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  1. DQueenie13
    2021-01-13 13:35
    Woah, you play Genshin too? (And yes, if there's a wiki for something I like... I will be on it.)
  2. usspaul
    2017-05-11 22:29
    hey just wondering but can you give me your e5 last dance fleet and setup cause ive been having issue beating her right now
  3. Klashikari
    2015-01-24 15:21
    Dunno why it got missing after an edit. Going to fix that, thanks.

    That said, the FAQ almost sounds like useless considering some questions keep showing up again and again.
  4. Princess Angels
    2014-08-25 13:41
    Princess Angels
    Hello my name is Namida
  5. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 14:38
    Hmm. OK. Maybe I forgot some parts of the ending. After your explanation I think it's not so bad as I remembered
  6. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 13:43
    No-no-no. That's not what I mean.

    I mean he should at least finish current conflict. That's all. He not necessarily have to introduce the new one or describe peaceful time. Just use the more convenient point to stop. Enemy forces retired(but just for now) and our heroes thinkingt what wait for them in the future. Smth like that
  7. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 11:16
    The problem is that he ended the story just than the conflict reached it's peak. It's a bad move to end such a story there. He could at least finish the current conflict and drop it in the peace time before another one. But it looked like he dropped the story in the middle of an arc
  8. Sheba
    2014-02-20 09:36
    This didn't hit me until you tell me about it.

    Also I found this
  9. Sheba
    2014-02-19 21:37
    Changing some bit about Céline, like his equip because, let's be honest the first version were done quickly due to speedposting. The purpose is to make Céline all more the kind of character who "fight like a Jew", as demonstrated in chapter 2. And also I elaborated more in his playstyle.



    Due to gaming habits inherited from playing Guile since Street Fighter II, Céline built a playing style relying on what he calls Poke’N’Run. This consists in a series of attack strings of basic attacks with Early Thrust combined with Quick Assault to move in when there is an opening. He uses Viper Thrash when he sees the occasion. Messing with the opposition’s pacing and patterns through harassment and attrition is what he is trying to achieve with this playstyle.

    Céline usually wears cloth armor to help with mana regen and evasion rate. Since the Catastrophe, he still favors clothes because he feels restrained when he wear chainmail. Leather is the highest armor class you’d expect him to wear if he comes in a raid.


    • The Yellow Jester -

    “A fencing sword to The Trickster, a man with thousands faces. Said to have a personality on their own and acting as the personal jester of the Trickster, the sword was famed with inflicting curses on its enemies as well as finding and amplifying their weaknesses.”

    Phantasmal-class weapon. This schiavona is obtained after “The Trickster of the Thousand Masks” quest chain. This long quest goes from Susukino to Minami and culminate in the exploration and clearing of an underground raid dungeon in the vicinity of Minami. Hidden in a large labyrinth of mirrors, the boss was about as tall as the players and just as nimble, making it a pain in the ass to target, not to mention its tendency to summon illusions of himself or trying to hide in the environment.

    This was the last quest that Céline had taken before leaving Elder Tales until his comeback on the day of the Catastrophe. Encouraged by Vlad, he had taken this quest as a test about himself and the persistence that awakens in him when he had a goal in mind, such as trying to defeat Justice in the first Guilty Gear even after having lost over thirty times and not understanding the game system or going through the leveling grind in Ragnarok Online.

    With a speed on par with most of rapier class weapons, its attack power is not as good as you’d expect from a Phantasmal-class weapon and its stats bonuses is only average at best. It’s greatest threat comes from the poison status and debuffs it inflicts on the enemy as it probability increases with the Hate rate.
  10. Sheba
    2014-02-16 09:45
    Found a picture for your whip user

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