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  1. Seihai
    2012-11-27 23:31
    Hi! I saw your post in the Busou Shinki thread. Is it true that you have 163 of them? And if so, do you have any recommendations for places to buy them? I know google is my friend but results clash with the anime for me... and the prices I've seen on some sites are cringe worthy.
  2. Silvance
    2012-01-28 04:39
    Hello, I saw your post in the figure thread. Nice stuff there by the way. I know it's sudden and I apologize for it, but I just wanted to ask where you got the display stand for the EF-2000 Typhoon and Su-37UB Terminator. I've always wanted to have my Takemikazuchi to be posing in midair, and I can't find a good stand that would fit the A3 Figures.

    Anyway, I'm glad I found another fan of Muv-Luv. See you around AS. =D
  3. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-06 04:57
    Yeah, I realize that, GSO has my ROSO at the minimum of nine years.

    Call me out on this but after growing up playing war games and watching movies, I've always wanted to be a soldier.

    Don't laugh but my dream is to join the SASR one day.
  4. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-06 02:36
    Heh, I brought most of my models off Maelstrom too! Did a bit of an order before the restrictions came into effect but I don't think I'll ever need to buy any more models.

    As for Tau bearing skin, I too have no intentions of any of my Fire Warriors without a helmet. Even tank crews. You've got a helmet for a reason so use it. Hah.

    And military service? What branch? I'm apply for GSO in August. Been pissed a bout with some family issues when I tried a couple of years ago and had to wait until now.
  5. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-05 08:31
    Thanks for the offer but I've got more than enough clutter of my own!

    Any reason you got out? I only started in Feb and did a bit of a buy up recently with all of GW's new region restrictions. I think last count I could amass a Cadre just shy of 4000 points.

    Also, if you got any tips I'm all ears!
  6. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-04 09:35

    Saw your post in the figures thread and noticed a couple of a GW paint pots. Out of curiosity what army do you play?

    I'm slowly working on a Tau army. And I mean slowly...


  7. masterwok
    2010-10-20 22:56
    Oh thats cool, but pretty neat pillows instead of the old stand ones that I sleep on lol
  8. masterwok
    2010-10-20 10:20
    Wow that is an interesting pillow you have there, I didn't expect there was a naked side to miku lol. On the side that was present, is that a different outfit from her usual wear?
  9. masterwok
    2010-10-19 22:54
    Is that a hatsune miku pillow, in one of your photos of amagami ss stuff? Sorry I just caught a glimpse and was just shocked to see your pillow.

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