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  1. stray
    Yesterday 20:58
    Yeah Spain lost but they were really young so I wasn't expecting that much. More importantly now I can boycott Qatar since US, Aus, Japan, and anyone else I care about was eliminated. Eagles should be able to beat the Giants, but I'm not sure what happened to the Eagles O line either. Just could not stop getting penalties the entire first half.

    A lot of people seemed to be hyping up the 49ers but I mean... getting injured is what Jimmy G does. It was only a matter of time until a gentle breeze caused him a season ending injury. Their defense is still intimidating, and Purdy could have his Brady moment; they're almost a lock for the playoffs already. We'll see I suppose.
  2. SeijiSensei
    2022-12-05 14:25
    I've enjoyed it quite a bit so far, but now it's on hiatus because an important staff member died. Half the show remains to be aired.
  3. Kanon
    2022-12-05 13:36
    I've never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Might watch it.
  4. Guardian Enzo
    2022-12-05 06:22
    Guardian Enzo
    Oh, that one has a live-action adaptation. It does look interesting but I've never checked it out - thanks!
  5. SeijiSensei
    2022-12-02 09:36
    Thanks. I own a copy, and it's now available on Netflix in the US.
  6. Kanon
    2022-11-30 07:34
    I haven't really taken a look yet, too early. But I think Hikari no Ou and Spy Classroom seem promising.
  7. stray
    2022-11-28 23:48
    Green Bay game was a stressful watch. The entire weekend was sort of weird; I regretted walking away from the Ravens Jags game after the Ravens went up only for the Jags to mount an absurd comeback. Spain played yesterday afternoon too so I wasn't really paying too much attention to the rest of the league. Denver is just completely hopeless along with a few other teams... NFC South is kinda hopeless as a division but someone has to actually win it. Tampa Tom is still in the lead for the moment...
  8. Kanon
    2022-11-24 18:07
    I can't claim I had ever heard of the man, but I hope whoever did this will be brought to justice. What the media did is wrong but they'll get away with it.
  9. stray
    2022-11-23 15:53
    I mean... you're not wrong about Qatar; its a shithole with oil money and should never have gotten the cup in the first place. The upsets have been kind of entertaining so far though; I wouldn't mind seeing Japan make it out of group E instead of Germany. My Spain team is doing well so far so I'll probably stick around at least until if/when they're eliminated.

    I broke down and ended up getting Persona 5 for $35 USD with an extra 5% coupon I had. Probably still not in your buy price but I wanted to screw around with mods. Its a really nice port.
  10. stray
    2022-11-22 19:45
    Do you care about the World Cup at all? Argentina losing was a doozy, though France smoked your country's team. I tend to pull for Spain in international play; their first game isn't until tomorrow.

    I think I may actually pull the trigger on P5 Royal, its 38% off on Fanatical and Gamebillet. Still contemplating if I can justify it but the mods I've seen look pretty interesting so far.

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