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  1. Urei
    2009-04-22 02:14
    Hm, I believe that the concept behind the second part was something that wanted to develop from the very start. I mean, the whole series, right from the very first scene meant to find an answer as to why people fight and a way to make them realize how twisted the reasons behind the war are. That's the reason why I didn't expect for Gundam 00 to uphold an unchanged formula of the first part. There was an enormous revolution shown at the end of the first part as well. I'm sure people missed it. The world shifted from internal conflicts towards integration by the guidance of Innovators. That was the idea behind Aeolias plan to begin with - integration at all costs.

    In that world, where people experienced fear of being suppressed by such power as CB, there is no possible way but to shift your priorities towards integration and fighting those who think otherwise. I believe there is no other way for a world to develop in that situation. Of course, nations could have used Tau Drives to strengthen their armies and fall into military stall once again, but not with Innovators - the main enemies behind the scenes. It's only natural that a regiment created resistance. Both sides want to fight.

    In that world there is also no possible way to present any political drama or tensions as those in the first part. Ultimately everyone wants peace. What would Katharon, A-Laws, Regular Army and CB want to fight with? - We want peace but with democracy! ; - We want peace but with autocracy!; - We want to fight god damnit! etc. I know I would be disappointed if they reused the earlier concept. Well, that's what I believe :he:

    Yes, Nina was, frustrating and, ugh... Somewhat Ranka'ish Then again, you won't find many Gundam shows where you actually get a love triangle theme If stardust Memory got a longer run I think people would not find it that rushed. Well, I think the pace was ok but I understand why others may think otherwise Cosmic Era has ao much potential. Stargazer has shown us how a solid series in that universe should look like. War and killing, but hope as well. If you think about it, it's understanding eachother what made them depart back home in Stargazer Gundam. You know, suprisingly enough I find Shin a bit more enjoyable character then Kira. At least when he goes ballistic ans wayward with strange reasoning it's entertaining to see what develops out of it. Unlike Mr. Yamato who jums into his machine and presses Auto Beam Spam + One Phrase Answers button.

    (Ranka is everything I don't want in an anime heroine, and is generally an underdeveloped mary sue character used to pander to the fanboys. Her mannerisms and design alone let you know that) Haha, makes you wonder why she's Kawamori's favorite character, even more, why the heck did he even managed to like her

    I agree about Alto. He's the best Macross protagonist in my opinion, with DYRL Hikaru right behind him. I pretty much agree on the rest. Macross F is an amazing series that will make you want to squeeze the hell out of your favorite characters in one big Takamura hug If I were an otaku and lived in Japan I would order a Sheryl and Alto cardboard cut outs and make them stand together in front of my door

    Sorry for yet another big portion of text
  2. Urei
    2009-04-22 00:42
    I on the other hand find the concept of New Types rather dried up. I mean, every single hero of U.C. Tomino Gundam series is a New Type, accept for Loran. The concept of them being a leverage in war is pretty nice and reasonable as people always tend to use their new found toys for war. And that's another problem with U.C. series. Kou or Shiro and heroes from IGLOO were not New Types and look what they got. Small sized series with different themes then those 40+ episode ones. They did not change anything and they had absolutely no chances to do so. Local heroes. That's why I love Stargazer in Seed fandome. I find it very realistic and fitting the whole Seed universe far better then Seed itself

    As for 00. Well, I actually like the second part of the series more then the first one. No matter how you look at it the first part and the second are integral and, well, you can't treat them separately, as the later 25 episodes are a result of what happened in the first part. As you said, the first part concentrated on political drama and international tensions while having an unimaginably powerful force thrown in between. Then again the first part had not so much character development and the plot bored some viewers. I found it exciting, always thinking - "How will the world react now.". In the second part however there was no need to think like that. The world changed on it's own and ended up twisted and closed off to other peoples pain.

    What happened near the end of the first part could only result in something like that. I think many people misunderstand the concept of 00. The first part made them think it was a political drama while it was always a character driven show that from the very beginning, in form of Maisters, tried to find a way to straighten the world and, in Setsuna's case, find a way to have a chance for a peaceful future. While the first part tried to present the viewer with - what if we make the world become peaceful using force; the second one was - it was not right, the problem is much deeper then that. We were wrong and this is the result You can say that the second part contradicts the first one. The first one was using viewers morals to develop while the second one their feelings. I have no problems with that as I believe that the answer for - why people fight, is pretty much correct. People like Ribbons or Ali do not fit the understanding category. People like them fight because either they want to gain something or just love to kill. That's the exact reason why CB is needed.

    About the characters. Well, aside from Nena I didn't find any problems with how they developed or ended up. You have to consider that a good deal of stories, as said in Linear Notes for ep 25. Were left unfinished for the purpose of the movie.
  3. Urei
    2009-04-21 17:12
    Haha, well, I'm always swaying from Gundam to Macross. I'm well aware those two series compete with each other since ancient times but, you know, I can't bring myself to concentrate on one. Although if I had to choose I'd go with Macross. SDF, DYRL and F, managed to take a bite out of that heart I have And I too am a great fan of Front Mission. I'm waiting for v4 English patch for FM5 that'll be released pretty soon

    Well, I started out with Stardust Memory so unlike many other people I was very critical from the start. Then I went for the Tomino series and that's why I ended up somewhat disliking his directing style. Funny thing is it's not because of Gundam but because of his other works. Well, as for me, the greatest series of Gundam that I've watched are Stardust, 8th, Stargazer, CCA <- quality/movie/end of amuro+char, War in the pocket and the latest entry, 00. It's pretty obvious what type of series I preffer ^^'

    Hm, you know, about Seed, it's because of the characters that I, well, don't like that series. I like Ramius and Mwu but thats about it.
  4. Urei
    2009-04-21 14:45
    Hm, it's hard to tell. I'm not a fan of Turn A to tell the truth, although I do admit that Tomino did a fairly better job in that series then in his previous, U.C. based ones. Then again, it's so rare. If you consider the fact that he tried to kept distance then it's all better. After all, many of his series ended up being a bit humorous near the end. I'd prefer for him to keep away from children though. He clearly has some unresolved problems from his childhood.

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