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You're Hot, Cupcake

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  1. Akito Kinomoto
    2013-09-21 00:44
    Akito Kinomoto
    Whoa. You're still kicking around here?

    I've never found any of our regulars too offensive that much. But I'm disgustingly apathetic toward the shouts directed at me so I wouldn't kn--what was I talking about again?
  2. Archon_Wing
    2013-03-13 01:52
    Okay, since this is the second time you're "leaving", I won't mince any words with you. I'm going to be as honest as I ever will be around here.

    Unfortunately, I'm not here to deliver a few placid words of encouragement. I'm not going to give it to you. That's not going to do your soul any good if I just blindly agreed with everything you said. But hell, I see your points, and maybe you deserve more, because if I didn't like you, I'd just keep quiet and watch you fall deeper. I'll drop the act.

    Lighten up, man.

    Just look at what you posted. I understand that a lot of discussion is trash in general, but general is the LCD forum. There's plenty of fine discussion in the subforums. But okay, yes, a lot of the fandom is overzealous. There's an annoying carebear attitude towards positivism and subjectivity bullshit. Kyoani has some kind of shielding around it. Sunrise gets shat upon. I can sympathize with all of that. There's too much of a trend of recency.

    But really. It really shows when the people you name are all the ones you hate. Are all your friends not worth listing? And don't tell me that it's too long of a list. It's clearly more important than your enemies right? Why would you even devote time to those that aren't worth your time? And unfortunately, I can't really side with you on most of them. I just think it's not very classy to directly list people like that in public. Even if you feel that they are the evil that plagues the forum, then it's best to be the better person and just rise above it these petty conflicts.

    But you can't. And that's bad. It's just an internet discussion over Japanese cartoons after all. When since has this just become such serious business?

    So yes, it might be good if you left this area. I'm not telling you to stay or leave, because I understand in the end that decision is yours. But consider what you are leaving, and don't take any bitterness with you.

    You might hate me for saying this to you right now, but you'll thank me someday.
  3. Dr. Casey
    2013-03-13 00:18
    Dr. Casey
    You know who you are.
    I've actually never been quite sure whether you mildly like me, or mildly dislike me.

    See ya, LS. It's a shame to read this - we disagreed on anime more than we agreed, but your posts were enjoyable to read just the same (and I generally agreed with you on every frontier outside anime) - but I can't say it's a surprise, given that your feelings towards AnimeSuki obviously haven't been warm for quite some time. Thanks for sending me that picture a few weeks ago. Take care.
  4. Last Sinner
    2013-03-12 23:23
    Last Sinner
    Well guys, I don't know what else to say except that...

    I think my time here has come to an end.

    I haven't gained anything positive here for quite some time. I don't like the discussion that goes on here anymore nor do I find it informative or insightful. In fact, some recent discussions I've seen here would rank amongst the most ignorant and offensive I've seen in anime fans in my life. I certainly don't appreciate it when I politely and open-mindedly make suggestions for other people that certain other people find it necessary to pick apart my recommendations at any chance they get. I also find it disheartening with the obsession with the present here and that discussing something I've watched from the past seems to garner nothing but bewilderment and condemnation.

    So I won't put up a pretense anymore. I gain nothing from being here. It ends now.

    To those that I still cared about in some way - be well and have nice lives. You know who you are.

    As for the five people here I find utterly despicable, hypocritical and toxic - being relentlessflame, Westlo, TinyRedLeaf, Reckoner and SeijiSensei - I wouldn't wish you on anyone else in this universe. You make me sick and put me off the medium of anime to an infinite degree.

    Farewell, all. We will never meet again.
  5. Akito Kinomoto
    2013-03-11 22:08
    Akito Kinomoto
    Undertaker VS CM Punk at WM29.

    How much longer is Taker's career going to go? The guy's gaining on in years. What more can he do? Can his career stop before he degrades into Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan?
  6. Archon_Wing
    2013-03-08 15:32
    Anyhow, LS, I don't think this is a sign that humanity is screwed. Or even anime. It's just that we shouldn't pay attention to Kyoani, and that's hardly a new thing.
  7. bhl88
    2013-03-07 17:43
    Yeah, I guess most of their stuff is homo lust (except Chuunibyou).

    Chuunibyou: Be engulfed in the flames of darkness and burn.....
    H-scene: Come forth!
  8. bhl88
    2013-03-07 16:35
    I couldn't... watch it... why swimmer anime...
  9. Archon_Wing
  10. Triple_R
    2013-03-07 13:03
    I saw it, lol. Some of KyoAni's most interesting works lately have been their commercials.

    This latest commercial is very interesting because it's clearly meant to appeal to fujoshis... and yet KyoAni has never made a show that would appeal primarily to fujoshis, imo.

    Still, who knows? Maybe this might say something about where KyoAni is going next.

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