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  1. Akito Kinomoto
    2012-05-27 19:58
    Akito Kinomoto

    Is a lot of C/Katherine in your sig.

    I've seen ads for the game though quite frankly I have no idea what to expect from it (I'm assuming you're playing or have played the game).
  2. Elo the Blue
    2012-05-27 17:12
    Elo the Blue
    Thanks for the info.
  3. Arabesque
    2012-05-26 21:41
    That sounds like a good plan. It's certainly what I'm doing in regards to getting a 3DS (I'm still with Nintendo after all these years, at least with their handheld titles. I own a PS3, wasn't really planing on getting a Wii but I share it with some of my friends (we all put some money into it)).

    It had been a while since I last played a JRPG (last one was Golden Sun Dark Dawn , which I've beaten a while ago so I can't really give much input on the title you listed other than Legend of Heroes which I played for a little bit ^^) I might pick it up if you say it's good sometime later.

    But yes, C(K)atherine. Yes, I think that the strangest thing about the relationship between Katherine and Vincent is that the two are very distant from each other, despite being in a steady (and seemingly serious) relationship. It's sort of justified later on when we get to learn more about Vincent and his character. Even then, the way he behaves and as you pointed out, hanging with Orlando (who while I sympathies with his story, couldn't help but think he's a jerk and honestly very callous) made me think ''why aren't you with your Girlfriend? Why are you here?'' Bobby is sort of okay with me (he's a kid trying to pass as an adult, hard to hate him), and Erica ... well, she's pretty interesting indeed but I'll wait to get your input about her before saying anything more.

    In terms of women, I prefer Katherine's look and personality a lot more than Catherine (Glasses FTW ). In addition to what you said, I feel that Katherine does what a partner and a friend should do with their significant other, and that is push them to better themselves and think about what is best for them. She is far too good for someone like Vincent, especially since he was fooling around with his friends instead of paying her much attention.

    Shame that you got spoiled on Catherine's true nature, but even then that doesn't really matter much since it's the interactions and how it plays out that matters the most. And Vincent's reactions Man, his face just makes me laugh every time ...

    It sounds that you'll be playing the same way some of people did when they got the game, and that is try and react to how the events play out (a majority sort of played it with the ''aim for a girl'' mentality) myself, I did the same. I wanted to be truthful and thought that I'd I answer it if I was in Vincent's position (which, in retrospect, might not have been the ''right way'' to play it, but I still got a good ending, so I'm fine with it) It'll be interesting to see what you get.

    Katherine's bombshell on the 3rd day ... Oh the face he had ... I agree that it is very low to dump her after what she revealed (I certainly wouldn't never do something like that, but like I said, this is Vincent and his mind works in a very different way) but of course, there is more to the game and a lot more to be revealed about everything and how will it play out ...

    As for picking sides, will, the game works like this:
    Spoiler for Number of Endings, covering just in case:

    To trigger an ending with one of the girls, there are two factors that play into near the end, and that is 1) which direction your meter tilting towards near the end and 2) the answers to the final questions. Depending on how you answer it, it will set the ending you get.

    I got the Katherine Good ending on my first play through, which looking back I think is sort of amazing going by how I played it I don't think you have much to worry about regarding getting a Bad ending, since that requires you to intentionally screwing up with your choices or tilting throughout the majority of the game for one girl before changing your mind and picking the other (which would lead to the girl dumping Vincent, as any women would do for being played with )

    For some reason, I never did take you as the drinking type yeah, I haven't been in any bars much except for few times in my entire lifetime, and that was due to hanging or meeting friends, never to drink (even if I don't have any problems about alcohol, I prefer not to drink it given the choice) and certainly not everyday, not if I had a girl like Katherine waiting for me
  4. Triple_R
    2012-05-26 10:22
    My mood has gone up a bit.

    I probably should clarify what I meant by "It would be nice if KyoAni..."

    I didn't mean it in a "They really should do this, and if they don't, there's something wrong with them." sorta of way.

    I meant it in a sorta whimsical "Wouldn't it be cool if KyoAni did this sort of show? You know, kind of like 'wouldn't it be cool if I won a million dollars?' " sort of way.

    I don't actually expect KyoAni to do something like Ga-Rei Zero, and I won't be disappointed if they don't. I just think it would be kind of cool if they did, just like it would be kind of cool if I won a million dollars.
  5. Arabesque
    2012-05-25 22:29
    Yeah, that had always bothered me when I played (and re-played) the game. Vincent and Katherine's relationship is presented as being very ... distant. A lot of the time, from the way it was presented in the game, I ended up wondering ''Why are these two together in the first place?'' or ''Wow, how could you even forget that??''. They do get add bits that give an impression that the two do care for each other later on, but in the first days of the game ...

    Glad to know that you jumped on board to play the game And yeah, the dub is pretty great, which is actually sort of expected since Atlus pride themselves on having natural sounding, good translations. I ended up liking it a lot more than the original ^^;

    The game is pretty fun, and I can assure you you are in for a treat.

    I want to ask, since I assume your still on your first play through: How exactly are you playing the game? Are you aiming for a set ending/ or one of the two girls? or are you playing it according to what you might do in Vincent's situation?
  6. Elo the Blue
    2012-05-24 15:34
    Elo the Blue
    Who are the chicks in your new sig?
  7. totoum
    2012-05-23 06:50
    Though sometimes I do get a nice laugh out of people completely missing the point
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-05-23 02:10
    Between exams, my summer job (managed to score something related to my studies for once, which is quite cool), and her being away for a while, my girlfriend and I haven’t been seeing each other as much as we were prior to this season. We’ve mainly been watching Saki, though we’ve squeezed in some episodes of Sankarea, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and Tsuritama as well.

    To be honest, my favourites list hasn’t changed that much over the season thus far:
    Aquarion Evol: the carryover. I’m pretty much watching it for the same reason as everyone else: it’s the King of Trolls and the Queen of Trolls, and together they make one hell of a Joker. And unlike AKB0048, I don’t need support from friends to enjoy the ride.
    Fate/Zero S2: The flashbacks haven’t interested me as much as the main arc did, but the foul play in some of the episodes – 16 and 17 in particular – and its fallout has been riveting.
    Fujiko Mine: Normally I tend to prefer cute to sexy, but Fujiko brings so much classy fun to the “tricketer manhunter” archetype I can’t help but dig it. Style and setting are gorgeous too. Let down just slightly by the fact I can’t quite suspend disbelief enough not to notice how excessively elaborate those deathtraps are.
    Hyouka: Yamada Naoko (the director of K-On!) once said something to the effect of that she thought girls are naturally moe, and she showed exactly what that meant when she got some more original episodes to play with in K-On’s second season: a natural, free flowing sort of moe that doesn’t let it’s otaku origins stand out in a bad way like much of the competition. It’s been a while since then and Yamada’s not at the helm here but Kyoto has definitely taken those values to heart here – I haven’t been this impressed by the “feel” and style of a Kyoto work since Kanon 2006 made me realize what moe anime was capable of back in the day. Plus, I can kind of related to Oreki’s feeling out of place among enthusiastic people even if I don’t agree with his solution.
    Jormungand: It’s best moments – in particular the fast one Koko pulls on her opponents in episode two and the “going postal” flashback in episode five – are brilliant.
    Mysterious Girlfriend X: Lots of ero-cuteness, a bit of romance, and a whole lot more intelligence than the concept might have suggested. A bit more subtle than B Gata H Kei (another personal favourite ecchi comedy).
    Sakamichi no Apollon: Along with Hyouka, one of the late arrivals to this list. I think I like this in part because I like my romance, but it’s really the “brotherhood” of sorts between the two male leads that sets this anime apart – not just from other anime, but apart from a lot of other stuff as well.
    Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: No 0utf0xZer0 season favourite list would be complete without my insisting that at least one B list moe/ecchi/harem show is better than all the other B list moe/ecchi/harem shows airing at the same time. This time around, that position goes to Tasogare Otome. Sure, it’s too melodramatic to match Oonuma’s work on EF (okay, EF is melodramatic too but it carries it oh so much better) and Momoe is often as annoying as humourous. But I like the “(slightly horny) trickster and the boy who can see her” pairing, the show plays some neat games with how people see Yuuko, and use of light and colour is great, and it’s looking like that “amnesia” aspect of the plot actually holds some rather sinister surprises after all.

    Finally, since my Russian friend is going all over the place on multi-week trips this summer and only occasionally stopping back to visit, we decided not to try and keep up with a lot of currently airing shows in our group sessions (Fate/Zero seems to be a rare exception, maybe we’ll get back on track with more MGX or Tasogare but I wouldn’t count on it). As my brother and our other friend tend to crap out at long before us hardcore types (like, 11PM) and we became friends in part because of our shared appreciation of fine kemonomimi moe, we’ve decided to do some late night “catgirl marathon” sessions.

    In other words I’m rewatching Utawarerumono for the first time in about six years, and just as with my rewatches of Moon Phase and Kurenai, I’m loving it every bit as much as I did the first time around (makes me want to rewatch EF and Iriya no Sora…). The character and setting designs still appeal to me in a way most shows can’t match – it’s nice to be reminded exactly why Eruruu is part of my kemonomimi “trinity” along with Spice and Wolf’s Horo and Otome Youkai Zakuro’s Zakuro. And having subsequently heard her very different roles in Kurenai and Bakemonogatari, I’m quite impressed with Miyuki Sawashiro’s performance as Aruruu.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-22 18:40

    I'm ok. Could be worse, but have some anime on me with Kids on the Slope, Space Bros, Accel World, Lupin, and Fate/Zero
  10. Arabesque
    2012-05-22 16:52
    (Pretty nice avatar It's been a while since I played C(K)atherine, but I still remember it as being a pretty cool game. Any reason for the switch?)

    Doing pretty well, I think. Been more busy than usual this week, but I found myself more in control than usual and I think I was juggling everything more gracefully than usual, at least for myself Overall, I'm taking a more positive attitude about my life and where I'm going, and trying to be a step ahead of any problem I might have.

    In terms of how this relates to anime, well ... for one, I find myself having a bit more money to spend on my hobby than usual. I'm thinking that maybe I might go back to importing another show, but I hadn't made up my mind yet as to which one or if I should just save it.

    For what I watch, I find myself pretty much up to date with the shows I want to follow, and not that far behind the rest. Watching long runners like Sket Dance, Hunter X Hunter and Gundam AGE is sort of second nature for me right now (I guess spending a year with a show does that eventually ). The only anime from the past season that I'm still following is Aquarion EVOL (I more or less dropped Knight in the Arena ... I could only take so much violation of medical ethics in a show before I give up) and from this season, I'm up to date with Hyouka (really excellent visual, incredibly imaginative and well thought out. The mysteries need to be a bit more engaging but I thought that the first 3 episodes were pretty good and the following two sealed the deal) Fate/Zero , Eureka Seven AO, Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko, Mysterious Girlfriend X (have been really loving this one, sort of the dark horse of the season with me), Saint Seiya Omega (I wasn't really all that happy about Crunchyroll not having this as being an actual simulcast, but I'm sort of used to it by now. Works better with my schedule anyways) Tsuritama (the show I have my on to import atm) SpaceBro's, Boys on the Slope and, surprisingly enough, AKB0048 (I have no idea how, but I'm pretty much following this show now ).

    So yeah, pretty much having a full plate with all of these fantastic shows to watch. I ended up falling behind Shirokuma Cafe (amusing, but I don't think I can watch it week to week) Sankarea (it's a pretty okay show, but I'm not into necrophilia) Natsuiro Kiseki (I love Mizushima Seiji's work, and I watched everything he worked on before, and I'm okay with Sphere as a band but ... this show is just not working with me) and Accel World (wanted to like it, but finding it pretty meh so far. Hopefully next season's SAO will be better)

    For my backlog, I have Shining Hearts (interested due to Tony Taka's designs and the promise of a follow up to the anime) Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Ginga e Kickoff and Is this a Zombie? (saving them for a rainy day).

    How about yourself?

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