so I'll probably head to frys next week and grab it. I need some peeps to lend me their axe and bow!
  8. Sassarai
    2010-06-05 10:59
    On chap 4. The going into "coward" mode is retarded cuz there's like a .0000001 percent chance of winning. Me and my homie is going to play Never Winter Nights 2 you down!?? lol
  9. Shiroth
    2010-06-05 06:19
    Go check on mangaupdates. They still should be up there.
  10. Sassarai
    2010-06-03 01:46
    Just finished the Tutorial on ROF battle system. zZZZZZzZzzzzz boringgggggggg! I hope the actual battles aren't as boring.

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