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  1. RWBladewing
    2012-02-09 10:12
    The most common complaints I see that actually resonate with me are a level of linearity so high the planets actually are hallways and everything is "pseudo-instanced" so you don't actually see most of the players in a zone, and that there's a really severe delay in ability usage. Again, I don't really know how accurate that is since I just assume everyone I don't know on the internet is an idiot anyway, but I did see it mentioned quite a bit.

    I'm not really waiting for Tera or anything else though, I don't intend to play an MMO ever again, at this point at least lol. This past year has been a real renaissance of single-player and local multiplayer games for me and I've had infinitely more fun than in those years I wasted on WoW, heh.
  2. RWBladewing
    2012-02-08 08:36
    How's ToR going? I hear mostly bad things about it but that's the internet so it's hard to take all of it seriously. There do seem to be some common complaints that I'm seeing that don't seem to be the product of fanboyism though, and I've noticed the discussion of the game here has dropped off entirely, so just curious about your opinion of it and whether you're still playing.
  3. Dist
    2012-02-03 03:36
    Do you still play Dragon Nest lol? I sent you a mail too, but no reply. I was just trying to inquire as to when do you usually play, because it seems I'm never on when you are >.<
  4. RWBladewing
    2011-12-14 11:43
    You know, I'm not much of an RP'er but the extremely limited interactions you can have with your wife in Skyrim kinda make me feel like a huge tool. Basically every conversation boils down to:
    "Hello my love, back from another adventure?"
    "Cook me something."

    Perhaps this is actually a scathing social commentary? Haha.
  5. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2011-12-13 03:26
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    lol. Nice, use the slightly less OP spec this time.
  6. RWBladewing
    2011-12-12 21:55
    At 136 hours I have now beaten the game. Poor Alduin. 2-shotted. (I decided to craft one last set of gear for the hell of it and ended up with a 409 power axe lol). Now it's time to play an evil version of my character and go do all those daedric and thieves guild quests I refused to do earlier, lol.
  7. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2011-12-12 21:41
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    lol, I havent done the wedding yet. But at least they fixed the corpses from turning up!
  8. RWBladewing
    2011-12-12 20:13
    Man that Skyrim wedding quest sure was funny. My guests included Lydia (obviously), that one bitchy companions girl who hates you no matter what you do, and some random orc chief I beat the crap out of in a brawl once. No idea how the game decided THOSE guests, lol.
  9. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 20:38
    Unless your friends all live far away from you you really should try to get back into it. So much fun. I recommend Arkham Horror for a game to get people really addicted. It's a co-op board game (really) based on the Cthulhu mythos. The game will kick your ass so many times you will keep playing just because you don't want to let it beat you.
  10. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 19:28
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I fought Alduin (for the first time at least). It didn't end well....for him. Down in 3 hits, very little damage to me, lol.

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