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  1. Rising Dragon
    2014-04-07 18:12
    Rising Dragon
    Alright, thanks for the help.
  2. KBTKaiser
    2014-04-07 17:49
    Honestly, I dunno. Only thing to try is the same as everyone else: present it under fanworks and the like.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2014-04-07 10:54
    Rising Dragon
    So there's a small chance, I guess. How would I go about submitting a fan concept?
  4. KBTKaiser
    2014-04-07 09:14
    From what I see, DE pulls the warframe idea from the existing pool of their own concepts or fan submissions and works out the design for it, then throws the design council a rough outline of what the abilities should feel like and have the council brainstorm up thematically fitting names or even ability tweaks.
  5. Rising Dragon
    2014-04-07 03:20
    Rising Dragon
    So it's not like anyone could propose an idea for a Warframe or the like, huh?
  6. KBTKaiser
    2014-04-06 21:30
    we're more or less a voting commitee(Melee contest final 7 vote off came from us) or brainstorm tank(Helios name, mod naming, Valkyr ability names/powers, etc.) for the most part, in addition to getting to see the rough concept arts to implementation of stuff that DE comes up with.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2014-04-06 19:18
    Rising Dragon
    Thought so. Could you tell me how the Design Council works, at least in regards to new Warframes? I had a Warframe design I wanted to propose to the council, but didn't really know what my chances were. Zephyr's status as a fan-made design seems pretty circumstantial.
  8. KBTKaiser
    2014-04-05 13:33
    Considering my name is in the star map, yes.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2014-04-02 20:40
    Rising Dragon
    You're on Warframe's Design Council, right?
  10. KBTKaiser
    2008-08-09 03:33
    Hmm...I don't's not really clicking for me right now...oh well. >>;

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