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  1. Theron
    2009-02-10 23:58
    Occasionally I do look back to just see where the whole thing stated. Or when I'm rewatching something. But most of the time I end up with the same questions and impressions I got while watching. Like with recent shows with R2 it was pretty obvious from the get go that things will get rushed and that ended up being the main problem with the show. Or in case of Macross from the first episodes it was obvious yet again the Alto will be the weakest ling in the whole scheme of things. Don't know if it's just me or do I really notice things that will become loose ends by the end of the show? -_-' In any case it happened time and time again.

    I don't know about new season - haven't checked on it for a while. But I'M sure the hype will let us know as soon as something substantial surfaces.

    oh, by the way, wanted to ask what do you think about 00 Gundam and 00 Raiser design?
  2. Lord Uiruu
    2009-02-10 20:58
    Lord Uiruu
    i see.......
  3. Lord Uiruu
    2009-02-10 20:52
    Lord Uiruu
    your depressed?
  4. Theron
    2009-02-10 17:59
    Speaking of Regene masterplan: ^_________^

    That trurn of events may be at least amusing. Especially now as Ribbons with his god complex became more of annoyance that an interesting character. I mean a plain character with minimum development can be interesting only to some degree. Using a Geass analogy if instead of such a plain character like Ribbons we got ubercharismatic Charles-Wakamoto it wouldn't matter if he had a god complex or curls - he still remained amazingly entertaining to watch. 00 doesn't have charismatic and compelling character that would be interesting to watch even without massive development at all. They all are at the same mediocre level.

    Damn, it seems I just can't let go of the whole pointlessness of 00's plot. The thing about 00 that makes it different from all other Gunam shows is that in 00 more than a third off screen time was used on setting - all the politics and world state. Other shows concentrated more on characters and mecha battles and if you wanted to know more about the world itself you'll need to go and search for the info. You'd get only the necessary info on the organizations that were directly involved in the plot and that's was it. In 00 everything is the other way around and even if it worked in the first season it doesn't really do the trick anymore.

    You know, right now there's this gigantic plot hole that not many people can see: what will happen after the unavoidable CB victory? Let's assume that A-Laws and Innovators were defeated and CB itself vanished so that member wouldn't have to answer for their crimes. What next? The Federation gets another grey faceless amorphic government and happily calls itself a perfect democracy? And all other countries rejoice and celebrate? What exactly than? I don't see any way for anything to be resolved at the end of the series. It's just like "the fighting is over - everyone's dead so let's start over again". There is no fitting character to put in charge after everything is over. An absolute lose-lose situation: whatever happens in the end everyone on this version of Earth is screwed and live keeps on sucking.

    I have no idea how Kuroda and Mizushima will try to dig themselves out of that hole that they themselves created with all those 'dead end' characters.

    Hmm, Kyon as in the Kyon from Haruhi or someone else?

    Yup, that's the one. Just read the opening messege.
    Hojo Tsukasa Fan Club - Kyonism
    *I hope this doesn't sound like totally impudent promouting... -_-'*
  5. Theron
    2009-02-09 03:47
    The thing about Treize was the he made you wanna follow him till the very end. Its really is shame that there's nobody quite like him these days.

    By the way, I kind of liked GSD. Yes, it is flawed in various ways, but I think that the main reason why some people dislike it is just because of enormous expectations that GSD obviously couldn't have met. I watched GSD right after SEED and - as I've already heard a couple things about Shinn's background - I was mostly interested in old characters. Also I had the episode list so I could skip most of the oh-so-frustrating recap and old footage episodes. ^^ As a separate work GSD fails pretty hard, but as a sequel it isn't as bad as people made it sound. I even liked the ending. ^^

    Oh, yeah, by mentioning Shinn I remembered something. What do you think about anime characters in the military lets say with attitude problems? Like Andrei for example. I simply don't understand how he could still be in the military with this ridiculous grudge against his father who was following basic battle logic. I mean, come on, he should have been psychologically evaluated or something. Do they really think that's how in real military high ups just don't give a damn about its members? -_-'

    Yeah, all the characters seem to be almost at the same mediocre level in terms of impact. One of the things that irritate me is how much importance people are giving to Marina. I just don't understand it. She hasn't done ANYTHING for two seasons strait. All she's really don was sighing and appearing on the screen with that martyrs look of hers. Oh, yeah, and she sang. That makes her very important, not. What kind of logic is that anyway? -_-'

    And Graham was revived especially to make the worst masked character in the history of Gundam. And he was so promising in the first season...

    Surprisingly, that felt pretty good. Now I kind of understand why character bashing is so popular. ^___^

    Oh, yeah, one more thing, I wanted to share. I created two social groups! ^^ Something I wanted to do for quite some time. 'Tsukasa Hojo Fan Club' - that's pretty self-explanatory and 'Kyonism' - that's sort of a phylosophy based on Kyon's way of thinking. You can check them out, if you like of course.
  6. Theron
    2009-02-08 15:54
    I agree. There's not much at the moment to be exited about. 00 surely doesn't live up to my expectations. It became rather boring and predictable. Honestly the only thing that made 00 original from the start was setting, especially in the first season. Now I can't help but think that whoever wins in the end - the situation on Earth won't get resolved a bit. Basically, whatever happens at the end of 00 life in this universe will still suck and there's nobody among the characters charismatic enough to be put in a leadership position. All of 00 characters are at the same mediocre level. I bet they'll just put another faceless character in charge at the end and call this bluff another great democracy. What a happy ending... -_-'

    Meh, I think my frustration is all because I miss Treize. His era ended when shows took more realistic direction. So instead of real leaders with clear ideals, honor, the kind of leaders you'd want to follow trough anything we get yaoish Durandahl in GSD and Shneizel in Geass. 00 doesn't have anyone at all - all the characters are either bad or worse or indifferent / don't have the necessary charisma. But that's kind of understandable - 00 is all about destruction and despair.

    Anyways I can see only one way out of this boring fall out of events - another masterful manipulation. For example, by Regene - he seems sinister enough, in fact he's way more of a charismatic character that Ribbons with his god complex. Hmm, for Regene to side with Wang and stage a brilliant manipulation maybe concerning Veda in some respect. A la Zero style. ^^

    Like that:

    That at lest would be original unlike all second season was so far. All that there was this far is fighting between CB and A-Laws.

    Maybe I'm just too picky, but the second season is dropping in my eyes lower than almost any other Gundam.

    Anyway that just me ranting. Not that there's not many people praising 00 as best Gundam show so far... -_-'
  7. Theron
    2009-02-08 13:19
    Same here. Though I may have a break till the end of the month. Life sure is hectic, huh? ^~
  8. Jeffry2009
    2009-02-07 23:22
    Maybe you guys shouldn't bother him.

    I mean you should put him under messenger instead.
  9. Theron
    2009-02-07 17:19
    Yo, Dann! I was just wondering whether you're still around. Krimzon sims to have retired for good this time.
  10. Jeffry2009
    2009-02-02 11:42
    Hello Where hv u been actually?

    Did you know That I'd actually Have an EMOTIONAL DISORDER these days all bcoz of anime Shows (But Movies & Any drama series Aren't affected!! Weird?)?

    Wikipedia it if you like to know. Later.

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